King Koil Mattress in India – Price, Review and Top Picks for online buying

It may not seem so but despite the strong local presence, there are a number of foreign players plying their trade in the mattress market in India. King Koil, the American pioneer is one such example.

History, is definitely on the side of King Koil. It’s been more than 115 years now since the company first began, humbly with just 6 employees. The same company today has a global presence.

King Koil mattress brand in India - Price and review

King Koil mattresses are today sold in more than 100 countries. Constant innovation to match the changes of time is one of the key motivators to all of its products. To King Koil, research and development is important but it’s not as important to them as their commitment towards quality is.

In India, King Koil sell three different types of mattresses. These different types are:

Every company has its flagship models and King Koil is no different. Their product offerings, the product being mattresses, can be divided into five different ranges.

Almost all of their mattresses fall under one of these five different ranges. Given below is a little bit of information about the different ranges and also a brief estimate on their price-range:

Note: The price is in dollars. Use these prices as an estimate to guide your purchase decision process in India.

King Koil mattress price,review and best mattresses to buy in India

World Luxury ($850-$2550): The distinguishing facet of these mattresses is the ‘Perfect Contour Reaction coil system’, something that’s proprietary to King Koil. Apart from that, these mattresses are endorsed by the ICA and are made using top-quality foam and coil technology.

World Edition ($859-$1700):  Again, the mattresses that fall under this sub-brand are all ICA approved. These mattresses employ some superior kind of ‘edge-to-edge’ coil system which assists in equitable and just weight distribution and which ultimately results in a pleasant experience.

World Extended Life ($1700-$2550): As can be guessed, all the mattresses that lie within this range are designed keeping durability and support in mind. Ultimately, these mattresses help improve your sleeping posture and they are recommended by the ICA. Similar to the World Luxury edition mattresses, these too incorporate the ‘Perfect Contour Reaction coil system’.

World Luxury Intimate ($2550-$3399): The most expensive sub-brand, these mattresses come with all that King Koil has to offer. In addition to all the technologies, the design of these mattresses in particular is different and allows it to stand out when compared to other mattresses in the same price-bracket. One thing’s for sure, the promise of unmatched blissful sleep is something that’s more suited to be a warranty rather than a promise.

iMattress ($850-$2550): The ‘i’, as you would have guessed stands for innovation. All the mattresses that fall under this sub-brand boast of some sort of innovation that’s being addressed towards the enhancement of the mattresses in areas of comfort and support, particularly. Some examples of the innovations that you can expect from these mattresses would be: copper infused sleeping surfaces, cooling foams etc.

There are a couple of reasons as to why, as a customer, you should opt for King Koil mattresses. Yes, these mattresses are quite expensive but they do represent value for money.

None of these mattresses are exhorbitantly priced. The quality of these mattresses is very hard to ignore. But what really sets the King Koil mattresses apart from all the other different types and kinds of mattresses is the innovation factor.

Some companies just say that innovation is at their core without practicing it. King Koil is not that company. What’s more is the practical application/impact of their innovations.

These mattresses don’t just boast of innovations for the sake of product differentiation. The innovations play a greater role than that, a role that’s linked to customer satisfaction.

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