Best Kurlon Mattress in India – Top 6 options to select from this brand

Kurl-On brand is famous for mattresses in India and most of the people at least would have heard about the brand name.We will discuss in detail about kurlon brand mattresses and provide the list of best Kurlon mattress in India for easy selection.

Kurl-On – India’s Largest Selling Mattress since 1962 ,is what you could see the message that got associated with this brand.

Best Kurlon mattress in India - Top list to buy

But many doesn’t know that Kurl-on was not it’s original name.Karnataka Consumer Products Limited is the company which was started in 1962 and became Kurlon now.

Kurlon was initially manufacturing only mattresses,but later entered into home comfort segment as well with various products.

They have got huge dealer network spread across the country and has got around 9 manufacturing bases in India.

Kurlon brand has got various excellency awards for Outstanding Performance in Export of Rubberized Coir Products.

Kurl-On offers most of the mattress varieties and they have lot of options to choose among spring mattress,Foam mattress,Rubberized Coir,Bonded Foam and Theraputic mattresses.

Kurl-On Spring Mattress:

Kurlon has got around 11 Spring mattresses available under various names like

Valentino Spring
5 Star
Desire Top
Dream Sleep
New Spinekare

Kurlon Spring mattress Price in India:

Spring mattresses from Kurlon brand has price range of 15,000 to 60,000 rupees in India.

Kurlon Foam mattress:

Kurlon brand has got around 8 models under Foam mattress type with names like

Top sleep
New Spinekare

Kurlon Foam mattress Price in India:

Foam mattresses from Kurl-on brand has price range of 8,000 to 50,000 Rupees in India.

Kurlon Rubberized Coir mattress:

Kurlon brand has got around 9 varieties under rubberized coir mattress with names like

New Klassic
Kurlo Bond
DRC 250
New Spinecare

Kurlon Rubberized Coir mattress Price in India:

Coir mattresses from Kurl-on brand has price range of 10,000 to 45,000 Rupees in India.

Theraputic mattress from Kurl-on under the name “New Ortho” is especially crafted for orthopedic relief and this mattress provides firm support to the back.

Kurl-on Bonded Foam mattress:

Kurl-on has got 3 products under bonded foam mattress type with names like

How to Reach out to/Contact Kurlon Company?

Kurl-On company Customer Care number is: 1800-425-0404 . You can dial in to this number for any complaints or for any other information on mattresses from this brand.

KurlOn Mattress price in India:

Kurlon brand mattress price starts from 2500 rupees and it goes up to 60,000 plus Rupees.

But we could observe that one could buy a very good mattress for price below 25000 rupees as most of the popular KurlOn mattresses are available with in the price range of 25,000 rupees in India.

The model names and price can change depending on the customization and online store.You can find all the information related to Kurlon mattresses in India HERE .

Can we buy kurlon mattress online?

YES is the default answer as most of the online stores like and offers Kurlon brand mattresses online for buying.

So you can very well do online shopping for mattresses from Kurlon brand as well.

Now that all the information about Kurlon brand is known,it is the time to pick best mattresses from this brand.

We have scanned through most of the available mattresses from Kurlon brand and picked best mattresses based on features,customer feedback,popularity online and price.

The list can help you to select a Kurlon brand mattress easily with out spending much effort searching online for the right mattress.

Go through the list and pick one according your requirement and choice.


KurlOn has been one of the top notch brands that manufacture high quality mattresses. All the Kurl-On mattresses provide the necessary support to the spine apart from the comfort while sleeping.

All these mattresses are available in variety of sizes for all the beds and come with great warranty periods.

The following are some of the great mattress models from Kurl On that one can choose from.


Best Kurlon brand mattress in India

This is our first pick for the best Kurlon mattress in India list.

The queen size mattress is made of spring and comes in a multicolour variant.

The mattress comes in a pre assembled state and comes with 5 year warranty.

The manufacturer also provides 1 year replacement guarantee.

The mattress has a thickness of 6 inches. The mattress has also got thick PU foam layer and it helps to maximize the sleeping surface and provides a comfortable sleep.

The mattress is based on Kurlopedic technology and has some of the common features like anti microbial,anti dust mite and anti bed bug.

Overall it is a very good quality Spring mattress from Kurlon brand and works well for budget friendly people as the price is not so high.

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Best Kurlon mattress of Coir type in India

This kurlo bond mattress is our second best Kurlon mattress in India.

The coir mattress is available in variety of sizes and is made available in a multicolour colour variant.

The mattress is ideal for single beds and is delivered in a pre assembled condition.

The mattress comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. The mattress is rubberised and also has 1 year replacement guarantee.

The primary material of the mattress is coir and has a thickness of 5 inches.

The mattress provides optimal back and body support due to it’s advanced densification which increases the material density in the centre.

Foam is also there in the mattress and blended coir with PU foam gives peerless and plush support to the body.

This looks great and is available at very affordable price.If you are looking forward to a single size Coir mattress,then there is nothing that stops you from buying this.

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Best Kurlon Spring mattress to buy online in India

This Luxurino mattress is our third best Kurlon mattress in India.

The king size mattress from Kurl On is available in a number of standard sizes and has spring as the primary support material.

It is available in a multicolour variant and is ideal for all standard king size beds.

The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and has a pillow top. The mattress is equipped with MSI technology encased with QCB in polyester jacquard.

The major plus point of this mattress is moulding to the shape of an individual’s body and helps great sleep.

This luxurious pocket spring mattress comes with Polyester knitted promos with jacquard tapestry for, superior breathability & smooth feel.

The upper layer of the mattress is made of memory foam. One can buy the product from by visiting the following link.

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Top 6 Best Kurlon Single size mattress to buy in India

This Florentino foam mattress is our fourth best Kurlon mattress in India.

This mattress can be used on both sides which is the first of it’s kind in the mattress industry.

It has foam as the primary material and has a layer of rubberized coir as well.The upholstery material is polycotton and sports a fine style.

The mattress is suitable for standard size single beds. The product comes with a 5 years warranty.

This is an high end foam mattress, the construction offers the best of the comfort. The combination gives the hardness of bonded foam and the comfort of coir mattress.

This single size mattress from Kurlon scores big on looks and innovative features.

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Best Kurlon mattress in India to buy from online store Amazon India

This new Ortho king size mattress is our fifth best Kurlon mattress in India.

The primary material of the mattress is coir and the upholstery material is polycotton.

The mattress is ideal for all king size beds. The bed is ideal for providing spine and back support and has cotton satin tapestry with delicate quilt patterns.

The mattress also has bonded foam for extra support. The mattress comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.

The major asset is the new ortho function which provides optimal support to the back and maintains neutral spine shape irrespective of person’s sleeping position.

It is specially crafted orthopedic mattress, certified by Hosmat hospital and helps to take care of spinal and back problems.

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Top 6 best Kurlon brand mattress to buy from online in India

This Angelica Spring mattress is our sixth and last one in our best Kulron mattress in India list.

The king size mattress has spring as the primary material and polycotton as the upholstery material.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and has a thick PU layer on the top.

The high density foam walls for increased durability.

Springs are covered with Thermobond felt which ensures preventing rupturing of above layers of this mattress.

The springs adjust suitably as per the sleeping position. The mattress can be purchased from by going to the following link:

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The KurlOn mattresses have received amazing customer feedback and are proved to be the best in the segment. Several features like material of the mattress and price can be used as the parameters to decide on the perfect mattress to buy.

Hope the Best Kurlon mattress in India list has helped you to choose the right mattress of your choice.Happy Sleeping!!!

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