Gala Spin Mop – Best One To Buy Online In India

Let’s not get confused. Gala; is a manufacturer that sells tons of different kinds of home cleaning tools. Spin Mop; is a particular cleaning tool that, as the name suggests is a mop.

A unique design that’s proved to be highly useful and convenient; has been the underlying reason behind its success. Over time, the Gala Spin Mop too; has had various innovations added on to it. In this article, you will get a glimpse of some of their most successful experiments.

Let’s look at some of the best Gala Spin Mops that one can purchase online.

Gala Spin Mop - Top 7 Best Spin Mops from this Brand in India

Top 7 best Gala Spin Mops to buy in India:

#1.Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning:

Best Gala Spin Mop in India

The X factor of this particular Gala Spin Mop is no doubt; the wheels. The wheels facilitate easy movement making 360 degree cleaning possible and furthermore, because of the wheels it’s very easy to move the tool from one place to another.

The bucket within is specifically designed so as to ensure that no dirty water remains within it. A long-robust handle helps the user move it around.

The super-spin system that it embodies facilitates quick drying. It’s quite a decent sized tool; with exact dimensions of: 55 x 14.7 x 6cm.

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#2.Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket with 2 Refills:

Top 7 best Gala Spin Mops to buy online in India

Similar to the model above, this Gala Spin Mop too, comes with wheels; thereby making cleaning a much quicker and more efficient process. No more bending, just stand and cater to your cleanliness needs.

Enjoy 360 degree cleaning efficiency and the micro fiber refill facilitate quick absorption. The long-durable handle is what along with the wheels, really facilitates its easy movement.

Ideally, the suggested water level that the bucket should maintain is 8ltrs. The super-spin system makes drying quicker and the quick-lock system gives the mop a sense of security when not in use. As a whole, it is decently sized with dimensions of: 50 x 28.5 x 27cm.

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#3.Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop with 2 Refills and 1 Dispenser – Blue Colour:

Gala Spin Mops in India

The name gives away its USP. Twin buckets. But why? The twin buckets design makes it possible to separate clean water from dirty water. So ultimately, this translates to a very well thought of design adaptation.

The inbuilt water outlets further gets rid of the dirty water automatically, within one getting messy themselves. As usual, the micro fiber refill holds strong absorption capacity and makes cleaning a little bit quicker.

Despite the twin buckets; it’s quite space-efficient due to the flexible design. Parts of this product are very easy to dismantle and store. Also, 360 degree cleaning is another of its prime features.

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#4.Gala Jet Spin mop with stainless steel wringer, jumbo wheels and 2 refills (White and Blue):

Popular Gala brand Spin Mops in India

The Gala Jet Spin Mop is special because of its additional specs. A super-long robust handle, a stainless steel wringer and ‘jumbo’ wheels; being the specifics.

Due to these characteristics itself, you get a hint of just how portable it is. The handle makes it easy to move it about on the big, jumbo wheels. Super-fast spinning and 360 degree cleaning are two other distinguishing features that it boasts off.

Additionally, the Gala Spin Mop Refill is also compatible with this mop. Coming to its size; the exact dimensions of this particular model are: 46.5 x 27.6 x 27.2cm.

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#5.Gala 151617 Aqua Spin Cleaning Set:

Best Selling Gala Mops online in India

Considerably space-efficient; here’s the Gala Aqua Spin cleaning set with exact dimensions of: 450 x 250 x 215mm. Its bucket is specially designed in a manner so as to ensure that the dirty water seeps out with utmost ease.

The highly-absorbent micro fiber refill quickens the cleaning process and ultimately translates to a more superior end-result.  Blue and white in colour, it is made out of plastic and weighs a little bit more than 600gms. It also has the 360 degree cleaning feature built into its design.

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#6.Gala Spin Mop Handle with Refill:

Best Gala Spin Mop Handle to buy online in India

Unlike the others, this is just a Gala Spin Mop with a refill; mind you, it’s not a complete cleaning set. The handle of the mop is made out of steel and is equipped with a special kind of lock-system that allows the user to adjust its height accordingly.

This mop is compatible with all the different sets, namely: Gala Spin Mop set, Gala Jet Spin Mop & Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop.

It, too, comes with a special micro fiber refill that eventually increases the efficiency of the entire cleaning process.

360 degree cleaning and a quick lock mechanism are two additional features of this mop. The exact dimensions of this mop are: 127 x 8 x 5cm and it weighs barely 600gms.

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#7.Gala 145790 Spin Mop with Refill:

Best Gala Spin Mop to buy from Amazon India online

Made out of plastic, this cleaning set comes with one mop and two refills. The mop is a 360 degree rotating mop with the help of which no place gets left uncleaned.

It has wheels attached to its bottom which, along with the handle, facilitates ease in movement. The micro fiber refill proves to be highly efficient in nature and boasts of super-absorption capacity.

Also, the super spin system with which it comes equipped facilitates quicker drying of the refill and thereby; quicker cleaning as a whole. The entire set weighs nearly 2.5kgs.

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These are the best Spin Mops from Gala brand and are worth their price.Pick one that can work best for your cleaning needs at home.

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