Best Sofa sets to buy online in India

The most comfortable space in the living room: the sofa set.

The enemy of productivity: the sofa set.

A living room without a sofa set isn’t a living room. It’s just a room. Be honest to yourself, what differentiates your living room from all the other rooms.

Is it its grandiose? Is it its size? Whatever the answer, even you know it that a sofa set makes up some part of your answer.

Today in the market, there are many different kinds of sofa sets that are being sold. A little bit of information on some of the most popular types is given below.

Different types of sofa sets in India:

Apart from these popular types of sofa sets, some other popular ones that you can check out would be: Tuxedo style sofa sets, Lawson style sofa sets, Wood sofa set and English sofa set.

When you buy any product there are a couple of things that you check for, right? Ideally, when you buy a sofa set, these are some things that you should check.

What to check before buying a Sofa Set for your Home?

Top 10 best sofa sets to buy online in India

With all that information, perhaps, you are ready to see some really cool sofa sets. Here are some of the best sofa sets that are available for sale online in India.

Top 10 Best Sofa sets to buy online in India:

#1.Bharat Lifestyle Nano L-Shape Fabric Sofa Set Black Grey (2+1+D):

Best sofa sets to buy online in India

The primary material that’s been used to make this sofa set is acacia wood. A modern design and the black grey colour give it a nice aesthetic edge over the other sofa sets.

The physical characteristics of this model, its dimensions followed by its weight are: 145 x 83 x 83 cm and 64kg, respectively.

Also, at one time, the maximum number of people who can be seated on this sofa set is 6. If you are wondering what type of a sofa set this is, it is a wooden cum sectional sofa set.

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#2.Adorn India Straight Line 3+1+1 Seater Sofa Set(Camel):

Top 10 best quality sofa sets to buy online in India

A number of quality raw materials have gone into making this particular sofa set. Perhaps, that’s why it’s so popular.

Wood; in the outer body, high-density foam & fiber; as the filling inside the cushions and chrome; to make it look better and give it suitable support.

The exact dimensions of this sofa set are: 182.9 x 81.3 x 91.4 cm and totally, it weighs 75 kgs. As hinted in the title itself, this sofa set includes 3 pieces.

It’s comfortable, durable and despite the dull colour, it is literally ‘simply’ beautiful.

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#3.Amour Cane Apple Set in Brown finish:

Best sofa sets in India

Just how there’s one particular type of sofa set that’s called ‘wood sofa set’ similarly, there are cane sofa sets too.

This particular model is the perfect example. The entire set consists of 1 three-seater sofa, 2 single seat chairs and 1 table.

To make it a comfortable sitting surface, soft-plush cushions comes with it which can be placed on the sofa.

It is a cane sofa but by giving it a glossy finish, it works perfectly well in a contemporary household.

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#4.Royal Oak Barcelona Five Seater Sofa Set 3+1+1 (Brown):

top 10 best 5 seater sofa set to buy online in India

In this market, Royal Oak is considered to be a very fine and reputable brand. This is a brown coloured, contemporary style wooden sofa set with the exact dimensions of: 195 x 80 x 85 cm.

The sofa set includes 3 pieces. As a total, 5 people can be comfortably seated on this entire set.

3 people on one piece and 2 people can sit individually on one piece of the set each. The outer frame of the sofa set is made out of wood while, the inner part is made out of very soft sponge.

Wood imparts strength and durability and the sponge contributes to the comfort offered by the sofa set. Also, the exact weight of this complete set is 85 kgs.

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#5.Amour Irving Cane Sofa Set With Cushions (3+1+1+1):

Best sofa set to buy online in India

Here again, is another cane sofa set. Yet, this is different when compared to the one above. First and foremost, the design is different.

Class and sophistication, it seems like the sopha set is whispering this into your ears.

The complete set includes 4 pieces, 1 three-seater, 2 one-seaters and 1 table. A glossy and smooth finish make it not just good to look at but also nice to feel.

This is definitely one of the great looking and top quality sofa set to buy online in the Indian market.

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#6.HI-Tech S Shape Model Five Seater Sofa Set:

Popular sofa sets online in India

There’s one particular factor that sets this sofa set apart from the rest of the sofa sets in this article.

Ordinary wood is not used to make this sofa set. Top-quality teak wood, instead, is used. This gives it a very grand appearance.

Matching the grand appearance is the high-density, super soft cushions that make it just as comfortable as it looks. The exact dimensions of this sofa set is: 190.5 x 68.6 x 177.8cm.

This includes 3 pieces, 1 three-seater and 2 one-seaters. All in all, this is a very distinguished looking sofa set that will definitely add to the beauty of your house and not to forget, at least once, it will result in an unplanned nap.

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#7.Bharat Lifestyle Tulip Five Seater Sofa Set:

Best quality branded sofa sets in India online

A very sophisticated design, this sofa set that includes 3 pieces will fit into any formal setting.

English style has been incorporated into the design. It’s cream-brown in colour and made out of acacia wood.

The total seating capacity of this set as a whole is five. When segregated, one piece is perfect for 3 people while the two other pieces works perfectly for individuals.

The dimensions of this entire set are: 200.7 x 73.7 x 76.2cm and cumulatively, it weighs nearly 70kgs. Top quality, strong, durable and beautiful. What more could you ask for?

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#8.Homogenic Nilkamal Sofa Set 2+1+1 With Cushions (Rose Wood Color):

Best selling sofa sets online in India

If you believe in the austere life and yet, believe in the need of a sofa set. You have finally met your match.

A branded match, that is. Rose-wood in colour, not made out of rose-wood, it is made out of just wood.

The set includes 3 pieces. The breakdown of these pieces is as follows: 1 two-seater and 2 one-seaters.

As a complete set, its product dimensions and weight is as follows: 200 x 120 x 60 cm and 40kgs, respectively.

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#9.FabHomeDecor Austin Six Seater Sectional Sofa Set 3-2-1 (Dark Blue):

Best quality and popular sofa sets in India

Dark blue in colour and made out of mango wood, there, this sofa set is already quite distinguished.

As a set, it’s bigger too, as it can accommodate 6 people unlike the other sofa sets on this list.

The set is inclusive of 3 pieces, out of which there’s 1 three-seater, 1 two-seater and 1 single seater. English style has been kept in mind while designing this entire set.

The super soft and high-density foam coupled with double padding makes this an extremely, extremely comfortable sofa set.

And the robust outer framework ensures the longevity/long life of the set. The exact product dimensions of this set is: 107 x 91 x 84 cm and it weighs just 60 kgs.

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#10.Urban Ladder Raymond Low Wooden Sofa Standard Set:

Top 10 best sofa sets to buy online in India

Urban Ladder products are designed keeping in view the modern/upcoming design trends.

You can see that most of their products are very pleasing to the eye. For example, just take a look at this particular sofa set. As the name suggests, it’s a wooden sofa set.

The primary material that’s been used to make this sofa set is mango wood. It holds a contemporary, rustic look, that’s very fitting with the pieces.

In total, the set includes 4 pieces, out of which 1 is a two-seater while the other 2 are one-seaters.

Compared to other sofa sets, this is extremely light, weighing just 25kgs. With respect to its size, the exact dimensions of this set is: 119.9 x 64.5 x 62cm.

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These are some of the popular and best sofa sets you could buy online @ Amazon India store.Choose one that can best serve you and suits well to your space and need.

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