Best Wooden Shoe Rack to buy online in India

Shoes stink. Footwear, more often than not stinks. That’s why you need a shoe rack. It’s as simple a reason as that. A wooden shoe rack adds to the beauty of the room. It looks neat.

And organization.That’s another reason as to why you should be purchasing a shoe rack for yourself. A shoe rack facilitates the organization of your footwear. Next time you go out, you don’t need to search under every bed or sofa set in your house. You need a shoe rack. But which one? A wooden shoe rack! Yet, you may ask, which one?

Here are some of the best options available to you, at the comfort of your bedroom/Living Room.

Top 7 best Wooden Shoe racks to buy online in India @ Amazon

Top 7 Best Wooden Shoe Racks in India:

#1.HomeTown Kaira Shoe Rack:

Best wooden shoe rack to buy online in India

Modern-contemporary design; wenge coloured, if this isn’t aesthetic; what is? The dimensions of this particular shoe rack are: 73 x 33 x 69cm. It weighs around 25kgs.

It’s a free-standing shoe rack that’s made out of MDF and particle board. Ideally speaking, the design of this particular model is such that it fits beautifully and seamlessly into almost any living room.

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#2.LifeEstyle Shoe Rack – Brown Colour:

Best Shoe rack made of wood in India

Another free-standing shoe rack; it weighs 35kgs and the physical dimensions of this particular model are: 105 x 35 x 60cm. It’s not just an ordinary wooden shoe rack but one that’s made out of sheesham wood.

A contemporary design; finished with a rich glossy lacquer makes it stand out in a crowd and perhaps, even in your own living room. It’s brown in colour and comes pre-assembled.

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#3.Hometown Bilbo Shoe Rack:

Top 7 Best wood Shoe racks to buy online in India

Hometown shoe racks look very elegant. This particular model is white in colour and boasts of a matte finish. Naturally, the primary material that’s been used to make this particular shoe rack is wood.

The exact dimensions of this model are: 113 x 123 x 38.5cm and it weighs a substantial 63kgs. Freestanding, it holds 3 closed door cabinets and 2 open storage cabinets wherein all of one’s shoes can easily be stored conveniently.

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#4.Royal Oak Leder Shoe Rack:

Popular and high quality Wooden Shoe Rack/stand in India

Over the years, Royal Oak has made a name for themselves in the furniture market. Quite a different design; this particular shoe rack is inspired by modern design and is dark brown in colour.

Made out of wood; the exact dimensions of it are: 77 x 30 x 47cm. Keeping practicality in mind; an upholstered seat that’s made out of steel is embedded into this particular model.

All the shelves are made out of wood but finished with a little-bit of chrome. When compared to other shoe racks, the 12kgs that it weighs is almost negligible.

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#5.The Jaipur Living Mojo Shoe Rack:

Best wooden shoe stand in India

Although it looks rustic and traditional; contemporary style is what has inspired the design of this particular model. Made out of wood; it boasts of an ebony finish.

It’s dark brown in colour and its dimensions are that of: 55 x 70 x 30cms. Each shelf has intricate ethnic carvings which makes it a very beautiful piece. It has 2 closed storage cabinets and 2 open storage cabinets, too. The entire shoe rack weighs just 14kgs.

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#6.Urban Ladder Wellington Solid Wood Shoe Rack and Bench:

Best Selling wooden Shoe racks to buy online in India

Made out of mango wood; mahogany in colour; the aesthetic appeal of this particular shoe rack will make you notice it. With 2 closed door cabinets and 3 open door cabinets; you will never run out of space to store all kinds of footwear.

To be precise; it can hold upto nearly 27 pairs of shoes. The exact dimensions of this particular model are: 110 x 36 x 36cm and it weighs around 46kgs. It’s beautiful, utilitarian and space-efficient; what more could you ask for in a shoe rack?

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#7.Hometown Ambra Shoe rack:

Top 7 best Wooden Shoe rack to buy online in India

Some products aren’t designed to please the aesthetic people; rather, they are designed to please the more practical minded people. Here’s one such example. In terms of design, it’s extremely simple looking. White in colour, the matte finish makes it look good at least.

Lockable in nature, the exact dimensions of this particular shoe rack are: 90.5 x 108 x 39cm. The interior is quite spacious; making room for nearly 14 pairs of footwear. Furthermore, there’s a storage pouch within too, that provides space to store footwear accessories.

The cuts behind the shoe rack facilitate ventilation and hence, you don’t need to be worried about stinky footwear. As a whole; the entire shoe rack weighs nearly 90kgs.

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These are some of the best Shoe Racks made of wood and they will not only help in maintaining your shoes well but also enhances the look of your room.Pick one that can best serve your purpose and matches well to your room.

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