Wakefit Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress brand to buy Online in India

Wakefit is a new entrant into Mattress space in India and concentrates mainly online space rather than traditional dealer based network offline model.

WakeFit is a company headed by an IIT grad and many people behind this brand are from India’s premier IITs and management schools.

Wakefir brand mattress - best memory foam mattress brand in India

In addition to selling mattresses from online stores like Amazon.in and FLIPKART,they also have their own online store where people can buy their mattresses.

They also manufacture Pillows ,Cushions and furniture like sofa.

They manufacture all of their products at their own factory located at Bengaluru.

They are getting popular day by day in mattresses especially in foam mattress.

How WakeFit is different from Other brands?

WakeFit mattress in India:

Wakefit is the best memory foam mattress brand in India

Wakefit company offers only 2 different mattresses in India and they are

But these 2 mattresses are available in varying sizes with vast variety of options to customize the way you want.

Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress :

As the name indicates it is memory foam mattress and is made of high density foam.Premium quality quilted cotton fabric is used to make the mattress cover.

It is available in Single, Queen or King size and provides option to customize size as per your need.

It provides uniform support throughout the mattress and takes the shape of your body.This helps to distribute the body weight uniformly on the mattress.

It is very hygienic as well, as breathable memory foam is used which helps to avoid sweat.

As it is made of high density foam,it looks very sturdy and will work for many years with out any issue. They also provide 5 year manufacturer warranty for this mattress.

They deliver all of their mattresses directly from their factory and they pack using 3 different layers of materials – Bubble wrap, LDPE and taping.

Best memory foam mattress brand is wakefit in India

With great quality design , good customer support and affordable price makes this best memory foam mattress in India.

Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft :

This is a mattress which can be used both sides.High density foam is being used to manufacture this mattress and cover is made of premium quality quilted cotton fabric.

Both sides have opposite feel in terms of hardness. One being medium firm and other being medium soft – Helps you choose the best sleeping qualities according to individual requirements and changing weather conditions.

In best case scenario, In hot weather, softer side aides to your sleeping quality. Harder side aids in winters.

5 year warranty is provided on this mattress as well. Quality packing and good support as it was mentioned for earlier model works here as well.

This mattress is also available in various sizes and one would get wide choices as per the size requirement.

You can read HERE to get to know difference between these 2 mattresses and other details related to WakeFit mattresses.

WakeFit Mattress Price in India:

The price varies according to the size .Orthopedic memory foam mattress price starts from 8500 Rupees and it goes up to 30,000 rupees.

Dual comfort mattress from Wakefit brand starts from 6500 rupees and goes up to 20,000 rupees.

How to contact WakeFit company for any details or complaints?

Wakefit mattress complaints - company contact details

As said earlier,one of the plus points of this brand is great customer support during all stages.

You can contact through mail or you can dial in to their customer care number or you can write to them via online form.

Online form to Contact :  LINK HERE

E-mail:  support@wakefit.co

Contact Phone number :+91- 91084 60014

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress of good quality yet with affordable price tag then WakeFit is the best brand to go with out any second thoughts.

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