Top 7 Branded Bath Towels Under 500 Rupees

A large majority of the people might argue,

‘What’s the point of a relatively expensive, branded towel?’

For starters, they fulfil the purpose of towels. They actually dry your body after a bath. Drops of water aren’t left clinging to your skin making your apparel wet.

That’s annoying, admit it. Secondly, they are smooth. Wipe your body and yet, your body won’t turn red in colour as though you are suffering from some kind of body rash.

These are small things and yet, they happen. Spending 500 on a towel, isn’t a lot for an average middle-class Indian. Lack of awareness and lethargy prove to be the most major obstacles.

Aiming to eradicate both these obstacles at once, here is a list of the 7 best branded bath towels available online that could cost you less than 500 rupees.

Top 7 best branded bath towels under 500 rupees in India

Top 7 Branded High Quality Bath Towels Under 500 Rupees:

#1.Story@Home Sensational Cotton 450 GSM Bath Towel:

Best branded bath towels under 500 rupees in India

These towels are available in a whole range of different colours. Red, blue, orange, you name it. Cotton is the main ingredient as such, that’s used to manufacture these super soft and highly absorbent towels.

Hence, with respect to utility, you cannot have any complaints. It’s a bath sized towel with exact dimensions of: 140 x 70 cm.

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#2.Sathiyas Sunrise Cotton Bath Towel 4 Pcs Combo:

Best branded bath towels under 500 rupees in India

Indicated by the very title of this towel, these towels in fact come in pieces of 4 and yet cost less than 500 INR. That’s value for money.

They aren’t plush like the towel above but they too, are made out of cotton. It’s not that weight matters too much but these towels are particularly light weight.

Since they are thinner and lighter, they dry up much more quickly when compared to other towels. Coming to its size, in cm’s the dimensions are that of: 26 x 20 approximately.

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#3.Bombay Dyeing Flora 100 % Cotton Bath Towel:

Top brands bath towels with price below 500 rupees in India

Bombay Dyeing is a brand that’s well known in India. This particular towel has a flora design and it too, is available in multiple colours although the price of the towels do vary a little by colour.

They all still fall under the 500 rupees price bracket. The towel is made out of 100% cotton and is hypoallergenic which means that it will ensure no allergic reaction takes place when applied on your skin.

It is super-soft, highly absorbent and due to its well thought of design and quality raw materials ,it is highly durable when compared to other bath towels. And as it is a bath towel, it has dimensions of: 75 x 150 cm.

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#4.Kuber Industries™ Soft Terry Full Size Men’s Bath Towel:

Good quality branded bath towels under 500 rupees to buy online in India

The title of the product specifically says it’s a ‘men’s’ bath towel but don’t go by that. Just because it is blue in colour, the above judgement has been made.

Let’s be a little open-minded. Identical to the above towel in terms of size, the dimensions of this towel too are that of: 75 x 150 cm. It’s super soft and what’s unique about it is that it can be washed manually and in the machine too.

As it is comparatively lighter, the water that gets absorbed quickly evaporates quickly too leaving it dry in a very short span of time.

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#5.Bath Towel-Large Size:

Good quality and popular branded bath towels in India

Bath Towel is an ideal title if the brand wants to surround itself with an aurora of mysticity. But consumers don’t like that.

This is a towel that’s sold under the name of ‘Generic’. What really unique about this towel is that it is manufactured using handlooms, hence, it can even be called a handmade towel.

It is an extremely light and thin towel that is made out of cotton. You get these towels in multiple different colours.

Due to its physical properties, the towel can be dried very easily infact, the traditional squeezing method too can be used. It is considered to be durable and highly absorbent too.

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#6.Kurtzy® 100% Pure Cotton Brown Bath Towel Turkish:

Branded bath towels to buy online in India

A brown coloured towel looks classy. They are simply stylish. Made out of cotton and ideally thick, this towel is just super soft, comfortable, plush and super-absorbent.

It is fully free of all toxic chemicals. Another ideal feature of this towel is that it is very easy to wash.

You can wash it manually or in washing machine provided that the instructions are followed so that all the benefits that come with this towel can be enjoyed for a long period of time.

Similar to all other bath towels, this towel has dimensions of: 128 x 74 cm.

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#7.Fancyadda Khadi Cotton Extra Large Full Big Size Bath Towels:

Branded bath towels under 500 rupees to buy online in India

For less than 500 INR, you can get two great quality bath towels. Got your attention! The design of the towels too, will get your attention.

They are striped and in two different colour variations. One word of caution however is that while washing these towels, it is suggested that they are washed separately as the chances of the colour coming off is high.

Apart from that little drawback, it is quite an ideal towel. It is made out of 100% cotton and is a khadi product which is why a few of the patriots will favour this towel to many others.

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All of these bath towels are of good quality and are available at nominal price.

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