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After a tiring day, all we need is a good night’s sleep to have a tranquilizing experience and rejuvenate ourselves for the next day. An uncomfortable mattress can cause interruptions in your sleep and not provide you with the rest you deserve.

This will make your body sleep deprived and give you a tiresome feeling causing you to lose your focus. As claimed by experts a comfortable sleep on a good quality mattress is a must to give your body a breathing space.

Why Duroflex Brand?

Duroflex mattress review with price in India

Whenever we think about a comfortable and a quality mattress Duroflex is one of the popular name which comes to our mind. Established in 1963, it has come a long way today to set a foothold in the industry and has become a customer’s favorite due to its pioneering efforts.

The best thing about Duroflex is that high quality is their utmost priority regardless of the change in policies, market, ergonomic theories etc. This is the reason that they have endeavoured to be India’s leading manufacturer of advanced sleep systems.

Duroflex mattress – Product range in India:

best Duroflex mattress review and price in India

Duroflex’s primary aim lies not only in making high-quality mattresses but also reaching the mass audience. It has designed their products in such a way as to comply with all the needs of the consumers.

If the consumer has a specific medical condition or a sportsperson who needs a firm back support, Duroflex has all the answers to their problems.

There are different product ranges which cater to different needs of the customers. Before going deep into the product ranges ,before that you surely need to know about the Duroflex’s leading mattresses. They are:

If you are looking for a good mattress to provide a firm support to their back then this one is definitely the show stopper. This mattress has a special core of rubberized coir which provides a good and stable support to your back.

In addition to this, it is reinforced with PU and bonded foams for additional support. This enhances the firmness and also the durability of the mattress. The top layer of the mattress is furnished with PU foam quilting.

Price: Rs. 21999

Warranty: 7 years

This type of mattress has 2 varieties called spine ortho and premium ortho

Spine ortho is scientifically designed to promote sleep and enhanced back support. The top layer has memory foam which adjusts according to your body temperature and weight. It also relieves pressure from your muscles and keeps your spine in the correct position.

Price: Around Rs. 35,000

Warranty: 7 years

Premium ortho’s top layer is made of PU foam to provide extra comfort and its core is made up of high density bonded foam.

Price: Rs. 14,667

Warranty: 5 years

Apart from these products Duroflex also offers some product ranges where each mattress has its own set of unique advantages and caters to the specific needs of the customers.

Duropedic range of mattresses in India:

This range has the revolutionary 3-zone technology to give maximum support to each zone of your body and keep the sleep depriving monsters at bay.

It is embedded with 3 zone pocket spring technology with PU foam and a duropedic layer with active grooves for supporting the neck, back, and spine.

It also has a reinforcement system and proper ventilation. Some mattress in this range has its core made with Bonnell spring core and has viscoelastic memory foam as its top layer.

They also have a side reinforcement system and also exhibits therapeutic properties.

Price range: Rs. 28,875 – Rs. 75,200

Puf and luxury range mattress:

The utmost priority of this range is the comfort of the customers. It uses pure and flexible PU foam which creates a perfect balance between comfort and support.

The mattresses are made of high-density PU foam and have antimicrobial properties with 3-zone latex and the high density bonded foam is situated between high quality super soft PU foam layers with an option of memory foam.

Price range: Rs. 6,500 – Rs. 46,000

Spring mattress range:

This Spring mattress is a luxury range which is made of German technology machines and Italian quilting machines.

They are encased with 3 zone technology and also memory foam to adapt to your needs. The PU foam offers a reinforcement technology to give you a comfortable good night sleep.

Price range: Rs. 13,700- Rs. 45,300

Energise mattress range:

These type of mattresses are specially designed for active individuals who need to wake up fully energized and cease their day filled with ardor.

The energize range is the perfect blend of advanced technology and art which makes your body in the best resting position.

The presence of active NRG layer is the key component in this range to give you an energized morning and a sound sleep.

Rubberised coir range:

The mattresses in this range are made up of a high density of coir with the ideal content of rubber. This is the ideal combination to provide the best support to your spine.

The unique property of this mattress is the reinforcement of the rubber coir with high-density coir and also embedded with multi- fold layering technology.

Price range: Rs. 7, 358 – Rs. 31,517

What makes Duroflex brand so unique?

Duroflex mattress in India - Best mattresses to buy - complete review

In Duroflex mattresses the springs are specially made, weighted and arranged across 3 different zones. These zones focus on the pressure points and throughout your body and keep your spine in the perfect balanced position.

Duroflex not only focuses on your comfort but also provides a chance to sleep like a king. The high density bonded foam helps to give you a therapeutic sleep with utmost comfort. A combination rare to witness.

They are crafted with the flip side where one side is quilted and the other is of latex. This makes the mattress durable for all seasons.

The quality which separates Duroflex from other mattress makers is that they are designed to last a lifetime. The brand is renowned to never compromise on the quality which makes it more durable than any other mattress.

In this era where everybody has a hectic schedule, a perfect sleep therapy is the only remedy to cope up with our fast lives. A good mattress will give you all the comfort and luxury you need to refresh yourself for the next day. So grab a Duroflex mattress and sleep like a baby.

You could also check other popular mattress brands like Kurlon and Peps,in case if you are interested to compare the models.

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