@home by Nilkamal Mattress – Price,Review & Best Picks for Online Buying

Fun fact: Nilkamal is the world’s largest manufacturer of molded furniture. Once upon a time, in the year 1985 a company called Creamer Plastics was born. Today, this same company is called Nilkamal and boasts of a revenue of nearly $340 million.

Until recently, Nilkamal had a pretty uniform product portfolio. With the introduction of mattresses in 2011, this has slightly changed. Over the years, Nilkamal as a brand has changed. It has grown.

Nilkamal @home mattresses in India - Price,review and best ones

This growth can be seen in its entry into the retail market with the @home unit. @home retail outlets are considerably sized retail outlets that act like a one-stop destination for furniture purchase.

Using technology and a highly efficient customer service model, @home aims to distinguish itself from the rest of its competitors.

Nilkamal has found a very unique and utilitarian way to sell their mattresses. A unique chart has been developed that helps a consumer find their right mattress fit.

How? Based on the height and weight of the consumer, the chart suggests the firmness level of the mattress that’s apt for that particular consumer.

As a consumer, if you want to purchase a Nilkamal @home mattress, you have just three different mattress types to choose from:

But remember, all of their mattresses are available in four different firmness levels which are: Medium Soft, Medium Firm, Firm & High Firm).

Out of all the mattresses, the most popular models are:

Best @home Nilkamal mattresses in India

Nilkamal Cool Bond: A coir mattress, this is a dual-sided mattress one in which both sides are usable. The level of firmness of both the sides varies and hence, adds utility to the product as a whole. Firm and High-firm, are the two levels of firmness. It’s quite thick and boasts of ‘Airy Net Technology’ that helps keep the surface of the mattress cool. The price of this model starts from approximately: INR 6,500.

Nilkamal Side-sleeper (Monarch): Medium firm and ideal for a side-sleeper, this is in fact one of the first mattresses in India that’s been designed keeping side-sleepers in mind. The design of this mattress is such that it is particularly suited for side-sleepers. It’s medium firm and 6-inch thick. It is one of the bonnel spring mattresses and its price starts at approximately: INR 8,500.

Nilkamal Flora: Another bonnel spring mattress, this is perhaps the most-popular spring mattress of all. Its characteristics are very similar to the Monarch. It’s 6 inch thick and of medium firmness. But it’s considerably cheaper. The price of this mattress starts at around INR 6,500.

Some of the other popular mattress models that have not been included in this list are: Veronica, Gloria, Executive, Soft bond, Sparkle etc.

Opting for a Nilkamal mattress is simple, it’s a no-brainer. How many other brands take the effort to understand your needs? The scale devised by Nilkamal leads to customer satisfaction as the consumer-product fit is always present.

Hence, the biggest reason why you should choose a Nilkamal mattress is the right-fit factor. If that’s not convincing enough, look at its mattresses from a value for money perspective. Comparatively, Nilkamal mattresses are quite inexpensive.

Also, all the mattresses or at least most of them come with a 60 month warranty at the very least. All the arrows are pointing towards the purchase of these mattresses rather than pointing away from it.

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