Top 7 Best Bean Bag Cover Without Refill to buy online in India

Bean Bag Cover? Confused?

So this is how it works. We all know what a bean bag is. We know how it looks, how it feels. When you touch a bean bag that you have at home or at work, you can feel the little polystyrene beads right?

Let’s break down a bean bag into two components. The bean bag cover and the filler. The beads, irrespective of the material out of which they are made act like the filler.

And the leather-ish fabric that’s shaped like a bag within which the beans are filled is the bean bag cover. Logistically, selling a complete bean bag with the cover and filler online is a headache.

Hence, many companies opt to sell just the bean bag cover online. Filling up a bean bag is not as hard as it may seem and so, this actually works.

Here, take a look at some of the best bean bag covers that you can purchase online:

Note: All of these items are only bean bag covers, they don’t come with the filler.

Best bean bag cover from Top brands to buy online in India:

#1.Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans:

Best bean bag cover to buy online in India

Sold by one of the leading bean bag brands in India, this is a brown coloured, XXXL bean bag cover.

It is made out of top-quality leatherette and holds precise dimensions of: 127 x 127 x 117cm.

Very simple in terms of design, with this, you get a classic bean bag vibe.

It’s durable, no doubt, however the frequency at which the beans need to be refilled completely depends upon the extent of its usage.

As a whole, it can comfortably accommodate a weight of 120kgs at a time.

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#2.Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans:

Top 7 best bean bag cover with out beans to buy online in India

A direct competitor to the bean bag above, this too, is a brown coloured bean bag that comes under the XXXL size bracket.

Its exact product dimensions are also the same, 127 x 127 x 117cm.It comes from Solimo,which is Amazon India’s private label brand.

Since this is just a bean bag cover, ultimately it’s upto to decide the size and quantity of beans that it requires.

However, you aren’t the manufacturer so how do you know the optimum quantity and size, right?

Ideally, 2kgs of 4-6mm beans is the secret recipe behind a comfortable XXXL sized bean bag.

Made out of fade-resistant leatherette, incorporating a two-fold stitch layer and extra protection for the beans inside; durability is more of a guarantee than a promise.

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#3.Sattva Muddha XXXL Bean Bag Cover:

Good quality and branded bean bag cover to buy online in India

Made out of top quality leatherette again, although this too, is a XXXL sized bean bag its product dimensions are slightly different.

It’s slightly smaller, being precisely: 117 x 117 x 107cm big. And yet, it requires a considerable quantity of fillers.

To get the best out of it, it’s advised to fill in 3kgs of bean. In terms of design, it’s slightly different when compared to the ‘baggy’ bean bags.

This particular model looks much more like modern furniture and provides the user with adequate support along with the much-sought after bean bag comfort.

It ends up taking the exact shape of your body. Black in colour, boasting of exquisite stitch quality it’s an extremely durable and beautiful piece.

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#4.Vsk Bean Bag Sofa Mudda Cover Brown Xxxl:

top 7 bst bean bag covers to buy in India from top brands

A classic design, brown in colour and XXXL sized, this is  Muddha bean bag cover.

Not only is it made out of exquisite, top-quality leatherette fabric but the stitching too, is of top quality. Hence, it’s not only great to touch but it’s durable too.

The exact dimensions of it are: 88.9 x 38.1 x 88.9cm. The one drawback with this product is that with time, the colour of leatherette fabric may fade a little.

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#5.Orka XL Bean Bag Cover:

Best selling bean bag covers online at Amazon India

Not everyone likes a ‘classic’ bean bag. Some people are a little exuberant in nature. For them, perhaps, a red coloured bean bag was produced.

This is a red coloured, XL sized bean bag with exact dimensions of: 55.9 x 55.9 x 99.1cm.

Since this is just the cover, to reap its benefits you require 1kgs of bean filling.

Instead of leatherette, art leather take its place as the primary material that’s been used to make the bean bag.

The maximum amount of weight that it can hold at a time is 60kgs. Ideally proportionate, made out of high-quality, durable raw materials and aesthetically pleasing; in many ways this is your complete bean bag.

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#6.Excel Classic Bean Bag Cover:

Best and affordable branded bean bag cover to buy online in India

XXL sized, this is a navy coloured bean bag that’s sold under the reputed brand name of Sattva.

Since it’s a XXL sized bean bag, it requires 1.5kgs of bean filling.

However, the frequency at which the beans need to be filled depends completely upon the frequency of the bean bags usage.

The precise dimensions of this model are: 41 x 32 x 6.2cm. It’s made out premium leatherette fabric with top-quality stitching that gives it an air of durability. At the very most, it can hold weights upto 120kgs but not more.

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#7.The Furniture Store flowerblack XXXL Bean Bag Cover King :

Best bean bag cover with bright colours to buy online in India

Called the ‘Flowerblack’; the name is inspired by its design. The back of the bean bag is designed to look like a flower petal.

Boasting of a quite unique design, black and red in colour it comes under the category of a XXXL sized bean bag cover.

Its precise dimensions however, are that of: 27.2 x 22 x 11cm.

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These are the best branded bean bag covers you could buy online in India.

Did you every buy or used any of these earlier?Please do share your experience.

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