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Every story has a beginning. Every brand has a story.

Karnataka Consumer Products Limited came into existence due to the entrepreneurial efforts of Mr. Ramesh Pai, in the year 1962. Like every successful entrepreneur, he too, had a ‘Dimaag mei bati jali’ moment.

This moment came to him when he was vacationing in Germany. He found out the secrets behind the comfortable seats of motor cars: coconut coir fibre. Now where does one find abundant quantities of coconut, he asked himself.

And of course, India, was the answer. So he came back, did his research and found his preliminary entrepreneurial instincts to be correct. There was scope for his business venture.

Today, Kurl-on is more than just a mattress company using coconut fibres in their mattresses. From mattresses, they soon began to manufacture other complementing products within the same industry.

Within India, they have a number of manufacturing plants and a truly-comprehensive distribution channel. The vision coupled with visionary and strategic management practices have made Kurl-on the brand they are today.

Moving on. There is one important question that as prospective consumers, you would want a comprehensive answer to, that is, “Why are Kurl-on mattresses so popular in India?” “What makes Kurl-on one of the best mattress brands in India”?

So the answer is very, very simple. Kurl-on is an Indian brand that know very well how to cater to the Indian market. They have done the very basics right.

A wide-range of mattresses, multiple-different types of mattresses available in multiple price-brackets. By doing so, they have tried to cater to a large chunk of population.

Also, the quality of their mattresses are highly appreciated and quality always matters. A testament towards the efforts of the company to continuously work towards betterment is highlighted by the number of awards that they have won.

Furthermore, these awards have been bestowed on them by reputed organisations like Reader’s Digest, National Safety Council of India and so on.

Their impressive marketing strategies, relatively unconventional,  has only enhanced their reputation as a company that can withstand the barriers of time successfully.

Right from their inception as a company, the brand mantra of Kurl-on was to innovate. Hence, innovation is one thing that you can see in all of their products.

Innovative designs, innovative features and most-importantly, innovative and technologically advanced means of manufacturing. And what’s one lesson that we all have learnt looking at Apple, Innovation is one of the best ways to build a brand around one’s product.

If you were able to decipher the mess written above, you probably have an answer to your question now. But if you weren’t able to understand it, let’s just simplify it in the following bullet points. The reason why Kurl-on is a popular and successful brand in India is because:

That should do it.

Coming along now, let’s look at certain specific areas that fall under Kurl-on’s territory. Given below are two product reviews, catering to Kurl-on spring mattresses and Kurl-on foam mattresses in general.

Kurlon Spring Mattress Review:

Kurlon Spring mattress review



Kurlon Foam Mattresses Review:

Kurlon foam mattress review



Now, let’s sum this up and consolidate this information to cater to Kurl-on mattresses in general.

Kurlon Mattress Review:

Kurlon mattress review



We cannot say that Kurlon brand is the best mattress company when it comes to luxury mattresses but in general it is the best brand if you are looking for a quality and reputed mattress with in an affordable price.

Here are some of the best mattresses you could buy online from Kurlon brand at a competitive price.

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