Good Furniture for your Dream Bedroom

Do you remember the first day you moved in your new house? While your furniture was being brought weren’t you mentally unpacking the boxes and decorating the house?

This is a phase each of us go through. Decorating the house is a very vital step as the look of your house speaks about your personality. There is no place more comfortable as your home.

When we initially move in we tend to focus on the drawing room, dining tables, and other places and tend to delay decorating the bedroom.

Bedroom is the place where you spend lot of your own time and the way the room is managed can guide or set the mood.

Anyway most of the bedrooms have bed,mattress,pillows , dressing table and some storage cabinets.But just having all the required furniture alone is not fine unless you arrange and decorate them well.

Presented are some simple and easy tips and ideas to create your dream bedroom.

Best bedroom furniture to make it your dream

Simple Ideas to keep your bedroom look great:

As bed is the focal point and the most important part of any bedroom ,it is the best place to start with. The first tip here would be to start with good quality linens as they are the most prominent part of your bed.

They are now available across all discount stores so now they are not so expensive and within the affordable rage. Don’t go into the thread count but open the package and feel the fabric to see if you like the touch to your skin and feel comfortable with it.

Since we are going all out to decorate a perfect bedroom, the best way to do that would be to drape your beds and yards with a beautiful and a luxurious fabric. If that’s not in your budget you can go for nets as drapes to create that dreamy look.

You might have seen this in movies and wanted the same in your dream bedroom. so here’s the chance to get the perfect look for your bedroom.

In order to create a lavish look, add a rug to your floor in bedroom. This will create a luxurious look and will also make you feel super comfortable when you walk around. They are stain resistant and are extra soft to walk around on it.

If you live in a tropical place you can go for soft materials other than wool. They lift the look of your bedroom to a higher level as they are the first thing you step on after waking up making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Every room is incomplete if it doesn’t have a cozy chair setting in it. You can sip your hot chocolate or even do some evening reading there to enjoy the peace and serenity in your bedroom.

The ideal place to set the chair would be near the window to sit there and enjoy the spectacular view or you can also place it at some distance from your bed to make you feel nice and cozy.

As it is your dream bedroom it has to be the perfect blend of comfort and class. The chandelier is the best way to do that. Earlier chandelier was only used in dining halls and drawing rooms but as the world has evolved to the modern side, a chandelier can be the part of your bedroom too.

The perfect place to add the chandelier would be at the side of your bed somewhere in the middle of the room. The lighting of the chandelier will create a perfect setting which is just what you deserve.

To raise the glam quotient adding a dressing table would be a perfect idea. Find a spot in your bedroom where you can place your dressing table and put some jewelry and perfumes on display to create the perfect look.

Don’t forget to get a great mirror for your dressing table. They come in many shapes and sizes so go with the one which suits the rest of the decor in your room.

If you have some extra space in your room then create a seating area with chairs and tables to host guests in your room or enjoy an occasional snack by yourself.

Complete that area by adding a beautiful rug underneath to create a finished look. You can keep some magazines or some great books for a wonderful retreat.

If you don’t have enough space to add a seating area then the best option is to go for a seat under the window. It is the perfect spot to unwind yourself after a hard day. You can enjoy your evening coffee there while watching the mesmerizing view.

It will breathe a new life into your tiresome body. You can just curl up in that spot or even read some books to engage in a state of eternal bliss.

Set up some lamps on the bedside table and also at the dressing table. Lighting is a very important aspect and can make your room very lavish with the right kind of lighting.

You can go for rope lights on your ceiling as it is becoming very common nowadays and also makes your room seem magical at night.

Adding French or louvered doors will make you feel every day as a vacation. The doors not only look great but it makes you feel cozy and comfortable. If the view outside is great then installing these doors is a must. It makes you feel fancy and it creates a fantasy retreat just outside your bedroom.

The one special touch which is bound to make your dream bedroom the perfect one is adding some flowers to your bedside table. Pick out a bunch of flowers every week to create a refreshing ambiance in your room.

They add a good touch to your room and also make you feel the tranquilizing experience. Imagine waking up to that aromatic scent of the flowers every day.

It is never too late to create the bedroom of your dreams.You can go ahead with some tips and ideas mentioned above to create your perfect bedroom which matches your personality and makes you feel blissful.

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