Boston mattresses in India – Price,Review and Top Picks

One cannot stress enough the importance of sleep in our lives. It affects every aspect of our lives from our appearance and physical ability to our attitude and mental prowess. When we have an adequate amount of sleep we look, perform and feel well.

Sleep deprivation over time can create many long-term problems and leads to the accumulation of what is called sleep debt. A comfortable mattress plays a major role in reducing sleep debt. Discomfort due to the poor quality mattress is the major reason for sleep deprivation.

Why Boston mattresses?

Boston mattresses to buy in India

Today Boston mattresses are a leading brand in India due to its collection of world-class premium mattresses to meet the exact requirements of the customers. They have an experience of more than 35 years in this industry and have established an esteemed client base to cater to the exact needs of the customers.

The feature which makes Boston so unique is its competitive price range. They are known to provide good quality mattresses at an affordable price range so that you can get a premium quality mattresses without cutting deep into your pockets.

Various Boston Brand Mattresses for sale in India:

Different types of Boston brand mattresses available for sale online in India

Every person is different and so are their needs. Boston mattresses understand the varying needs of the customers and for this reason, they provide a very wide range of products to fulfill each demand of the customers and provide 100% satisfaction.

The product ranges are designed in a way where you can get luxury mattresses as well those which are therapeutic in nature. The product range includes:

Boston’s Bonnell spring mattress is the most commonly used mattress in Indian households because of its economical price range.

The various advantages of the Bonnell spring mattresses include high durability, extra comfort and firm support to your spine.

So basically it’s a one-stop mattress to cater to your basic needs and promote sound sleep. The best part about these mattresses is that it offers around 15 size options for a custom fit for the consumers.

Price range: Rs. 8,400 – Rs. 22,020

Warranty: 7 years

As the name suggests this product range uses a layer of bounce back foam at the top of the mattress. It moulds itself according to the contours of the sleeper.

It also absorbs movements so if you have to share a bed with a fidgety sleeper then this is the perfect mattress for you. The highly resilient mattress is extra comfortable and long-lasting.

Price range: Rs. 6,900 – Rs. 15,900

Warranty: 5 years

Boston’s memory foam mattresses are the ultimate game changer for a sound sleep. Memory foam has a tendency to record the movements and body structure of the sleeper and regains its original shape in no time.

They soften in reaction to the body heat and weight and mould themselves according to the sleeper’s body. These mattresses are usually thicker and dense as compared to the foam mattresses.

Price range: Rs. 17,520 – Rs. 42,300

Warranty: 5 years

Boston’s natural latex mattresses bring you closer to nature as they are made from the rubber tree extracts. As this is a natural product they last more than other mattresses and while never make you feel hot even during harsh summers. This is one step closer towards an organic life.

Price range: Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 42,300

Warranty: 5 years

This mattress range is specifically made to provide a firm back support to your spine and promote sound sleep. These mattresses are recommended best for medical patients who suffer from joint and back pains.

It will help to reduce the pain to a certain extent and create a right posture for your body.

Price range: Rs. 8,220 – Rs. 11,340

Warranty: 5 years

Pocket spring mattresses have pocket springs embedded at various places and are stitched together to make a spring mattress.

They aid to provide a good support to the body by balancing the body weight. It is recommended for couples who share a bed and have a different body weight as it adapts to the respective weights effectively which makes them sleep with utmost ease.

Price range: Rs. 9,900 – Rs. 27,540

Warranty: 5 years

What makes Boston mattresses popular in India?

Best Boston mattresses to buy online in India

The quality which makes the Boston mattresses stand out from the rest is the affordable price range due to its elimination of the middleman.

They do not have any retail stores which employ many salesmen as they sell their product direct from their factory. Hence eliminating any expensive overheads which results in an affordable end product to the customers.

They provide a warranty for around 5 years but the services don’t end there. Boston mattresses are eager to help you even after the termination of the warranty period which increases the overall durability of the mattress. The customers have an option to visit the factory directly and buy any mattress they like.

As mentioned above the product range of the mattresses is very vast. You can select the best one for you without hesitating as there are so many options available to choose from.

Each product category has its own unique features to fulfill every need of the customers. They even have enough stock in their inventory to give delivery in the shortest time possible.

The one assured thing which one can expect from Boston mattresses is a premium high-quality product. Every product range finds a perfect balance between luxury and comfort without compromising on the quality.

By the above-mentioned unique qualities of the Boston mattresses, we can see that it is a trustworthy company catering to the different needs of the customers since many years.

They adapt to the new trends on the information provided to them by customer’s feedback. A good comfortable mattress assures a sound sleep which can do wonders for your physical as well as mental health.

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