Having a Mattress alone is fine for a Good Night sleep? All other things to help with good sleep

Look at it this way.

Good sleep is like a McDonald’s Happy Meal. In the happy meal, what’s the most important item for you : is it the burger or the toy? Whatever that may be, that’s what a mattress is.

The rest: the fries, the coke, the sauce etc. is everything that we are going to talk about. Because at the end of the day, a Happy Meal is only complete when it comes with everything and it’s only then, that we are truly happy.

Note: Given below are tips that will guide you to a good night’s sleep. Although they have been related to food items/products, that’s just for understanding purposes. These aren’t products that you can buy to improve your sleep.

What else do you need for a good sleep?

#1.Try to follow the natural sleep-cycle. A natural sleep-cycle for an adult will consist of 8 hours. Also, it’s not just the duration of the sleep that matters but the time as well. Try to sleep at the same time everyday. Ideally, one would say that you should go to sleep by 11 pm.

Watch the below video which explains more on how following a time schedule really helps your sleep

#2.Try your best to avoid intake of substances like caffeine and nicotine. The same goes with alcohol just before sleeping. These substances are responsible for causing multiple sleep related disorders/problems.

#3.Surprisingly, your daily exercise too, influences the quality of your sleep. Ideally, every person; irrespective of their age is expected to exercise for at least 10 minutes in a day. This exercise can be anything, even walking for 10-20 minutes in a day counts.

#4.You get the best sleep in the ‘ideal sleeping environment’. What’s that? A dark, quiet and cool room. Simple. Keeping it dark is the most important as, the hormone ‘melatonin’ that makes you sleepy is released in greater quantities in the absence of light.

Here is an useful video to get to know some more useful tips on how to get better sleep.

#5.Afternoon naps are the best! But afternoon naps are enemies of good, night-time sleep. Hence, if you haven’t been getting good sleep in the night and have been taking regular day-time naps in excess of 30 minutes, you now know why.

All the tips and tricks that have been written above are proven facts. Now looking at this question from an ordinary man’s perspective, you can expect a slightly different answer.

For good sleep, apart from a mattress you also need:

End of the day what matters is having a comfortable place of yourself which can make you sleep happily.It’s always quality of sleep that matters than quantity

Follow all the steps, the proven and the unproven and for sure, you will get the best sleep.

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