Going to be proud parents soon with your first kid? Here is the furniture you need to make your baby feel good

Are you excited to welcome the new guest in your family soon? Along with this excitement comes the bigger responsibility of buying all the essentials for the baby.

We are sure you would want the baby to be comfortable when he/she enters your home. Have you bought the clothes to beautify your baby? Have you thought about the design and the interiors of the room?

Do you wish to have unique furniture for your baby’s room? You cannot compromise with the comfort and safety of the baby when it comes to buying furniture for the new born’s room.

Apart from the comfort and safety, you should also select the best looking furniture for your little bundle of joy.

furniture for a new born baby room for parents

Read the following article to know the best furniture for your baby and we’ll also tell you how to select the right furniture for your baby.

Furniture required in new born baby room:


Crib is a useful unit of furniture for a baby that can be used from his/her birth to the time when he/she turns one or two year old. You can choose the crib depending upon your requirement and the space available in the room.

There are a wide variety of cribs available in the market, both online and offline. You should choose the one that will guarantee a sound sleep to your baby.

You can buy a drop-side crib which allows you to cradle the baby from one side and raising or lowering the other side.

Cribs also come with the height adjustment system. In these cribs, you can adjust height of the crib mattress as per the baby age . Some convertible or foldable cribs are appropriate to be used for travel purpose.

Look for durability and stability along with the safety standards followed by the materials used in the manufacturing of the cribs.


Cradles have been the traditional piece of furniture found in almost all the houses expecting a baby. It provides a comfortable place to the baby to have a sound sleep. You can rock and swing your baby while he/she enjoys a comfy sleep.

Although cradles cannot be used once your kid grows up, but still many to-be parents get this piece of furniture into their rooms to enjoy their time with the baby.

Changing tables:

This piece of furniture is surely not a necessity but it proves to be a useful thing while you are handling the daily chores of the baby. It can be used for changing the diapers and the clothing of the kids.

Although this task can be done even without the changing tables, these tables can also be used as one-stop storage furniture to store all the essentials of the baby.

Many changing tables come with additional drawers for storing the diapers, lotions, wipes, etc. in one place. Changing tables are more useful for women who have difficulty in bending down while taking care of the baby.

High Chairs:

Once your baby starts walking and jumping, it becomes quite difficult to feed him/her. These chairs are very useful to make them sit in one place for food.

You can make the baby sit safely on this highchair during the meals. These chairs can easily fit anywhere in the house and are the best way of inculcating the family values in the child.

Just place the highchair alongside the dining table in your home. You should buy a wide chair with rounded edges. The chair should also have a stable base and a safety belt to prevent the child from slipping.

Rockers and Gliders:

Once the babies grow, they do not want to be confined to the cribs or cradles. Rocking chairs can be a useful piece of furniture for the babies.

They would love the soothing and sleep inducing movement of the rocking chair. Gliding chairs have much smoother motion than that of the rocking chair.

This unit of furniture will always be value for the money as your child can use it for long. Even when you are telling him/her the bedtime stories, rocking chairs with a to-and-fro motion can be amazing.

Baby Bathtub:

Seeing your baby jump with joy and excitement can be a moment full of pleasure and fun for you. Bath time is the time when babies enjoy the most. They play with the water and jump here and there.

You can make this time more memorable by getting a bath tub for your baby. Such especially designed bath tubs are available on all the furniture portals.

You can also get them customized as per your need and requirement. Just seat your baby comfortably in the bath tub and enjoy while he/she has a gala bathing time.


Armoire is a useful piece of furniture in a home. While your baby is still an infant, you can use it to store the clothes and other essentials for the baby.

Even when the child grows, he/she will learn to reach out for his/her clothes kept in the armoire. Armoires are available in wide variety of materials; wood is the most popular of all of them.

It is suggested by the experts to choose an armoire that has low rails so that the child can easily access his/her belongings.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other pieces of furniture and other accessories which can make the life of your kids easy going. These include, crib mattresses, bassinets, baskets, toy storage furniture, etc.

You need to focus on the quality of wood and other raw materials that have been used to manufacture these items. They should be children-friendly, such that they do not cause any harm to the child.

Now as you know most of the furniture to be used for a kid, go ahead to choose yours so that you can arrange your baby’s room like that of an angel.

Did we miss any thing here?Please do comment if you see any other essential furniture to be added to the list to make baby’s room a great looking and comfortable one.

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