Top Mattress Protectors with price under 1000 rupees

A mattress protector is a product, the likes of which only the affluent people in India would have heard of. The average everyday Indian has no clue about what a ‘mattress protector’ is, where to buy one and what’s its use.

However, that does not go to say that these products are useless or that they don’t have scope for success in the Indian market. The only thing that’s clear from this observation is the poor marketing of the product.

The job of a marketer is to arise the need of goods in consumers. How does one do that? He/She lists the need for the product. So what is the need of a mattress protector? A mattress protector does two things:

How so?

Well, let’s look at some of the best mattress protectors available for a very affordable sum of less than 1000 rupees and find out the actual benefits of this product.

Top mattress protectors under 1000 rupees to buy online in India

Top mattress protectors under 1000 rupees in India:

#1.Mattress Protector-King Size:

Best mattress protectors with cost below 1000 rupees in India

Just as there are different sized mattresses, similarly, there are different sized mattress protectors. This particular mattress protector is a three-layered protector, big in size perfect for a mattress with dimensions of 78 x 72 inch.

The thickness of the mattress doesn’t matter as it fits well on all mattresses upto 8 inches in thickness. Okay, so it does matter a little.

The three layers are made out of different materials from cloth to a variant of plastic. As mentioned above, mattress protectors protect the health of the sleeper.

Consolidating exactly that claim is this mattress protector. It protects the sleeper from all kinds of unwanted foreign bodies like bed bugs and dust mites.

This protector unlike many others isn’t slippery and stays on the mattress regardless of all the jumping around on the bed. Also, the fact that it is easy to wash and dry makes it that much more purchase friendly in the eyes of consumers.

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#2.Home Originals 100 % Waterproof Double Bed Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors under 1000 rupees

This is a very simple mattress protector. Not too fancy but yet, very effective. It is white in colour and stays steady on a bed with dimensions of 72 x 75 inch.

The most prominent material used in it is polycoton to give it that added cushioning. As the name suggests, it is waterproof and hence washable, a perk that many people love having in their mattress protectors.

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#3.Wake-Fit Water Proof Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors with cost under 1000 rupees in India

Wake-Fit mattresses are well known in the market. Hence, a logical product extension for them would include mattress protectors.

Ideal for a mattress with dimensions of 72 x 36 inch, this is a mattress that’s waterproof and free from all unwanted chemicals.

The outer covering is made out of Terry Cotton, ensuring that the sleeping surface of the mattress remains cool in temperature.

What really makes it waterproof is the TPU film that’s used in it. It’s this film that’s responsible for blocking out the entry of all forms of contaminants.

This is definitely the best mattress protector you could buy online at below 1000 rupees price in India.

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#4.Clasiko Premium Waterproof Dustproof Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors with price below 1000 rupees in India

First and foremost, don’t let the fancy words like ‘Hypoallergenic’ get you in a muddle. It simply means that the mattress protector prevents allergens, dust and bed bugs etc. from causing any inconvenience.

Hence the name, dustproof. Waterproof, why? Because it is waterproof which also implies that it is washable. It is white in colour and idea for a king size mattress with dimensions of 78 x 72 inch.

Similar to the protector above, a terry cotton outer covering ensures the sleeping surface isn’t too hot and rather cool. One word of caution if you are going to purchase this mattress protector is that ,do not iron it.

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#5.Mharo Rajasthan WaterProof Queen Bed White Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors in India

In contrast to all the other mattress protectors in this article, this particular one caters to smaller-queen size mattresses. How small? To be exact, 72 x 60 inch.

The outer coating of it is made out of cotton, while the bottom layer is made out of some waterproof material. Hence, making the entire mattress protector waterproof.

Its filling is constituted of 2mm thick of polyfill fibre sheet which assists in maintaining a cool surface temperature of the mattress.

The elastic bands on all four sides of the protector make sure that it doesn’t slip off any mattress, irrespective of its thickness.

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#6.Factorywala Premium Waterproof White Cotton Single Bed Mattress Protector:

Top quality mattress protectors in India

By now, you will be familiar with the features of mattress protectors. Similar to many protectors above, this too, comes with elastic bands on all four sides to cover up the entire mattress.

Similarly again, the hypoallergenic terry cotton layer ensures that no allergen or contaminant of any sort contaminates your bed.

And of course, maintaining cool surface temperature is the function of the terry cotton layer again. One thing that’s distinctive in this mattress is its size. It is perfect for a single sized bed with dimensions of 78 x 36 inch.

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#7.Linenwalas Waterproof & Dustproof Single Bed Fitted Mattress Protector:

Top 10 mattress protectors in India

White in colour, super soft cotton polyester layer at the top and ideal, waterproof PVC layer at the bottom. In one line, that describes this mattress protector.

Well, so what do the layers mean? It means that this is a super soft comfortable mattress protector that’s waterproof and washable in nature.

This too, is hypoallergenic and has a 360 degree elastic band that allows the entire mattress of dimensions 36 x 78 inch be covered.

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#8.Warmland Floral Polycotton Double Mattress Protector – Multicolour:

Top mattress protector under 1000 rupees online in India

This mattress protector is different. Not in its features predominantly. One’s not talking about the size even. If you are a person who’s not so fond of plain, white coloured mattress protectors this one is the one for you.

The floral design will definitely warm your heart and be pleasant sight for sore eyes in a room full on monotony.

Polycotton is the primary material used in this 72 x 72 inch mattress protector that along with being aesthetic is comfortable, durable and washable.

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#9.Trance Home Linen Trance Mattress Protectors Single Size:

Top mattress protectors to buy online in India

When you look at this mattress protector, it looks like it has the complete package for a single sized one. It’s perfect for a mattress with dimensions of 78 x 36 inch, although if the thickness of the mattress is more than 8 inch it might be a problem.

Waterproof, hypoallergenic and available in colours more than just white are a few other eggs that it’s got in the basket.

It uses supreme quality raw materials only and hence, one can say that although the features of it may be the same, the experience definitely won’t.

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#10.Ahmedabad Cotton Premium Water-Proof Terrycloth Single Mattress Protector:

Top 12 mattress protectors with cost below 1000 rupees in India

By now, you are definitely familiar with the different features that mattress protectors have to offer.

Hence, it won’t come as a surprise to know that this is a waterproof mattress protector that also protects the mattress from dust, allergens etc.

Because of the design of the protector, it will stay on a mattress irrespective of the thickness although, the dimensions must be that of a single bed and ideally 78 x 36 inch to the dot. Also, it is washable too.

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#11.Desirica Branded Waterproof Double Bed Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors from best brands with cost below 1000 rupees

Designed for the aesthetic person who looks for something to fulfill their want while at the same time, looking to see that the product that they purchase is pleasing to the eye, this mattress protector is just for that kind of a person.

It is brown in colour made out of polycotton and ideal for a mattress 72 x 75 inch big. No need to worry, it’s waterproof too and that means it is washable.

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#12.Pindia Fancy 2 Piece Polycotton Mattress Cover:

Top 13 mattress covers to buy online in India

Okay, this might surprise you. The colour in which this mattress protector is available is not standard. It’s absolutely random. All the adventurous buyers, interested?

One gets two mattress protectors with dimensions of 35 x 75 inch. The purpose of this mattress protector is to protect the mattress from dust and any other sort of wear and tear related damage. Also, the main material of this protector is poly cotton.

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#13.CarryWishiya Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector:

Top mattress protectors in India with price below 1000 rupees

One really cool thing about this mattress protector is the way it is made. It is completely handwoven. When you look at its size, you will realize that this is a considerable feat.

It is perfect for a double bed with dimensions of 78 x 72 inch. The primary material used in this product is cotton although, it is the quilted pad like sheet that makes this a really comfortable mattress cover.

Apart from comfort, it does what a mattress protector should which is protect the mattress from allergens, dust mites etc. It is white in colour, elegant in appearance and fits into almost every household.

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These are top 13 mattress protectors one could buy online in India at a competitive price under 1000 rupees.Having a mattress protector helps to increase the life of your mattress there by makes this small investment on mattress protector worth each penny.

Select the right mattress protector from the list based on your mattress size and increase the life time of your mattress and be healthy.

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