Best Mattress in India in 2018- Top 10 Branded options for selection

This article is mainly intended to educate people on various types of mattress available ,how to choose the best mattress in India and the top 10 best mattress in India which could be bought online from various online stores.

After a long tiring day, all you need is a good night sleep. But while you hit your bed all tired and stressed, sleep is the last thing that embraces you because of many factors.

One of the primary reasons why most of the people remain sleep deprived includes uncomfortable mattresses and lack of sleeping space.

Despite many things, we still lack the knowledge about best suitable sleeping mattresses and these causes a number of ailments including insomnia, backaches, neural disorders, vertigo and much more.

There are different types of mattresses available in the market. These mattresses are primarily differentiated by their shape and size which also makes their main selection criterion.

A perfect mattress is one which allows you enough space to sleep comfortably. Different people need different spaces and must buy mattresses accordingly.

Types of mattresses based on Size:

If you are considering buying a mattress, here are some important types of mattresses BASED ON SIZE you must know about before going for selection.

Types of mattresses in India based on bed SIZE

King Size Mattress:

As the name suggests, these mattresses are huge. Among the entire mattress, this is the widest one available.

It is best suited for two large adults. The bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Bed sheets for these mattresses are easily available in the market and are called King Size sheets.

These mattresses are not advisable for guest rooms or rooms which have less space.

Queen Size Mattress:

Comparing with another mattress the queen size has more width. They are of equal to the length of king size one but a width of this mattress is smaller than the king size mattress.

These are the most preferred in the modern household and are suitable for two adults who like to sleep little closer to each other.

Single Size Mattress:

As one can judge from the name, these mattresses are not the larger ones. They are 36 inches wide and 74 inches long.

These mattresses are the best suited for kids of all age. They take less space so kids can enjoy sleeping comfortably and even keep their things in the room.

For the students who prefer living alone and have a fixed amount of budget then single mattress is a good option.

They are a good option for the overnight visitors and can provide comfortable sleep to them. For some people, this mattress can be short so a king single mattress can be bought in that case.

King Single Mattress:

This is a perfect choice if single mattress makes you uncomfortable as they take less space if compared to the double bed.

For the growing kids, this is best suited as it won’t be short for them as it has ample of space. The dimensions are 40 inches wide and 80 inches long for this mattress.

Double Size Mattress:

They are spacious ones and are not too big like king and queen size that utilizes a large amount of space.

These mattresses are 54 inches wide and 74 inches longer. It is comfortable for two individuals who have a medium built body.

The one who cannot afford king or queen size, then double size is the best suitable option. For kid’s room if you have ample space then the double bed is the best one for your children to relax.

Thus one should choose the mattress according to the space available in the room, one’s own size and budget available.

Once after size then we should know about different types of mattresses available before choosing best mattress in India.

Types of mattresses in India – Based on material:

Popular mattress types/varieties in India based on material

Foam Mattress– This is one of the best mattress available in India. They are a very comfortable & recommended mattress.

Depending on the type of foam inside the mattress its density differs. Foam mattress doesn’t mean to be over soft or bouncy.

People with back problems should choose the density of foam as suggested by a doctor.

Coir Mattress– This is one of the oldest forms of the mattress which one can find. These mattresses have springs in it and a layer is present at the top.

Compared with the other types of mattresses available, these are bit cheaper. These are not extra soft or very hard but an ideal one to lie down.

Memory foam mattress– This mattress is an extended version of foam mattress. It basically takes the shape of the person lying on it and maintains that shape of the person.

It gives more comfort if used by the same person again and again. These mattresses are little costly as compared to the other ones.

With increasing modern homes these are in great demand among the urban society.

Air mattress – These are basically handy mattress. They are used maximum when one is traveling or going for camping.

They are inflatable air mattress and one can fill the air when they are to be used.

People with back and neck problems are advised by doctors to take this mattress along while traveling.

Water Bed mattress– For natural calm and comfort zone these mattresses are used by people.

These mattresses consist of a base which has water in it. It might sound weird to sleep on water but they are wave less waterbeds and are comfortable to sleep.

Their top layer can be made with spring or foam depending on the choice of the person.

Spring Mattress– These mattress has sprung in the center of it whereas the sides are covered by foam or padding around it.

If spring is of good quality then they will last for a longer duration. The more the coils of the spring are there the better it is to use.

Latex mattress– They are costly ones but are better than others. They can even last for 25 years which is a good life span.

These mattresses have good air and temperature regulations. The people who are prone to allergies are recommended with these mattresses as they do not invite fungi and bugs to come around.

Futons– This is a big heavy cushion which is quite firmer than a mattress. They are suggested for people who are huge. For the spare beds and studio apartments, futons are the best one to be used.

These are the variety of mattress which one can choose according to one’s health and budget.

You so far got to know about various types of mattress available in addition to different sizes  and it’s the time now you understand how to choose best mattress ?


Choosing the right mattress which would provide the necessary support to the spine along with the comfort while sleeping has been one of the common problems that people face before choosing to buy a mattress.

How to choose best mattress in India - Easy guide for selection

There are several factors which help in deciding the mattress to buy among the numerous variants that are available in the market.

A person willing to buy a mattress for himself may choose to go through the following mattress selection guide which would indeed help in the selection of the perfect mattress.


Out of a number of features of various mattresses available in the market, the following features can be chosen as the parameters to choose the perfect mattress:

The first and foremost factor is the mattress size. The mattresses come in a variety of sizes as per the sizes of beds like single, king, queen, twin etc.

Thus it is the bed size that should be first considered to buy a mattress. As a subset of the standard sizes, there are a large variety of combinations that a person can choose from.

The performance of the mattress largely depends on the body weight of the person.

The functionality of the support material like the foam that is provided in the mattress depends on the body weight.

This implies that if a person is heavier, the support foams have to work more to provide the ideal feel.

The total sinkage and pressure points receive the necessary support from the mattresses depending on the weight of the person.

This is also one of the major factors that affect the selection of the right mattress.

While there are a large variety of options available in the market, a majority of them are priced on the higher side.

While not all can afford the luxurious ones, the affordable mattress options should also be considered.

One can find a large variety of mattresses that fit into your budget range online.

As per our research ,below are the Best Mattress in India across various price ranges

Best Mattresses priced under 5000 rupees

Best Mattresses priced between 5000 to 10,000

Best Mattresses priced between 10,000 to 15,000

Best Mattresses priced between 15,000 to 20,000

Browse through the features and find the perfect one in the price range.

A mattress can be used for an average of 8 years after which it needs to be replaced. But it solely depends on how often do you sleep on the mattress. Choose a mattress that promises a pretty decent lifetime.

The type of material used is a primary factor in deciding the mattress option. The mattresses are generally made of coir or coils, foam or latex.

Foam is the most recommended mattress material while coils adapt to different temperatures.

The sleeping position of the person also equally matters for deciding on the mattress.

If you prefer sleeping stomach down or back down or sideways, there are separate choices for all your sleeping positions.

As per our research below are the Best Mattress in India for different sleep positions

Best mattress for back sleeper

Best mattress for side sleeper

Best mattress for stomach sleeper

The firmness level of the mattress is what differentiates all these mattresses. Go for a thorough research before stepping into buying one.

There are also separate mattresses available for people with orthopaedic problems which tend to provide all the necessary health benefits apart from the necessary comfort.

Lock on the features you want in your mattress and find all the available options that are available in the market using the above guide.

We know still it’s not that easy to go through the available pool of mattresses in the market from so many brands.

So,to make the selection process even easier,we have come up with the list of best mattress in India by considering all the points mentioned above .

Top 10 Best Mattress in India in 2018 to buy online:

In India, a mattress is more than just a mattress.In some ways, one can say that for lot of people a mattress is a bed. A bed is an important commodity for an individual and hence, is a mattress.

Irrespective of whether the mattress itself works as a bed or it’s put on top of a bed, a mattress really does play an important role in determining the level of comfort of one’s bed.

Apart from that, they come in handy in other situations as well.

Guests have come? Get the mattresses out. Place them in the living room.

Had a fight? Get the mattresses out.

Now, in India the market for mattresses is dominated by three different types of mattresses. Spring coil, memory foam and latex foam mattresses.

Each of these mattresses are different from the other and they all have their own pros and cons.

Best mattress in India - Top 10 list for easy selection

Prior to making your final purchase decision, it would be considered wise to read up a little on each of these different types of mattresses that was provided early on in this article covering about various types of mattress in India.

We have shortlisted 10 mattresses that we think are amongst the best in the market. Some basic information about each of these mattresses is given below so that you could get a basic idea about the mattress and decide whether that can work for your or not.

#1.Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 10 branded Best Mattress in India

This is our first Best Mattress in India.

Being a memory foam mattress, it’s expensive.

It is a high density memory foam mattress that weighs 28kgs and has dimensions of 78x72x6 inches.

As indicated by the inclusion of the word ‘orthopaedic’ in the product title, this mattress helps alleviate sore backs and minor pains.

Durability is not an issue either, with this product due to its high-density  foam.

Wake-fit,though new company in the Indian market has gained customer trust and is one of the best mattress brands to look out for quality foam mattress.

This Orthopaedic memory foam mattress is available in various sizes and you can customize according to your need.

Wake-fit company also provides exceptional customer support and helps you through the tenure rather than leaving you after purchase.

This is definitely one of the best selling mattress online in India these days and must buy if you are looking for a quality memory foam mattress.

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#2.Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft:

Best mattresses to buy online in India

This dual comfort mattress from Wakefit brand again is our second best mattress in India.

What sets this mattress apart from the rest is its flexibility in terms of usability.

The ‘dual comfort’ in the name, is used to convey the information that both sides of the mattress are usable.

In terms of weight and dimensions, the product stands at: 17kgs and 78x60x6 inches.

This mattress too, makes use of high density foam, hence, it has similar comfort, support and durability characteristics as the one above.

As said earlier,Wake-fit brand has got great customer feedback due to quality mattresses and exceptional support.

Go for this if you are looking for a foam mattress which can be used any side from a top brand.

The customer feedback is so positive that one could hardly see any negative points mentioned by real users which clearly says how good the mattress is and how people are loving this mattress.

If you are some one who wants to buy the best always then 1st and 2nd mattresses mentioned in this list are for you.

Both these mattresses have got strong recommendation from us and from people who have used these already.

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#3.Camabeds Easy Single Size Folding Roll Away Bed with 5″ Mattress:

Best mattress in India

This folding bed along with mattress from Camabeds is our third best mattress in India.

Sometimes, rolling beds get mixed up with mattresses. Such is the case that we have stumbled upon.

This folding bed is a really simple model that weighs 30kgs.

When folded, it barely occupies any space at home. The mattress that it comes with has dimensions of; 36 x 75 x18 inches.

As a whole, this is a sturdy  product that can be looked at as a cheaper alternative to a bed, made out of quality raw materials.

If you are looking only for a mattress of big size,then this is clearly NOT for you.

Go for this only if you are looking for an affordable foldable bed which could help you to save space and use it when ever necessary.

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#4.Sleepwell Activa Supportec Mattress:

Best mattresses online in India

This Activa Supportec mattress from Sleepwell brand is our fourth best mattress in India.

Sleepwell is a mattress company that we can say has established a decent name for itself in the organized sector, at least.

This particular model has dimensions of: 72x48x4 inches.

In addition to this, a consumer has the option of choosing the thickness of the mattress. 4.5, 6 and 8 inches.

It is quite affordable and light even, weighing just 6kgs.

If you are looking for a simple, soft-comfortable mattress, take a closer look at this model.

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#5.Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best mattress in India from

This time it is Spring mattress from another top mattress brand in India,Kurlon.

This is our fifth best mattress in India.

A spring coil mattress is different from a memory foam mattress.

Spring coil mattresses are more affordable.

This particular product is a good example of a spring coil mattress.

Its dimensions are: 75x36x6 inches, while there’s also another variation of this mattress that comes in the dimensions of: 72x36x6 inches.

The mattress is manufactured in a way that ensures a long lifespan of the product.

Thick PU foam layer and the spring that’s encased with a thermo bond only add to the durability of the product.

Being coming from Kurl-on Brand provides good quality and worthy price.Go for this if you are looking forward to buy a Spring mattress.

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#6.Urban Ladder DreamLite 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Best mattress to buy from online stores in India

This queen size spring mattress from Urban Ladder is our sixth best mattress in India.

The best way to describe a mattress would be to do so, layer-by-layer.

A spring acts as the core of this mattress, on top of which there lies a layer of cotton.

On top of the layer of cotton, lies the PU foam. All of this is covered by a protective knitted fabric.

At the sides, again lies foam. Due to this entire structure, the mattress is said to be light for it’s size.

The exact dimensions of this mattress look like this: 78x60x6 inches, making it similar to a queen sized bed.

Attributing to the sophisticated spring technology that’s incorporated in this mattress, consumers enjoy the benefits of greater comfort met with greater durability.

Urban Ladder being a furniture online store has come up with their own mattresses with best in features and provides very good features for the price.

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#7.Story@Home 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress:

Best rated mattress in India

This single size foam mattress from @Home brand is our seventh best mattress in India.

In terms of size, quality and build, this product is perhaps the simplest of all in this entire list.

It’s extremely affordable. With dimensions of: 182x88x10 cm and a weight of 4.4kgs, it becomes a very portable mattress that can easily be moved around from place-to-place, within a house at the very least.

The mattress is 4 inches thick, soft and made out of foam.

If you are someone who is looking forward to have a portable mattress which can be folded and priced very low then this is the perfect choice for you.

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#8.Solimo 6-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress:

Best mattresses in India - Top 10 with positive reviews in 2017

This memory foam mattress from Solimo is our eighth best mattress in India.

Every memory foam mattress costs a bomb, don’t be surprised.

This is a queen sized Solimo mattress, with exact dimensions of: 78x60x6 inches, weighing 20kgs, which is comparatively low priced.

Breaking up the layers of this model goes like: the topmost layer is knitted fabric, followed by the memory foam which is further, followed by, HR foam that gives the mattress that little bit more cushioning and then finally, at the bottom of the mattress resides the anti-skid fabric.

7 years limited manufacturer’s limited warranty is available for this mattress.Solimo Memory Foam mattress molds to the body’s shape for a comfortable night’s sleep. Memory foam also eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body enhancing your comfort

Great comfort, great support and great quality. That’s what you can expect.

All in all this is an affordable and good quality memory foam mattress and worth its price.

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#9.Boston Pocket Spring 6-Inch Queen Size Off White Spring Mattress:

Top ten best mattress to buy online in India

This Pocket spring mattress from Boston brand is our ninth best mattress in India.

This is a spring mattress, in fact, it’s one of the more expensive ones of this kind.

The mattress makes use of a number of springs in order to enhance the support feature of the mattress.

If you are looking at comfort, one can say it’s of medium comfort. The knitted fabric on top of the layers is of top quality, giving the mattress an exclusive look.

It has exclusive edge wire & foam encased technology for better support & sleeping surface.It comes with 5 years manufacturing warranty.

This is high quality spring mattress made at Boston’s state of the art facility located at Noida.

Coming to the size, it’s sized similar to other queen size mattresses: 72x60x6 inches, to be precise.It is also available in various other sizes like 72X35X6 , 72X48X6 , 72X70X6 and 72X72X6 .

Go for this if you are looking for an high quality Spring mattress which is made in India and comes from a reputed brand.

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#10.Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop 8 ” Mattress:

Best mattress India

The best mattress list ends with a bang.

This Eurotop mattress from Dreamzee is our last and tenth best mattress in India.

This is the most expensive mattress amongst the other ones featured in this article.

Naturally, it’s made out of memory foam. But one of the reasons as to why it commands such a high price is because of the quality of the memory foam that’s been used to make this mattress.

This beautiful mattress cradles you with a deluxe cushion of 2-inch Visco memory foam developed by NASA.It also comes with 5 year manufacturing warranty.

This is a super-soft mattress that’s knitted by a machine, using imported quilt cover. 78x72x8 inches, these are its dimensions! It is also available in various other sizes and will provide you lot of options to select size as per your need.

One look at the mattress and you will understand that rationale behind the pricing. This is one of the popular memory foam mattress available in India and has got very good positive feedback from most of the people who have bought and used this.

This may not be of everyone’s favourite due to price.Go for this if you are looking for an extra premium and great looking memory foam mattress for your bedroom.

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That’s the end and hope you zeroed on to some model from the India’s best mattress list mentioned above.Mattress is something which has to be with you for very long period, so choose one wisely which can of great companion to you.


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