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In this era where our lives are moving at a faster pace each and every day, we tend to ignore some important aspects of our life and one of which is having an adequate amount of sleep.

After a hectic day working hard in order to achieve our dreams we require and deserve the best sleep each night in order to wake up rejuvenated and ready each morning and be prepared for whatever obstacles we may face. A sound sleep can solve majority of our problems and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Centuary mattress in India - Price and Review

Why Centuary mattress brand?

Today Centuary is termed as India’s leading sleep specialist due to its premium quality products and state of the art luxury. Established in 1988 it has been managed by three generations and has dynamically evolved according to the latest market trends.

It provides the perfect combination of world-class infrastructure, certified processes and proprietary technology to deliver the products of high quality, comfort, and durability.

Different Mattresses offered by Centuary brand in India:

The primary aim of Century mattress is to pick the right mattress for you regardless of your varying needs. It creates its products in such a way to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The wide variety of products assures a comfortable and a sound sleep keeping your health as their utmost priority.

Different types of mattresses offered by Centuary brand in India with prices

Innovative collection:

This collection provides different kinds of mattresses keeping in mind the new technological advancements and the different needs of the customers. As the name suggests this collection involves a range of innovative products which stand out from the other and keep up with the latest trends.

Price range: Rs. 37,001 – Rs. 80,230

Warranty: 5-7 years

Various mattresses available under this series are

Wellness collection:

This collection features the high-end mattresses which are state of the art in their design and making. They are made of high-end technology and top of the line materials.

They represent the value of your money by giving a premium quality mattress satisfying all your needs. They strike a perfect balance between luxury and comfort and are said to be the best mattresses on the market.

They are manufactured with the independent sleep technology and composite PU foam to deliver a lavish sleeping experience. The collection includes viceroy plus, rejoyce, zing, postura, Visco bond, d-strezz, xbounce, flexi-pro, orthospine, and splendour.

Price range: Rs. 17,673 – Rs. 78,169

Warranty: 5- 10 years

Smart collection:

Lie back and revel in the superior comfort and extra bouncy mattresses offered by the smart collection. It is upgraded version of the other collections and is made of high-quality foam.

They are equipped with a higher GSM fabric and is finished with a micro quilt over. This range of mattresses is the perfect remedy to all your sleep problems.

The high resilience foam and super soft mattresses will melt away all your stress and give you a good night’s sleep which you deserve. This range includes CBU+, flexi bond, Flexi HR, Jyothi, and Flextra.

Price range: Rs. 10,577 – Rs. 20,867

Warranty: 3-5years

Comfort collection:

As the name suggests the primary aim for this collection is the comfort of the consumers. For this reason, these mattresses offer an unbeatable combination of stability, firmness, economy, and durability.

This range is affordable by the larger audience and is beautifully crafted profiled foam which provides self-ventilation to the mattress making you super comfortable. The range includes lotus, double bond, bubble and flexi star.

Price range: Rs. 4563 – Rs. 9,153

Warranty: 1-3 years

What makes Centuary mattress so unique in India?

Why should we buy Century mattress in India

As we can see from the above-mentioned data that Centuary mattresses offer a wide variety of products which are affordable to everyone. It offers a high-end premium quality mattresses as well as basic high-quality mattresses to reach a major audience.

Centuary mattresses adapt with the changing trends and incorporate all the technological advancements to give you a comfortable sound sleep and wake up refreshed the next day. The use of high profiled GSM fabric and the added layer of a quilt is a quality only a few mattress makers adopt.

Centuary mattresses are the ones to stay. All the mattress ranges have high longevity and can be used by generations. You don’t need to worry about changing the mattresses frequently as they rarely get damaged due to its high quality.

Also, the added advantages with the majority of the mattresses are that whenever you feel the mattresses are spoiled or damaged you can always flip the side to double the life of the mattress.

Centuary is well known for its high profiled services they offer. Their services do not stop at the completion of sale rather they begin after the sale. Even after the termination of the warranty period, the services of the mattress company don’t end and they are eager to help the customers always.

The exquisite tapestry of the Centuary mattresses is sure to appeal your eyes. With its wide range of products offering both the premium range as well as economical range, Centuary mattress has made a mark in the Indian mattress industry. In this fast-paced life a good mattress can solve the majority of your problems and give you a good sleep which you deserve.

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