Is Mattress really required for a good sleep?

Are there alternatives to a mattress? Surprisingly, yes. No, we aren’t talking about sleeping on the floor just yet but there are few other products that a mattress can be replaced with.

For example, a straw mat. A straw mat is a mat that’s made out of straw and is used by those people who cannot really afford a mattress. But it’s not just them who use it.

Some people who for some reason, don’t want to enjoy the comforts of a material life ,they too, may opt for a straw mat instead of a mattress.

That’s great, denouncing the evils of material wealth. All that works. But what you really are doing is compromising your health for the cause.

Let’s face it: For good sleep, a mattress is an essential.

We all know the answer to the question. But before we further venture into this topic, let’s just get one thing clear.

That’s called a ‘good sleep’.

Do you definitely need a mattress for a good sleep

During our lifetime, we all have at least once slept on the floor. It could have been done voluntarily or maybe, involuntarily. Even sleeping on a bed sheet or a straw mat which is placed on the floor is counted.

Now, try to remember; did you fall asleep in 20 minutes? If you did great, that’s one tick on the checklist. But surely you didn’t get up to an energetic you.

You got up as a person whose body was in serious pain. It could have been your neck that was aching, your back or maybe both. That’s not good sleep.

Now remember the last time you slept on a mattress. Did you fall asleep within 20 minutes? If you didn’t, you may have been really stressed out.

A good sleep helps with that too, as studies have found out that a good sleep helps to drop the levels of stress that a person experiences.

Coming back to the topic. Surely when you got up next morning, you didn’t have too many complaints about pain and so on?

If you did, the mattress you are sleeping on is wrong or maybe your sleeping position too, has had a role to play.

Don’t blame mattresses as a whole. At the end of the day, you got good sleep when you slept on the mattress.

Hence, with this very simple and related example, we have answered the question put above without too much of a fuss. A mattress is required for a good sleep, period.

If you are not able to sleep well even with a good mattress,here are some good suggestions you could follow

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