Top 12 Best Mattresses Under 15,000 Rupees online in India

Before one gets into the specifics of this article, let’s get one thing straight.

Generally speaking, these mattresses aren’t the cheapest mattresses that are sold in the market. A mattress that costs more than 10,000 INR is a considerably expensive mattress.

Now, the next question is, which mattresses cost this much?
More often than not, it’s the memory foam mattresses that cost so much. Also, the bigger and orthopaedic mattresses too, will be priced similarly somewhere in this category.

Here we are mainly going to discuss about some of the popular mattresses that are available with in the price range of 10,000 to 15,000 rupees.

If your budget is limited or you are looking for other alternatives,here is the list of mattresses under 10,000 and mattresses with price below 5000 rupees and the cheapest mattresses .

Now that you know what exactly you are going to be looking at, you can continue your ‘shopping’ spree online.

Top 12 best mattresses under 15,000 rupees in India

Here are some of the best mattresses available online that are priced less than 15,000 Rupees.

Best mattress under 15000 rupees in India:

#1.Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress:

Best mattress with price under 15000 rupees

A dual mattress is one in which both the sides of the mattress are usable. The sides differ on the basis of firmness.

In this particular mattress, one side of it is hard while the other one is relatively soft.

Medium firm and medium soft, to be precise. It is a high-density foam mattress, one with dimensions of 78 x 60 x 6 inch. And it weighs 17 kgs.

Wakefit brand has become hugely popular online with their mattresses and with strong positive feedback from users.So this mattress is definitely worth the price.

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#2.Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Best mattresses with cost below 15k in India

Generally speaking, king size mattresses do cost a lot. For example, this mattress. It is not a memory foam mattress and yet, it’s considerably expensive.

This is a spring mattress of the bonnel type, with king size dimensions of 72 x 72 x 6 inch. Comparatively, this is still an affordable mattress.

As with all of the Kurl-on mattresses, their ‘Kurlopedic technology’ ensures that the mattress is always free of unwanted foreign bodies.

At the end of the day, this a spring mattress with bond and foam layers to give the mattress a sense of durability.

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#3.Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 10 best mattress you could buy for cost less than 15000 rupees

An orthopaedic mattress is a mattress that’s made with the purpose of providing relief to back-patients, specially.

These mattresses cost a little bit more than general mattresses. This is a medium-soft, memory foam mattress with dimensions of  72 x 48 x 5 inch.

Due to the high quality of raw materials and the research that’s gone into the design of this product, comfort, durability and support are three product promises that aren’t exaggerated by any means.

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#4.Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress:

Good mattress with cost under 15000 rupees in India

A queen size mattress is not as big as a king size mattress but nevertheless, it’s still big.

Let’s look at the product dimensions of this mattress to get an idea of just how big queen mattresses are.

The Solimo 6-inch queen mattress is a spring mattress with exact dimensions of 72 x 60 x 6 inch.

As an outer covering, the imported-quilted fabric adds to the comfort that the bonnel springs imbibe this mattress with.

Due to its build, one can expect reasonable bounce, solidarity in shape and comfort out of this mattress.

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#5.Englander Posture Support Bonnell Spring 5.5 inches thick King Size Mattress:

Best mattress below 15000 rupees in India

With 78 x 72 x 5.5 inch being its dimensions, one can easily understand why its assigned the title of a ‘king size’ mattress.

The key features of this mattress apart from its substantial size includes, durability and support, alleviating the pressure of pressure points and ensuring healthy sleeping-body posture.

As the name suggests, this is a bonnel spring mattress and not a memory foam mattress.

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#6.@home by Nilkamal Sneham Xl 5-inch King Size Rubberised Coir Mattress:

Top 10 best mattress under 15k rupees in India

Ideally, one should consult the Nilkamal height and weight scale to find a mattress of the right firmness for you.

Once that’s done, finding the right mattress for you becomes much easier. If the scale points you towards a soft mattress, then this can be one potential suitor to take home.

It weighs nearly 20 kgs and is 78 x 72 x 5 inch big. Unlike many other mattresses, it is not made up of foam, neither of spring but rather, it is made out of rubberised coir.

Such mattresses have their own pros and cons when compared to the other, more popular types of mattresses.

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#7.Centuary Mattresses The Wellness Collection Xbounce 6-Inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Best selling mattresses under 15000 rupees in India

Spring mattresses have a certain feel to them. That ‘feel’ is bounciness and nothing else.

But because of this ‘bounciness’ the springs generally get worn out quickly and hence, the durability of such mattresses always bring with them a cause of concern.

This mattress eradicates all such issues. How?  Ultimately, this is a spring mattress but it also makes use of rubberised coir and foam to some extent.

With all that being said, this mattress can be used for orthopaedic purposes as well as the support that it offers is no less than any orthopaedic mattress.

Coming to its queen size, the dimensions of it are like 78 x 60 x 6 inch.

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Top 10 best mattress below 15000 in India online

One has already explained what a dual mattress is. Hence, we will not be going into that again.

This is a high-density foam mattress, one of which both sides are usable. One side of it being hard, while the other being soft.

Adding a technological touch to an everyday mattress, the quilt of this mattress is made on an automatic cover.

With product dimensions of 78 x 72 x 4 inch, it is quite an attractive pick within this price range.

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#9.Peps 5-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Top quality mattresses under 15000 online in India

Not sold by Kurl-on, yet,  this Peps spring mattress comes with the assurance of the absence of all kinds of unwanted foreign bodies ranging from foul odour to dust mites to even bed bugs.

Factually speaking, this a bonnel spring- queen size mattress with exact dimensions of: 78 x 60 x 5 inch.

You can expect comfort and durability and also a little bit of difficulty when transferring it from one place to another due to its incredible weight of 37 kgs.

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#10.Springwel Magic 5-inch King Size Foam Mattress:

Best mattresses below 15000 rupees from top brands in India

Springwell Magic. Why? Is it because it’s so magically comfortable that one immediately falls asleep as soon as lying down upon it? Maybe, who knows!

What we do know is that this is a memory foam mattress that’s sold by Springwell with dimensions of: 72 x 72 x 5 inch.

By now you would have guessed that this is a king size mattress but what does it weigh? Barely 12 kgs! Quite impressive when you compare it to other, similar sized mattresses.

As a consumer purchasing this mattress you can expect comfort, solidarity and decent mattress temperature off this medium-firm mattress.

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#11.Urban Ladder DreamLite 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best mattresses with price under 15,000 rupees

Urban Ladder are relatively new entrants in this market when compared to the other, more established brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-on.

Yet, that hasn’t deterred them from competing, from designing products that capture people’s attention on first-sight due to their aesthetic appeal.

For example, look at this queen size-spring mattress that’s sold by them. At first glance itself, the entire  72 x 60 x 6 inch frame of this mattress looks elegantly styled, perfect for a contemporary household.

The bonnel spring mattress is designed keeping in mind the back-issues that people face and hence provides optimum comfort and support for just that very purpose.

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#12.DiTS Bonnel Silver 6-inch Queen Size Foam and Spring Mattress:

Best mattresses under 15,000 rupees in India

Before looking at anything else, let’s look at the product dimensions of this mattress first.

Accurately, it stands at: 75 x 60 x 6 inch, with a weight in excess of 30 kgs. This is a rectangular shaped, soft-spring mattress that’s perfect for someone who is not looking for something too fancy.

Although, it might look fancy which is because of its distinctive grey colour.

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These are some of the best mattresses you could buy with in the budget of 15,000 rupees.Go through the list and pick one that can best serve you for many years to come by.

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