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In this fast-paced world, people often overlook the importance of a good night’s sleep. A body, just like a car, needs enough fuel to work another day.

Proper sleep provides it with the energy to make sure you can keep up with the fast pace of life. There are many aspects that contribute to a perfect sleep, a sleep that rejuvenates your mind and body.

One of the ingredients to a great night’s sleep is a good mattress. No one wants to come home after a tiring day and sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. Instead of being fresh the next day, you will be tired right in the morning.

Why SpringFit Mattresses?

Springfit mattresses in India - price and review

A comfortable mattress calls for a blend of variety and quality. Each body condition is unique which finds comfort in one specific kind of mattress.

While a body with weaker back likes a medium-firm mattress, a tired body needs a softer mattress.

SpringFit provides a variety of products that meets each users’ needs.

When it comes to quality, SpringFit mattresses are considered one of the best in the market. They are durable and ever so comfortable.

Different Mattresses offered by SpringFit Brand in India:

Springfit mattress review - Why are they preferable

It is said that a company is as good as its products, and it is spot-on. SpringFit is one of the companies that wants to serve every customer in the best way possible.

It has a mattress product range that can easily be termed as “Something for Everyone”. The product ranges can be classified as follows:


I-Sleep Mattress Range:

The I-sleep range is the first in the world to be a combination of Talalay Latex with the gel infused silk foam. This particular technology take comfort to a whole new level.

It helps avoid muscular pains coupled with backaches. It also enhances blood circulation in the body.

There are 4 mattresses in this range:

  1. I-Sleep Ortho Mattress
  2. I-Sleep Krono Mattress
  3. I-Sleep Blue Mattress
  4. I-Sleep Black Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 46,923 to Rs. 94,230.

Autograph Collection:

This series of mattresses range from a latex foam to a mixture of latex and memory foam. It also is great if your body releases heat during your sleep.

It comes with an anti-sagging technology coupled with anti-fungal properties. There are multiple comfort layers available from which you can choose.

There are 4 mattresses in this range:

  1. Autograph Pure Mattress
  2. Autograph Pulse Mattress
  3. Autograph Prive Mattress
  4. Autograph Play Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 22,229 to Rs. 29,125.

Club Class Mattresses:

It is a perfect blend of pocket springs with latex and memory foam. It enhances air circulation and at the same time provides you a premium level of comfort and satisfaction.

This range of mattress returns to its original shape, due to the memory foam. Thus, it is never needed to flip the mattress due to the uneven shape.

There are 3 mattresses in this range:

  1. Club Class Grande Mattress
  2. Club Class Natura Mattress
  3. Club Class Petals Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 14,480 to Rs. 31,700.

Ortholife Collection:

It is a pure memory foam based mattress, which is best known for its sensitivity to heat and pressure. It helps in relieving your backache, while providing you an uninterrupted sleep at the same time.

There are 2 mattresses in this range:

  1. Ortholife Euro Mattress
  2. Ortholife Pro Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 11,657 to Rs. 18,498.

DX Collection:

This range offers a great blend of pocketed springs with either HR Foam or memory foam. These are made of special alloy springs and the layer that comes in contact with your skin is a breathable quilted cover.

There are 4 mattresses in this range:

  1. Dx Platinum Mattress
  2. Dx Posture Mattress
  3. Dx Gold Mattress
  4. Dx Eco Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 7,674 to Rs. 11,712.

Reactive Collection:

This range of exclusive mattresses offer you a great combination of HR foam with reactive foam, and on top of it, it also has a Turkish felt. This dampens the sound of the springs and provides you a peaceful sleep, along with the excellent comfort of reactive foam.

There are 4 mattresses in this range:

  1. Reactive Dual Mattress
  2. Reactive Ortho Mattress
  3. Reactive Gold Mattress
  4. Reactive Core Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 7,627 to Rs. 20,947.

Imperial Collection:

This collection of mattresses is specially known for the soft fabric and the exquisite mixture of various layers of foam that provide you a peaceful experience.

There are 2 mattresses in this range:

  1. Visco Pro Mattress
  2. Imperial Max Latex Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 17,725 to Rs. 25,471.

Dry Cool Collection:

As the name suggests, this series of mattresses are best known for their temperature control technology which provides a stress-free sleep all-round the year. It uses the Dry Cool foam, which dries 3 times faster than the traditional foams.

There are 3 mattresses in this range:

  1. Dry Cool Magnus Mattress
  2. Dry Cool Carlos Mattress
  3. Dry Cool Alice Mattress

Price Range: Rs. 7,181 to Rs. 12,772.

What makes SpringFit so unique:

Spring mattresses review and best to buy online in India


There are various factors that make the SpringFit mattress unique. The points that make it stand out are as follows:

Durability: The SpringFit mattresses are long lasting due to the exclusive quality of foams and covers. You don’t need to flip the mattress too, as they always maintain their shape and provide you the excellent comfort they are known for.

Perfect balance between luxury and comfort: SpringFit mattresses provide you the best combination of a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. Their high quality and great designs provide an elite touch to your bedroom.

Wide range: As we saw above, SpringFit offers a wide variety of mattresses to choose from. As explained earlier, there is something for everyone.

Sleep is the most important ingredient to rejuvenate ourselves for the next day. Thus, compromising your sleep for an uncomfortable mattress is definitely not a good choice.

A SpringFit mattress will provide you the best sleep experience that your body deserves. So, grab a SpringFit mattress and gift your body the best sleep it deserves.

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