Perfect Homes: Flipkart’s Private Label Brand in Furniture

Flipkart is a major e-commerce giant in India. With a customer base in millions, this Amazon-equivalent has recently re-launched its private label brand in the furniture niche.

This private brand label has been named as “Perfect Homes” signifying the importance of high-end classic furniture to design the homes perfectly.

Flipkart reassures its customers that it has resolved its previous issues like delayed delivery, post sales installation issues, and other several problems faced by the furniture shoppers in India.

The big move by the online giant Flipkart has come right before the time of festivities & celebrations start in the country.

By launching its private label brand –Perfect Homes, Flipkart aims to strengthen its customer base in the field of online furniture.

Flipkart private lable brand for furniture in India - perfect homes

This e-tailer giant will be mainly sourcing the essential materials for its private label brand from China & Malaysia.

Strategic Launch by Flipkart:

Flipkart has strategically made the re-launch of its private label brand at the exact time when the demand for some classic furniture remains high in the market.

It is the time of the major festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and so more coming up in the nation. As such, the launch of Perfect Homes fits right into the place with customers acknowledging the latest brand introduction by Flipkart.

By introducing a soft launch of the new in-house brand, Flipkart also aims to go overboard by welcoming some of the international & external brands like Kurl On, Home Town, Lazy-Boy, Spacewood, and many others in the field of furniture.

For Flipkart, the selling of high-end online furniture is a new domain that the company is looking forward to upscale in the recent times.

Given the perfect timing of furniture shopping in the country, Flipkart aims to strengthen its market base in the furniture niche as well.

With a loyal customer base, Flipkart aims to offer the products at the best possible price under the brand Perfect Homes. This would eventually value to the purchase by the customers.

Jeeves which is a subsidiary brand of Flipkart, will be taking care of the installation services for the newly-launched furniture business by Flipkart.

By understanding the fact that customer experience while doing online furniture shopping is very poor, Flipkart picks up the challenges and resolves them by offering its top-notch online services to the targeted customer base.

In addition to the poor customer experience, there is absence of any large-scale logistics player in the furniture market that offers reliable & quick installation of the same at the desired destination.

Flipkart aims to resolve all of the existing issues in the online furniture market through its latest private label brand named Perfect Homes.

Building the Reputation:

By partnering with some of the leading logistics enterprises in India, Flipkart wishes to enhance the overall shopping experience of the customers.

The company features more than 600 products under 22 diverse categories of furniture. Furniture shopping through Perfect Homes will undergo a detailed 20-step process along with additional services like 10-days returns and around 5 years of warranty.

Let us hope for the best with Perfect Homes!

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