Best Solimo Mattress To Buy Online From Amazon India

Indian customer’s fear not. You are the ones who are benefiting from the fierce competition in the market place. A few years ago, if you were going to purchase a mattress, you had a lot of options to choose from.

Kurl-on, Sleepwell, Nilkamal to name a few. But today, surprise-surprise; you have even more options to choose from.

Solimo is one such new option. A private Amazon label; under the brand name Solimo ,Amazon are selling a whole-range of consumer appliances. From mattresses to pillows to bulbs.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best Solimo mattresses sold by them which you can purchase directly from their website:

Top 7 Best Solimo Brand Mattress to buy in India:

#1.Solimo 4-inch Single Foam Mattress:

Best solimo mattress to buy online in India

4-inch in terms of thickness only; the more complete product dimensions of this mattress are: 72 x 36 x 4 inch.

Maroon in colour; it’s a single foam mattress that’s primarily made out of high-quality HR foam. Totally, it’s made up of three layers.

The uppermost layer is made out of polyester fabric that’s covered with supreme quilting. That, coupled with the HR foam; makes for a very comfortable, soft and lightweight mattress.

This is the cheapest and best quality mattress you could buy for very low price.

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#2.Solimo 6-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 7 best Solimo brand mattresses to buy online in India

A queen size mattress; the precise product dimensions of it are: 78 x 60 x 6 inch. A 6-inch thick mattress is generally a good-sign.

That means that it’s more comfortable and much-more durable, too. This particular mattress is white in colour and is primarily made out of high-density memory foam.

Memory foam is the elite foam. The mattress quickly takes up the shape of your body; cocooning you, resulting in a blissful experience.

It’s a 4-layered mattress; with the top-most being made out of premium knitted fabric. The HR foam that makes up the third layer gives it a great degree of support.

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#3.Solimo 6-inch King Spring Mattress:

Best selling solimo mattress at

The dimensions of a king-size Solimo mattress are; 78 x 72 x 6 inch. Maroon in colour; this is a spring type mattress of the bonnell spring type.

It’s these bonnell springs that make up the core of the mattress that give it the bouncy characteristic.

In order to overcome some of the drawbacks associated with spring mattresses, the springs are encased in a layer of foam.

Hence, durability at least is adeptly taken care of. The top-layer is made out of fine jacquard fabric.

Furthermore, this fabric is topped with a quilted cover that just adds to the comfort and softness of the mattress as a whole.

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#4.Solimo 6-inch Queen Dual Comfort Foam Mattress:

Best Solimo brand mattress to buy in India

A dual-comfort mattress is a mattress wherein both its sides are designed in a manner so as to be usable.

In this particular case, relating to this model, one side of it is strongly encased with HR foam; while the other side is encased with PU foam.

The former of the two sides provides for medium firmness, while the latter of two is the softer; providing medium softness.

Being a queen size mattress; the exact product dimensions of it are: 72 x 60 x 6inch.

A benefit of foam mattresses that this model exploits is the alleviation of pressure points. To top it all of; premium knitted tapestry gives it an air of luxury.

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#5.Solimo 6-inch King Memory Foam Mattress:

Top 7 best Solimo mattresses to buy online in India

Classic white in colour; this is a king size memory foam mattress with exact dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 6inch. It’s made out of 4 layers.

The topmost layer is made out premium quality knitted fabric. While the second layer contains the memory foam; it’s the third layer that’s made out of HR foam that gives the mattress its supportive characteristics.

Attributable to the properties of memory foam; when lied upon, it immediately takes up the shape of the user.

The comfort provided by the knitted fabric coupled with the support provided by the foam; makes this close to a perfect mattress.

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#6.Solimo 5-inch Single Memory Foam Mattress:

Best Solimo memory foam mattress to buy in India

Although the title suggests that this is a single size mattress; in reality it’s a twin-size mattress with exact dimensions of: 72 x 36 x 5 inch.

Made primarily out of memory foam; the distinguishing property of it is its ability to take up one’s shape.

Similar to the model above; the third out of the 4-layers is made out of HR foam; that gives it supportive characteristics.

The very bottom layer is made out of anti-skid fabric which facilitates a great degree of stability.

Making up the top of the mattress is premium knitted fabric. All-in-all; this is a comfortable, supportive & luxurious single-size mattress.

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#7.Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress:

Top 7 best solimo mattress to buy in India at Amazon

We end this list with a spring mattress. To be a little bit more precise; this is a queen size bonnell spring mattress with exact dimensions of: 78 x 60 x 6 inch.

In fact; this is a bigger queen size mattress. The bonnell springs makes it bouncy and supportive, too.

Quite ironic but that’s a fact. To protect the springs from wear and tear, they are encased with a layer of foam.

The jacquard fabric layer and cushioned quilted layer make it a comfortable mattress; soft to sleep on and smooth to feel.

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These are the best mattresses you could buy at from Solimo Brand.Amazon wanted to provide top quality products at a competitive price which is the sole purpose of launching their own private label products.

Go through the list of best Solimo mattress and choose one which can fulfil your requirement with in your budget.

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