Sleepwell Mattress – Price,Review and best mattresses to buy in India

Sleepwell is one of top brand when it comes to mattresses in India.If you are looking forward to know more about Sleepwell mattress then you are at the right place.We would be covering various Sleepwell mattresses and best Sleepwell mattress in India list for buying.

A sound sleep on a comfortable mattress is all you need after a tiresome day. A good sleep will breathe a new life into your body relieving all your tensions and making you refreshed for the next day.

An uncomfortable mattress can cause sleep deprivation which is a serious problem and deteriorate your health and well-being. So in order to promote good health a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress is a must.

Come to think of it, could there be a better name for a company that sells mattresses?
The very name of the brand embodies what a customer expects.

Why to choose Sleepwell Brand mattresses?

Sleepwell mattress in India - Price and Review

Sleepwell mattresses are a renowned name in the world of mattresses due to its reliable products and positive customer feedback.

The quality which makes Sleepwell so special is its ability to adapt to new technological changes and enforcing them in its products.

They have a way to strike a balance between keeping up with the technological advancements and understanding the different demands of the consumers.

It is a flagship brand of the Sheela group which is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 company. The group has a huge market share of 35% in the Indian P.U foam industry.

Different Sleepwell brand mattresses available for sale in India:

Sleepwell mattresses to buy online in India

Every consumer has their own set of needs and fulfilling all of them is a difficult task. Some people prefer their mattresses to be soft and some prefer a firm support for their skin.

Some people demand a little bit of both of them. This is where the wide product range of Sleepwell steps in as they thrive on creating mattresses according to the varying needs of the consumers. The different product ranges offered by Sleepwell are:

This product range focuses on the technological side of the products by using a kind of technology used to provide the consumers maximum comfort and a sound sleep. The products in this range are:

Posturetech: as the name suggests this mattress aids the consumers to maintain the right posture by providing a large number of a spring combination and a responsive memory foam.

A responsive memory foam helps to increase the number of contact points with the body and stresses on each pressure point to alleviate pain and relieve stress from the body.

Nexa: this is a new generation mattress which has a high resilience responsive memory foam to relieve tension from your body and it also promotes easy body movements due to its feather soft comfort. Its enhanced ventilation is perfect for a quality sleep

Price: Rs. 85770

Warranty: 10 years

Impressions: This mattress is based on the NASA’s foam technology which senses and collects the data to shape itself according to your body. It is also embedded with high resilience Flexi PUF for a superior bounce. It acts as a stress buster and beats fatigue.

Price: Rs. 57,197

Warranty: 10 years

“My mattress” is a unique concept introduced by Sleepwell for customers to conveniently choose their own preferred mattress.

It acts as a perfect blend of technology and buying convenience of the consumers to select the type of features they want in a mattress.

The product range includes Crescent, Esteem, Premia, Dignity, Inspire, Admire and Activa, all of which have their own distinct features and are top rated according to the demands of the consumers.

Price: Rs. 13,164 – Rs. 61,834

Warranty: 10 years

This range is designed specifically for consumers who wish to have a firm back support during their sleep. This not only helps to maintain a good posture but also aids in treating back problems to some extent so that you get an uninterrupted sleep. It includes spinetech Air Luxury, Spinetech Air, Durafirm, and Spinebond.

Price: Rs. 23,694 – Rs. 49,319

Warranty: 10 years

This product range focuses on points like body posture, weight and pressure distribution for the consumers to search their perfect match.

This is done by the world-class technology called Sleepwell sensobed which will help the consumers to choose the right mattress.

it includes Aspiration, Expression, Imagination, Aspiration Plus, Expression Plus and Imagination Plus mattresses.

This category includes all the other ranges which do not fall under the above-mentioned product ranges. The products in this range are unique on its own in terms of features offered. It includes executive pocket, enovation, ultra and Utsav

Price: Rs. 8,916 – Rs. 34,253

Warranty: 10 years

What makes Sleepwell top mattress brand in India?

Best sleepwell brand mattresses to buy online in India

While focusing on other features one can’t ignore the other aspects of hygiene and health. Breeding of harmful organisms in the mattress can be a serious threat to the health and well-being of a family.

The mattresses at Sleepwell are treated with health fresh which is a treatment to prevent harmful dust mites, fungi and bacteria from breeding and creates a protective layer of the members of the family.

Prevention of dust mites is a huge benefit to asthmatics as it helps in reducing asthma attacks.

The unique characteristic about Sleepwell is that it is designed by keeping the demands of a modern user in mind. It also adapts to the current trends to offer the best end product to its consumers.

It is sometimes believed that only one of the two which is luxury or comfort can be achieved at once. Sleepwell has proved all the critics wrong by providing such products which offer both of them simultaneously without compromising on the quality.

With the introduction of “my mattress” and the “perfect match range”, it can be well proven that Sleepwell’s focal point is fulfilling each and every demand of the consumers. These ranges allow the consumers to find a product which is best suitable for them.

With the pace of our lives increasing each day it becomes very difficult to cope up to thrive and compete with the world. Sleep deprivation can be a huge hindrance to your success and also your well-being.

A good and comfortable mattress is the solution to all these problems and which will help you to wake up the next day rejuvenated and full of energy.

Top 6 Best Sleepwell Brand Mattress to buy online in India:

In context to the Indian ‘mattress’ market, Sleepwell enjoys a significant market share in the organized sector. Why? Quality, variety and durability. Quality translates to quality raw materials.

Variety translates to a wide variety of mattresses in terms of type and size. And durability, well in simple words, these mattresses have a long life.

But these terms are quite vague, right? In order to validate the above claim, let’s look at some of the best Sleepwell mattresses that are available online.

Best Sleepwell mattress to buy online in India

Best Sleepwell mattresses in India:

#1.Sleepwell Activa Supportec Mattress:

Best Sleepwell mattress online in India

This is our first one in the list of best Sleepwell mattress in India.

The Activa Supportec mattress is a maroon, memory foam mattress with dimensions of 78 x 72 x 4 inch. Basically, this is not a small mattress for a single sized bed but is rather perfect for a double sized one.

It weighs 6kgs and comes with the assurance of comfort and support. So, if it is a memory foam mattress that you are looking for, maybe, you don’t have to look any further.

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#2.Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Double Size Foam Mattress:

Top 6 best Sleepwell mattress to buy online in India

This Enovation foam mattress is our second best Sleepwell mattress in India.

Another mattress perfectly compatible with a double sized bed, this one, however, is a spring mattress and not a foam mattress. It’s slightly bigger too, with exact dimensions of 78 x 60 x 5 inch.

Aesthetically, it is quite appealing due to the chocolate brown colour that it is available in. The weight of this mattress is on the upper side, weighing a little more than 30kgs.

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#3.Sleepwell Admire Supportec Mattress:

Best selling mattresses from Sleepwell brand

Another ‘Supportec’ mattress and this is our third best Sleepwell mattress in India.

This particular mattress has dimensions of 72 x 60 x 4 inches and weighs 6kgs.

Rubberised coir is the primary material that’s been used in this mattress.

However, that’s not the only material being used. Along with rubberised coir, the mattress also incorporates a special layer that’s known as ‘softec layer’ which as the name suggests, makes the mattress softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

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#4.Sleepwell Dignity Supportec Mattress:

Best sleepwell mattress to buy online in India

The ‘Dignity Supportec’ is a mattress that makes use of high quality memory foam.

This supportec mattress is our forth best Sleepwell mattress in India.

As a whole, the mattress has a very strong core making it both: durable and supportive.

Moving on to the size of this mattress. It has exact product dimensions of 78 x 60 x 5 inch, making it a very thick mattress, comparatively at least.

But the good news is that despite this size, it still weighs just 6kgs, making its reallocation a simple task if ever the need may arise.

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#5.Sleepwell Resitec Gold Plus Mattress:

Popular sleepwell company mattresses in India

One of the more popular models, the Resitec Gold Plus mattress is made out of high quality raw materials and priced economically.

This gold plus mattress is our fifth best Sleepwell mattress in India.

Perhaps that’s the secret to its popularity? It is maroon in colour and the primary material is some high resilience flexi- PUF.

A similar material is used on its sides, as a result of which pressure points don’t develop very easily and the mattress surface maintains the optimum body temperature.

The exact dimensions of this high-utility mattress are 78 x 60 x 4.5 inch, with it all weighing just 6kgs.

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#6.Sleepwell Activa Firmtec SW965 Mattress:

Best Sleepwell brand mattress to buy online in India

This Activa mattress is our last and sixth best Sleepwell mattress in India.

This is a coir based mattress. Basically that means that the primary material used in this mattress is coir. The mattress in itself is white in colour with dimensions of: 71 x 35 x 4 inch, making it perfect for a medium-sized single bed.

As a whole, the aesthetic appeal of the mattress makes it ideal for a contemporary home. It is soft, uses foam and ensures that the surface is never too hot, nor too cold and is just right to sleep on.

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These are some of the best mattresses from Sleepwell brand one could buy from online stores in India.Hope you found your suitable Sleepwell mattress from the list.


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