Godrej Mattresses in India – Price,Review and Best Picks for selection

The Godrej Group is one of the biggest Indian conglomerates with a lot of history to its name. It was in 1897 when two visionaries, Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha formed this group. Even today, the Godrej family is the majority stakeholder of this group.

What started of as a safe-selling company today is a conglomerate that’s branched into many different sectors of the market. Godrej consumer products is just one of its many subsidiaries.

Formally, the subsidiary ‘Godrej Consumer Products’ is known as ‘Godrej & Boyce Co. Ltd’.  And within that, comes Godrej Interio, the brand under which Godrej markets and sells its mattresses.

Godrej brand mattresses in India

Primarily, Godrej Interio functions in the furniture market and mattresses is just one of the many products that it sells. The brand is built as a consumer and society sensitive brand seeking to satisfy the needs of the consumers by providing top-quality products while at the same time, ensuring that while doing so, it doesn’t compromise the quality of life for future generations.

Let’s now bring our focus entirely on Godrej mattresses and nothing else. When compared to other brands in this market, Godrej doesn’t command the same kind of presence.

In terms of brand recall in the mattress market, one’s not quite sure where Godrej mattresses really stand. In fact, this is quite understandable.

Take a look at their product portfolio and compare it to their competitors, you will see the difference. Godrej sell only the most popular types of mattresses, generic mattress types one can call them. The different types of mattresses that they sell are:

Godrej sell very limited models of mattresses. Out of all their mattresses, these are the most popular models/types:

Best Godrej brand mattresses to buy online in India

Godrej Reborn: The first of its kind in India, this is a ‘seven-zone’ latex mattress. On the softness scale (1-10), it is a complete 10. While, on the support scale (1-10), it is a respectable 8. The ‘seven-zone’ simply indicates the different parts of the body that this mattress helps to alleviate pressure from. Its price varies on the size that you opt for and the king size mattress will cost you approximately INR 75,000.

Godrej Orthomatic: An orthopaedic bonded foam mattress, this is ideal for a person who has been advised to sleep on an orthopaedic mattress. It’s super durable and double-sided which means that both the sides of the mattress can be used as a sleeping surface. Again, the price varies according to the size but the queen size mattress, which is the most popular size, will cost you approximately INR 17,000.

Godrej Stressend: Typically, it falls under the spring mattress category however, the mattress is made out of a mix of springs and PU foam. The PU foam gives the mattress a degree of comfort that’s often lacking in spring mattresses. In terms of price, it varies on the size and generally lies in the region of INR 19,000- INR 23,000.

Apart from these mattresses, some of the other popular models will include: Spinefine, Vertebro, Swing, Duke, Romaneo, Euro fusion etc.

Yes, Godrej may not match the other big players in terms of variety. But there is one thing in which none of the other companies can match Godrej: customer service. Superior customer service is one of the trademark characteristics of all things of Godrej brand.

Also, let’s not forget the quality and reputation of the company as a whole. In general, these mattresses are quite affordable too. Another near guarantee is the long-life of all their mattresses. The question you should be asking yourself is not ‘Why Godrej?’ rather, it should be ‘Why not Godrej?’

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