Best Spring Mattress in India – Top 10 list to choose from

A spring mattress is a mattress that works on springs. You want a better answer, don’t you?we will talk about that in detail and also figure out the best spring mattress in India.

But in all honesty, a spring mattress really just is a mattress that makes use of springs.

We will discuss more on Spring mattresses and who should prefer & who should not and list of best spring mattress in India to help you make right decision.

The spring makes the mattress ‘bouncy’, which, according to lot of people is not very comfortable.

Top 10 best Spring mattress in India

If it’s not the most comfortable kind of mattress then why do people even buy it, you might ask.

But well, every kind of mattress has its own pros and cons. Also, remember that spring mattresses came into existence long before memory foam mattresses.

Firstly and for some people, perhaps most importantly, spring mattresses are extremely affordable mattresses when compared to memory foam mattresses.

This doesn’t mean that all spring mattresses are cheap. In order to make for the lack in comfort, certain spring mattresses make use of soft foam pillow in order to make the mattress more comfortable.These mattresses can be slightly more pricey when compared to the ordinary ones.

Firmness, another point for spring mattresses. When compared to other kinds of mattresses, spring mattresses prove to be much firmer and as a result, the mattress doesn’t tear all that easily.

In fact, some companies describe these mattresses using the word ‘shock absorber’.  That being said, its comfort does deteriorate as the years go by or, as the usage increases.

Best Spring mattresses to buy online in India

So if your question is in relation to its lifespan, yes, spring mattresses arguably do have a longer lifespan when compared to memory foam mattresses at least.

You have read the pros so now, who do you think is the ideal consumer for a spring mattress?

Price conscious people, would look at these mattresses as an ideal solution to their problems.

It meets their need at an affordable price and so what, if its comfort deteriorates? It at least does not wear and tear all that easily.


Before you purchase a spring mattress for yourself, there are certain things that you must know about them:

Therefore, before you purchase one for yourself, look up on these two aspects at the very least.

As one can guess by the name itself, a spring mattress is a mattress that highly depends on springs.

These springs are often called mattress coils. A spring mattress is like the grandfather to a memory foam mattress. That’s just an indication of how old they are.

If you are interested to know more about Spring mattresses and how they differ in comparison with memory foam mattresses,this one and this one are some good sources .

The best things about spring mattresses can be summed up under the following points:

Honestly, the pros don’t look that appealing when compared to other kinds of mattresses but please do not forget the affordability aspect. For the cost conscious and lower usage category people these mattresses are lifesavers.

But don’t think that all Spring mattresses are cheap and can be easily bought. There are some Spring mattresses in India which can cost you more than 1 Lakh rupees.

The cost can also change based on the size of the mattress which you are looking for and from which brand you want to buy.

So don’t assume that Spring mattresses are low priced mattresses and you can get one easily then definitely you will be disappointed.

You could watch below video to get to know more on various types of springs used in Spring mattresses.

This is another useful video where you could understand more about Coil Spring mattress and pocket spring mattress.

If you ever want to purchase one, here are some of the best spring mattresses that are available in India right now.

Best Spring mattress in India

Best Spring Mattress in India:

#1.Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort 9-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Best Spring Mattress in India

This Dreamlite king size mattress from Urban Ladder is our first best spring mattress in India.

Before getting all riled up by the price, remember that this is a king size mattress that we are talking about.

It has dimensions of: 78x72x9 inches and weighs nearly 39 kgs.

Getting into the specifics of this product, the first thing that stands out in this model is the comfort and support that it provides.

Durability, too, is an asset of this product. There are multiple different types of spring mattresses. This particular model uses bonnel spring as its primary material.

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#2.Boston Pocket Spring 6-Inch Queen Size Off White Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best Spring mattress to buy online in India

Again, the price of this product is high only because of its product dimensions.This is our second best spring mattress in India.

Pocket springs are used in the makeup of this mattress.

Hence, the user gets to enjoy all the benefits that come with this type of spring mattress. It provides one with comfort level that’s equal to medium-soft.

Also, the outer cushioning of the mattress along with a certain technology that’s been incorporated into the design of this mattress is responsible for greater comfort and support.

One almost forgot. Its product dimensions are that of: 72x60x6 inches.

This is by far one of the best spring mattress in India to buy from online.

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#3.Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress:

Best quality spring mattresses to buy online in India

This Queen size spring mattress from Solimo brand is our third best spring mattress in India.

The design of this mattress is slightly peculiar but in a good way.

To protect the springs of the mattress, the manufacturers of Solimo have added a protective foam coating to protect these very springs and in turn, increase the life of the product.

Its this very arrangement of the springs that sets this mattress apart from the others.

In relation to its physical features, its accurate dimensions are that of: 72x60x6 inches, while it weighs in excess of 25kgs.

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#4.Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best Spring type mattress India

This single size spring mattress from Kurlon brand is our fourth best spring mattress in India.

Most of the Kurl-on mattresses incorporate a technology that goes by the name of ‘Kurlopedic technology.’

In simple jargon, all that this translates to is that the mattress is free of bugs, dust-mites and any such particle that’s not supposed to be there.

This is a spring mattress of the bonnel spring type. In addition to that, the mattress also has a thick PU foam that adds the prospect of comfort to the mattress.

This is a durable, comfortable mattress with dimensions of: 75x36x6 inches.

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#5.Living Essence Comfort 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Spring mattress from best companies in India

This Queen size spring mattress from Living Essence is our fifth best spring mattress in India.

Simple and elegant. Two words that define this spring mattress that’s sold by Living Essence. This a bonnel spring type of mattress.

It is white in colour, with queen size dimensions. The exact product dimensions are like: 78x60x6 inches and the mattress weighs approximately 10kgs.

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#6.Kurl-on Marvel 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Spring mattresses in India

Being a Kurl-on mattress, this mattress too, makes use of  Kurlopedic technology and this is our sixth best spring mattress in India.

In fact, this is very similar to the other Kurl-on mattress that’s mentioned in this list.

The mattress is of the bonnel spring type. In addition to the spring, a protective bond is present in the mattress to make it a more durable mattress.

The outer covering of the mattress is beautifully stitched and designed so that aesthetically too, the product stands out.

With natural queen size dimensions of: 72x60x6 inches, the mattress weighs around 18kgs.

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#7.Nilkamal Easy 4-inch Double Size Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best Spring mattresses to buy from Amazon India

This double size spring size mattress from Nilkamal brand is our seventh best spring mattress in India.

If you are buying a Nilkamal mattress, follow this standard procedure first: Check your height, check your weight and then align this information to a mattress that suits your physical characteristics.

This particular mattress is a bonnel spring mattress. It’s big enough for a double size bed.

Generally speaking, this mattress is available in number of different sizes, i.e dimensions.

So select the one that suits your need the best. Also, it’s multilayered and hence one can expect a reasonable amount of comfort and support.

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#8.Urban Ladder DreamLite 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Popular Spring Mattresses online India in 2017

In essence, this is a bonnel spring type mattress from Urban ladder and hence comes with all the benefits associated with such mattresses.

This is our eighth best spring mattress in India.

Urban Ladder incorporate a kind of innerspring technology that adds to the support and comfort of the mattress.

Durability, too, gets positively affected. On a support scale, the mattress reads medium. As a whole, the mattress is made up of three different materials.

A queen size mattress has dimensions of: 78x60x6 inches and that’s exactly what the dimensions are of this product.

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#9.Centuary Mattresses The Wellness Collection Zing 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Good quality and best Spring type mattresses in India

This wellness collection mattress from Centuary brand is our ninth best spring mattress in India.

Unlike most of the mattresses on this list, this mattress is made out of pocket springs and not bonnel springs.

In addition to the pocket springs, PU foam is another materials that’s been used in this mattress.

Some of its notable facets include: fit for orthopaedic use, great breathability and air flow and this is very durable.

It’s perfect for a modern, queen size bed with dimensions of: 75x60x6 inches.

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#10.Peps Queen Size Spring Koil Bonnell Mattress:

Top 10 best selling Spring mattress in India online

This Bonnell spring mattress from Peps brand is our last and tenth best spring mattress in India.

Peps pride themselves upon one particular characteristic of their mattresses: Durability.

In appearance, it looks bold and modern. This is a queen size mattress with exact product dimensions of: 72x60x10 inches.

The one thing that stands when you look at its product dimensions is the thickness of the mattress.

Thicker the mattress, the more comfortable the mattress? That might not always be true but definitely, this is a comfortable mattress.

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That’s the end of best Spring mattress in India list and hope it helped you to pick the right Spring mattress.

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