Cheap And Affordable Branded Pillows With Price Under 500 Rupees

You want a ‘secret’ but not-so-secret recipe for a good night’s sleep?

Right mattress plus right pillows plus the right blanket.

S= M+P+B

That makes sleep look boring? No, it doesn’t. Stereotypical math haters believe so maybe.

Let’s face it. We all need a pillow to sleep on. Of course, there are some people out there who believe that they can get a good night’s sleep without one, but no, you can’t.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to not use a pillow to sleep on. They are cheap and affordable and impart luxury like no other commodity in its price range. Brand-conscious? No problem. There are cheap and affordable pillows then, too, to choose from.

Cheap and best pillows with price under 500 rupees to buy online in India

Here is a list of few examples of just these pillows along with some basic information about each one of them:

Cheap And Affordable Branded Pillows Under 500 Rupees in India:

#1.Recron Bliss Pillow:

Cheap pillows in India online under 500 rupees

Recron, a.k.a a product sold by Reliance Industries Limited. Immediately, you now actually consider this pillow. This is a white-coloured pillow that’s made out of microfiber and siliconised fibre.

The outer portion of it is covered by microfiber, while the inner filling has a sophisticated 4D form of siliconised fibre making it extremely soft.

It is a compact pillow, barely taking up any space when not in use. As a validation of the previous statement, take a look at its product dimensions which are: 27 x 17 inch.

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#2.Featherlite 2 Piece Reve Doux Fibre Pillow Set:

best pillows under 500 rupees in India

A pillow set for a price that’s less than 500 INR technically. Sounds like a pretty good deal already? You get two white coloured pillows that are made out of siliconised fibre and microfibre.

Again, similar to the pillow written about above, the outer coating is that of microfiber while a variant of siliconised fibre is used as the filling.

The pillows are of about 24 x 16 inch in size and must be taken care off by washing them with warm water.

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#3.Snoopy Crazy Economy Pillow:

Cheap and affordable pillows to buy online in India

Two simple, plain-white coloured pillows that’s made out of good quality hollow fibre. Due to the high-quality fibre used to fill this pillow with, the pillow maintains its shape extremely well at all times.

The only time a person has to be careful while dealing with these pillows is at the time when they need to be washed.

However you are washing it, ensure that it’s done gently and roughly. Otherwise, say goodbye to both of your 16 x 24 inch pillows.

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#4.Coziness Plain White Luxurious Bed/Sleeping pillow-Small:

Cheap and affordable pillows under 500 rupees

A ‘small’ sized pillow is one with dimensions of 16 x 24 inch. Hence, this is a small pillow. It weighs less than 400 g and is made out of high-quality raw materials.

The fabric used in its outer covering along with the silicon based fibre used for the inside of the pillow is of great quality not only in terms of comfort but in terms of durability as well.

It is machine washable, an added feature that makes it all the more attractive to every consumer in today’s world.

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#5.Premium Quality Satin Stripes 16″x24″ Microfibre Bed Pillows:

Cheap and best pillows to buy online in India

A set of two-pillows costs just a little bit less than 500 Rupees. But if you aren’t confined to a budget and really like these pillows you can purchase three, four or even five of them together, in a set.

Sold by Cloth Fusion, a brand that’s comparatively well-established in this market, one can expect a reasonable standard of quality in their products.

These pillows are made to last and provide comfort for a long period of time and not just one or two years. Microfiber is used in its outer coating while, polyester fiber is used in its inner filling.

On its own, the pillow fits a contemporary household. As listed in the title itself, the pillow is 16 x 24 inch big and weighs approximately 800 g.

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#6.Sleepwell Adore-XL Fibre Pillow:

Good quality and low cost pillows with cost below 500 rupees

Sleepwell is another company that’s operating in this market and one which people have heard of often. First things first, this is a vacuum packed product.

In simple words, on opening this packet it will take approximately 20 minutes for the white-coloured, fibre soft pillow to take shape. This set includes two pillows that weigh nearly 1kg each.

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#7.Urban Arts Set of 2 Pieces Pillows:

Best pillows under 500 rupees in India

A rectangular shaped pillow made out of high quality raw materials, that’s exactly what this pillow is. This set includes two such pillows, white in colour and made out of polyfiber and non-woven polyester.

Without jumping into the particulars, this basically translates into a super soft and comfortable pillow that can hold its own even when put under pressure.

Vacuum packed, is how you get when you purchase it. Also, a pillow cover is regarded to be an essential accessory for this pillow.

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#8.Story@Home Luxurious Premium Microfibre Pillow:

Cheap and best pillows to buy online in India

A single pillow costs nearly 500 INR. But if you want to purchase more than one, you definitely can. You get this pillow in sets of two’s, three’s, four’s, five’s and even sixes’s.

It is a simple white-coloured, plain pillow made out of microfiber. In terms of size, it is a small pillow with dimensions of 16 x 24 inch, weighing less than 500 g.

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#9.Kurlon pillow Kalpana Economy:

Branded pillows under 500 rupees in India

Economy translates to affordable in India. Therefore, by looking at the name itself we understand that this is an affordable pillow that’s being sold under the brand name of Kurlon.

Kurlon are arguably the market leaders in this segment. This is a single, white coloured, small pillow with dimensions of 16 x 24 inch. It is made out of high-quality polyfibre and is washing machine and dryer compatible.

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#10.Recron Certified Joy Comfort pillow:

Best pillow under 500 rupees to buy online in India

In terms of size, although it is still a small pillow that we are talking about, it is slightly bigger with exact dimensions of 27 x 17 inch.

The pillow comes vacuum packed and weighs approximately 700g.

By making use of swiss cotton as its outer material and, polyester fibre as its filling, Recron have managed to create a highly comfortable pillow that’s super-soft and smooth in nature.

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#11.Kurlon Pillow Snow:

Cheap branded pillows with price below 500 rupees in India

‘Snow’ is just a name given to this pillow from Kurlon brand. It bears no other significance in relation to the utility that this pillow has to offer.

This is a normal, white-coloured pillow that’s 27 x 17 inch big and is made out of poly-fibre. For its outer coating, exported fabric is used to give the pillow a smooth feel.

It weighs barely 500g and for the price, it’s a considerably comfortable pillow no doubt.

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#12.AmazingHind Microfiber Soft Pillows for Sleeping:

Cheap and best pillows in India

This is the ‘ideal’ pillow. Why is one calling it the ‘ideal’ pillow? Well, irrespective of whether you are side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, you are going to fall in love with this pillow.

It’s super comfortable, super-soft and what’s best: super-fluffy. And the best thing about this pillow is that remains this way even after using it exhaustively on a daily basis.

What one’s trying to say is that it is a durable pillow. Getting into the specifics of it, it is a small pillow that’s sized 16 x 24 inch.

Microfiber is the primary material that’s been used in it. All the raw materials that go into this pillow are of the utmost top quality, hence, resulting in such a product.

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These are the cheap and best branded pillows you could buy online in India for cost below 500 rupees only.Choose the right pillow(s) which can match your mattress and helps to sleep peacefully.

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