Top 6 Premium Quality Bed Sheets to buy online in India

There is no set definition for what exactly is a ‘premium quality bed sheet’. But to make it easy and comparable, with reference to this article, a premium quality bed sheet is one which makes use of premium quality raw materials.


It’s simple. Quality raw materials translate to quality products which in turn translates to quality experiences. Without further complicating this, let’s just look at the 7 most premium quality bed sheets that one can purchase online in India.

Top quality bed sheets at low price in India

Top 6 High Quality Bed Sheets to buy online in India:

#1.Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton 400 TC Elasticated Fitted Bedsheet with pillow covers:

Best quality bed sheets to buy online in India

Ever wanted the hotel room feel at home? Take a look at this bed sheet, does it match? It is made out of 100% cotton and is weaved in a particular manner that makes it highly durable.

It has a thread count of 400 and has a striped pattern which is exactly what gives it the hotel-like appearance.

The dimensions of this bed sheet makes it ideal for a queen size mattress and to be more precise, it’s 60 x 78 inch big. It comes as a set with two pillow covers of dimensions: 27.5 x 17.5 inch.

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#2.Zainhome 4 Double Bedsheets With 8 Pillow Covers:

Good quality bed sheets to buy online in India

This set of 4 is ideal for a family. All 4 bed sheets are different in design. While three of them would appeal to children, one abstract design would definitely fit an adult’s room.

Skin-friendly fabric is the primary material that’s been used in these sets. The size of all the 4 different sets fit a queen size bed and the bed sheets dimensions are: 220 x 250 cm, while the pillow covers have dimensions of: 46 x 69 cm.

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#3.B-Sheets | Luxe Luxury Bed Sheet Collection | Cotton Soft Sateen Stripes:

Top quality and good looking bed sheets to buy online in India

Some people vie for classy bed sheets that will fit into their modern, contemporary homes. If you are such a person, you should look at this particular set.

Right from the sand-beige colour to the striped design, it oozes of class and style. The fabric it uses is 100% cotton and the particular weaves, ensures durability.

While its dimensions are perfect for a queen size bed, the 5 inch hem ensures that you can really get tucked into bed nicely and comfortably.

The pillow covers are of similar make and design, equally durable and extremely comfortable.

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#4.Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton 210 TC Queen Double Fitted Bedsheet:

Good quality and popular bed sheets to buy online in India

Another, supreme bed sheet, this too is made out 100% top-quality cotton and has a thread count of 210. It is not a normal bed sheet rather, it is a fitted bed sheet.

The dark blue colour suits such a luxury bed sheet and gives it a prestigious outward appearance. As a fitted bed sheet, it is compatible with any mattress that’s 8 inch wide.

The elastic border makes it supremely comfortable and super-soft to feel. Its dimensions are that of: 60 x 78 inch, making it ideal for a queen size bed and it also comes with two pillow covers.

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#5.BELOMODA Exclusive Huge Soccer Field Theme Printed Poly Cotton Double Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers:

Top quality bed sheets in India

A football fan’s paradise. Parents take note. If your child loves football, you now know what to gift him/her next year for his/her birthday.

Unlike other bed sheets, this particular one is a 3D printed bed sheet and therefore, the primary material is poly cotton.

Yet, it has a thread count of 140. It comes with two pillow covers too. The dimensions of this bed sheet are: 100 x 92 inch.

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#6.Ceazer 3D Polycotton 4 Double Bed Bedsheet With 8 Pillow Covers:

Top quality bed sheets to buy online in India

In this article, you would have come across another similar set of 4 bed sheets. But it’s not similar. Only the quantity of the components is similar.

For starters, these bed sheets are 3D printed and made out of poly cotton instead of the traditional cotton bed sheets.

All four designs are abstract and if you are a person who gets bored of monotony, this is the ideal set for you. All four designs are different but all sizes are the same, 228 x 258 cms, to be precise.

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These are the best quality bed sheets to buy online at an affordable price in India.Buy a bed sheet which can enhance the beauty of bed and bedroom as a whole.

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