SpringWel Mattress – Price,Review and Best to buy in India

The name of a brand always gives something away. Its values or its products. Sometimes this is hidden, sometimes it’s in plain sight for all consumers to see. Springwel is one of India’s leading mattress manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers and indeed, they are the pioneers when you look at the spring mattress market separately.

Springwel brand mattresses in India

They were one of the first brands to introduce the sale of spring mattresses in the year 1996. Initially, the company was just manufacturing mattresses but in 2002, they moved into the retail sector.

This definitely was a sign of growth and an indication of how things were panning out for this small, opportunistic mattress company. A collaboration/strategic alliance with Tempur further added to the credentials of Springwel.

Today, Springwel sell not just mattresses but a number of other accessories such as pillow covers, bed covers, pillows etc.

Before we venture any further into this topic, understand that Springwel mattresses and Tempur mattresses are two different brands. In this article, we are only talking about Springwel mattresses.

Best Springwel mattresses to buy online in India

From spring mattresses, Springwel have come a long-long way. Today, they sell almost all the popular types of mattresses. In fact, when you compare their diverse range to that of other leading local mattress manufacturers it’s practically unmatched. Following are the different types of mattresses that they sell:

To create a homogenous class of products, brands opt to categorise them. One way to look at it is to look at each separate type of mattress as one particular category. Out of all the different types, these are the most popular mattresses amongst them:

Best Springwel mattress with price in India

Spring mattresses: Naturally, the most popular type of mattress sold by Springwel is: spring mattresses. Within spring mattresses too, there are multiple different types of these mattresses.

For example: Comfort collection, softech series, luxury collection and divinity collection. Each of these different mattresses has their own distinguishing characteristics that distinguish it from one another.

The price range of the Springwel spring mattresses is between: INR 10,000- INR 27,000.

Bonded mattresses: Surprisingly, after spring mattresses, next comes bonded mattresses in the popularity hierarchy. Ultrabond, Primabond, Gloria are some of the most popular bonded mattress models sold by Springwel.

These mattresses are much more affordable when compared to the other kind of mattresses. The price range of these mattresses lie between: INR 6,000- INR 15,000.

As a consumer, there are a number of reasons as to why you should purchase a Springwel mattress. Springwel is one brand that caters to all the diverse needs of their customers.

They are an Indian brand and they understand the tastes and preferences of Indian consumers better than many other brands. You can say that their mattresses are designed for Indians.

Superior comfort, top quality and attractive offers, these are a few other reasons as to why you should purchase a Springwel mattress and none other. Don’t forget, widespread availability and a good warranty too!

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