Top 7 Best Shoe Cabinet/Stand To Buy Online In India

In every house, there are two types of furniture. Some pieces of furniture are kept at home solely and solely because of their aesthetic beauty.

They may not fulfil any particular purpose. But yet, they occupy sufficient space at home. Why? Because they look good.

And then there are pieces of furniture that are kept because they satisfy a utility. More than looks and yet, given less importance. A shoe cabinet belongs to the latter kind of furniture.

These cabinets aren’t always beautiful. In fact, they are generally hidden away in some corner. Inconspicuous, irrefutable and simple; a shoe cabinet is one under-appreciated piece of furniture.

People generally love new things. So maybe, that’s all you need. A new shoe cabinet. One that you feel will get all the attention that it deserves.

Here; take a look at some of the best shoe cabinets that are available online, maybe one of them proves to be to your liking:

Best Shoe Cabinet or Stand for your home in India:

#1.Pindia Shoe cabinet:

Best shoe cabinet to buy online in India

Maroon in colour, inspired by modern-contemporary design work; this is a particularly stylish shoe cabinet that’s made primarily out of wood and non-woven cloth material.

With 5 racks upon which your footwear can be stored, its precise dimensions are that of: 58 x 28 x 72cm.

Superior craftsmanship gives it an air of durability.

The 5 cabinet racks are all foldable when not in use making for a very practical, functional and space-efficient design.

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#2.Nilkamal Freedom 09 Mini Shoe Cabinet:

Top 7 best quality shoe cabinet or stand to buy in India

The Freedom 09 Mini shoe cabinet is a modern styled, weather-rust brown shoe cabinet that’s been made out of polypropylene.

As a whole, the cabinet can bear upto 45kgs, while individually, each rack can comfortable hold weights of upto 15kgs.

It comes with 3 racks upon which nearly 9 pairs of shoes can be easily stored.

If that’s not enough, there’s further storage room at the bottom which is ideally meant to hold your footwear accessories.

The dimensions of this strong, durable, compact and foldable shoe cabinet are: 35 x 59 x 63.5cm.

Furthermore, there are 2 air ducts that facilitate ventilation and ensure that the stank of your footwear doesn’t pollute the cabinet.

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#3.Paffy Shoe Cabinet:

Top 7 best shoe stand to buy in India

A substantially sized shoe cabinet, it’s the design itself that allows for the storage of a greater number of pairs of footwear.

2 columns, 6 rows each; that translates to 12 rows of storage. It looks alot like one of those shoe cabinets that you see at bowling alleys.

If that appeals to you, great. Quality raw materials have gone into its manufacture and attributable to that is the sturdiness and durability that it delivers.

This model is available in a few different colours, them being; red, navy blue and grey.

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#4.Ebee Easy To Assemble & Light Weight Foldable 4 Shelves Shoe Rack:

Best and low cost shoe cabinets in India

More like a shoe stand rather than a cabinet, it’s not the most eye-catching but it’s definitely utilitarian.

There are 4 shelves and on these 4 shelves, you can place nearly 12 pairs of shoes totally.

The entire piece is made out of a combination of aluminium and plastic; giving it durable and lightweight characteristics; both.

It weighs precisely 1.5kgs and has dimensions that of: 70 x 19 x 5cm. A strong base contributes to its sturdiness.

What’s more is that due to its foldable design, when not in use- not a problem as it barely takes up any space at home.

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#5.Sterling Steel, Fabric Collapsible Shoe Stand:

Best selling Shoe cabinet or stand in India online

Now this is a shoe stand that will fit almost perfectly into any big-modern household.

It’s available in multiple colours, inspired by modern design and made out of superior quality stainless steel.

The frame at least is made out of stainless steel while the rest of it is made out of top-quality fabric.

With 12 shelves, one can fit approximately 36 pairs of footwear! You couldn’t ask for more space. Its exact dimensions are that of: 45.25 x 11.15 x 43.25 inches.

The zipped cover that it comes with can be used to protect your footwear from the different kinds of unwanted foreign bodies, dust especially.

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#6.Paffy Shoe Cabinet:

Good looking and space saving shoe stands to buy online in India

Nearly identical to the first product on this list; it’s a maroon coloured shoe cabinet that’s primarily made out of wood.

Slightly smaller, the precise dimensions of this model are: 15 x 10 x 4cm. Stylish and spacious, it comes with racks within which nearly 12 pairs of shoes can be stored.

To back the looks, it’s both; strong and durable as well, the top quality raw materials being responsible for that.

It’s available in 3 different colours, them being: grey, navy blue and maroon.

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#7.Cello Novelty Shoe Rack:

Top 7 best shoes cabinet or stand to buy online in India

Although it is primarily made out of plastic, there’s still something about this shoe rack that gives it an air of novelty.

It’s ice-brown in colour, inspired by modern design and spacious.

The exact dimensions of it are: 63.6 x 59.6 x 37cm. It’s quite sturdy and solid, not being light at all, weighing approximately 6.5kgs.

The multiple shelves that come installed within it are adjustable and can be racked up according to one’s wishes; to give one more storage space.

It barely requires any kind of maintenance and due to its tough exterior it is able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions without impacting its durability in any way.

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These are the best quality Shoe cabinet from well known brands to buy online in India.

Did you buy any of these shoe stands for your home?Do share your experience.

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