Top 7 Best Beds Under 20,000 INR in India

Ever heard of the saying; ‘your home is where your heart is’? That’s a cliched statement. Soapy, emotionally loaded; not entirely true.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to phrase it this way; ‘your home is where your bed is’.

Not only is it catchy and witty but there’s a certain element of truth in it. Many, many people would quietly relate to it.

A bed is a commodity that’s available in a whole range of prices. Beds that cost you nearly 20,000 rupees aren’t particularly cheap.

Nevertheless, these beds aren’t the most expensive either. Based on the price; one can confidently say that these beds are targeted only and only towards the upper-middle class strata.

Sure, they aren’t ‘the most expensive’ beds that are available in the market. On comparison however, you will strain to find many notable differences between these beds and the ‘most expensive beds’ available in the market.

To further illustrate this point; let’s take a look at some of the best beds that one can purchase for less than 20,000 Rupees in India:

Best beds under 20,000 rupees to buy online in India:

#1.Spacewood Mayflower Engineered Wood King Bed:

Best Beds to buy online for price under 20,000 rupees

A king size bed equipped with additional storage space; the dimensions of this particular model are: 189 x 90 x 221cm.

Spacewood as brand is known for their contemporary designs.

Brown in colour; the bed boasts of a vermount and melamine finish that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bed.

The primary materials that have been used to make this particular model are: engineered wood and particle board.

At the end of the day, this is a strong, durable and stylish king size bed that boasts of a very practical and contemporary design.


#2.HomeTown Stark Queen Size Bed:

With dimensions of: 206 x 169 x 101 cm; in many ways this is the perfect queen size bed.

Walnut in colour and made primarily out of particle board; this bed boasts of an additional storage compartment that proves to be valuable space wherein one can store some of their possessions.

Hence, this results in supreme and maximum space utilization. The entire design is inspired by contemporary style.

Another very advantageous facet of this particular model is that it can easily be ‘knocked down’ and built up again; a facet that’s very advantageous for a family that’s constantly on the move.

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#3.Spacewood Texas Queen Size Bed:

Good quality and best bed under 20,000 rupees to buy online in India

As mentioned above; Spacewood is known for its stylish designs.

This particular model proves to be no exception to this fact.

Made out of engineered wood; natural wenge in colour, it boasts of a more modern rather than contemporary design.

Its dimensions are precisely: 217.6 x 165 x 90cm; queen size dimensions. What’s really cool about this bed is that it holds a hydraulic storage space that allows the user to fill up nearly 3/4th of the bed (from the base) with one’s possessions.

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#4.RoyalOak CHERRY Engineered Wood King Bed:

Best beds under 20,000 rupees in India

One of the leaders in this industry; the name Royal Oak carries along with it a certain degree of credibility.

Arguably, this  pristine goodwill is more or less validated. For example; just take a look at this model.

For starters; it looks aesthetically beautiful, nearly picture-perfect. Primarily made out of MDF; it proudly carries a rosewood, honey-brown finish.

It’s a king size bed and hence, its dimensions are that of: 218.4 x 93.9 x 187.9 cm.

Similar to the model above; this too comes with a hydraulic storage space that’s easy to access and large enough to make up for the lost storage space that’s taken up by the bed.


#5.HomeTown Swirl Queen Bed:

Top 7 best beds under 20,000 rupees to buy online in India

A queen size bed with dimensions of: 85 x 62 x 35 inches; this particular bed is primarily crafted using engineered wood.

Brown in colour coupled with a matte finish; its contemporary style is very easily identifiable.

The finish is not just to enhance its aesthetic appeal, it has a more practical function as well.

It make the bed, stain and water-resistant, thereby positively contributing to its long lifespan. Ideally speaking; this bed should be adorned with a thick coir mattress.

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#6.Urban Ladder Osaka Queen Size Rubber Wood Bed:

top 7 best bed with price below 20k in India

Urban Ladder is trying to revolutionize the Indian furniture landscape through its innovative product offerings.

Let’s take this particular bed as a prime example validating the above statement.

Dark walnut in colour and made out of high-quality rubber wood; it’s a queen size bed with precise dimensions of: 199.9 x 152.4 x 89.9 cm.

In addition to the rubber wood; the bed also makes use of high-quality MDF to provide the mattress with adequate amounts of support.

In a perfect world; this bed would be used to accommodate a mattress that’s between 4 to 8 inch thick and with other dimensions of: 60 x 78 inches.

Furthermore, this bed has been designed in a specific manner to make it much lighter when compared to its other counterparts.

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#7.FurnitureKraft Oman Metal Queen Bed:

best beds from top brands to buy online in India for cost below 20,000 rupees

Although FurnitureKraft are better known for the pocket-friendly beds; here’s one model that cannot actually be called ‘pocket-friendly’.

It’s a queen size bed with dimensions of: 166.2 x 109 x 199.5 cm.

The bed is made out of carbon steel and boasts of a hydraulic storage compartment that’s very easy to access.

Attributable to the carbon steel; it’s a very sturdy and durable bed that can easily withstand the pressures of time. It’s so durable that one can even go to the extent to say that it is a ‘wear-resistant’ bed.


These are some of the popular and good quality beds you could buy for cost around 20,000 Rupees in India.

Did you like any of these best beds?

If you are looking for further information or any other questions on home or bedroom furniture,don’t hesitate to comment.We will respond soon to the best of our knowledge.

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