Best Small Storage Cabinet To Buy Online in India

Every house has a number of small storage cabinets. More often than not, these storage cabinets are attached or come as a part of other pieces of furniture such as one’s wardrobe, mirror, shoe-rack etc.

But often, such allotted space is not enough. As time passes by, our possessions increase. And as our possessions increase, so does our demand for space to safely secure and store these possessions.

It’s in precisely these situations or in such similar situations, wherein, these small-mini storage cabinets come to a person’s rescue.

A small storage cabinet has unlimited potential in terms of utility. More often than not, these cabinets are designed keeping general goods in mind and not just one particular commodity.

Therefore, it’s ultimately up to the user to use these cabinets to fulfil their own individual need.

A small storage cabinet can be used to store anything ranging from packaged foods to excess footwear. Ultimately, its usage is at your discretion.

Best small storage cabinets for home or office to buy online in India

Out of the many small storage cabinets that are available online, there are a few that stand-out. Which ones? Here, take a look at the seven best small storage cabinets that you can purchase online from the comfort of your home:

Top 7 Best Small Storage Cabinet To Buy Online in India:

#1.@home by Nilkamal Freedom Mini Cabinet:

 Best small storage cabinet to buy online in IndiaA multipurpose small storage cabinet, due to its space-friendly dimensions and it can be placed nearly anywhere at home.

Coming to the specifics, its exact dimensions are that of: 14 x 23 x 25inches. It’s brown in colour and influenced by contemporary style.

The storage cabinet is made out of top-quality polypropylene which results in a highly durable model. With groves lining the handles, the opening and closing of the shelves could not have been any easier.

This highly portable and sturdy cabinet opens up into two separate shelves that gives the user enough space to store their valued possessions.

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#2.Cello Novelty Compact Cupboard:

Top 7 best small storage cabinet in India

Available in a whole range of colours from brown to grey to blue, this is a small storage cabinet with precise dimensions of: 14.56 x 23.3 x 25 inches.

It’s made out of plastic but that by no means translates to poor quality. It’s extremely versatile, strong, sturdy and durable.

Not to forget, since it’s made out of plastic when compared to the other small cabinets it weighs an almost negligible 6 kgs.

This cabinet boasts of two spacious drawers and a lot of additional storage space wherein all of one’s items can be conveniently stored.

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#3.@home By Nilkamal Freedom FMS Mini Small Storage Cabinet:

Best quality small storage cabinet to buy online

Due to the grey and green colour, rectangular shape and straight-cut design, at first glance this looks more like a tiny refrigerator or ice-box than a storage cabinet.

In terms of physical attributes such as size and materials, it’s almost identical to the above Nilkamal model.

Made out of polypropylene, its dimensions are precisely: 14 x 23 x 25 inches. Hence, it weighs just 5 kgs.

And due to its light-weight, it proves to be an extremely portable piece of furniture. Assembly is easy, compact in size; space-efficient in every sense of the word.

Within this relatively dull exterior, there’s one large storage shelf that proves to be extremely convenient. Also, if the grey/green colour is too dull for you, don’t worry. Perhaps brown/biscuit may work better?

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#4.HomeTown Riveria Storage Unit:

Best small storage cabinet in India

It looks like a shoe-rack but it’s not. Like all the other pieces of furniture on this list, this too, is a small storage cabinet that can be used to storage diverse goods.

Made out of wood, it’s slightly heavier and less portable when compared to the other cabinets that are made out of plastic or some compound of plastic.

Looking at its physical characteristics in depth, its precise dimensions are that of: 29 x 14 x 29 inches, while it weighs a little bit more than 20 kgs.

A wenge-matte finish gives it a very stylish appearance attracting the attention of many an aesthetic population.


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#5.@home by Nilkamal Olive Green Plastic Freedom Small Cabinet:

Good quality and popular small storage cabinets to buy online in India

In terms of design, it looks like the perfect cabinet to hold all your packaged food items or some daily miscellaneous items like photo frames, model statues etc.

Sold under the @home brand by Nilkamal, it’s completely made out of plastic and is hence, extremely lightweight.

The olive green colour adds to the vibrancy of the room wherein it’s chosen to be placed. Since it’s comparatively big, it weighs accordingly.

With dimensions of: 71 x 53.5 x 95cm, it weighs nearly 14 kgs. This massive size is responsible for fitting in a good number of items within it.


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#6.Cello Infiniti Mini 1 Net Storage Cabinet:

Bets selling small storage cabinets online at

Now this is a funky, modern-looking small storage cabinet that’s extremely utilitarian.

It’s available in few different colours, which being; grey, brown and cream.

Utility backed with style is the perfect medley that a lot of consumers look for while searching for small cabinets.

And many, many people find exactly that medley in this particular model. Moving on to its size. The exact dimensions of this model are: 16.51 x 15.33 x 18.20 inches.

Multipurpose, flexible, sturdy and lightweight; these would be the perfect adjectives to describe this cabinet.

The primary material that’s been used to make it is polypropylene and hence, this piece of furniture is both; water and stain resistant.

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#7.APKAMART Hand Crafted Wooden Almirah Cabinet:

Best small storage cabinet in India

Those of you who want something completely different, completely unique and way out of this century, this particular model may just interest you.

This is a hand crafted wooden cabinet with precise dimensions of: 50 x 34 x 76cms. Colour; it will definitely add to your room.

Since it’s a hand-crafted cabinet; seldom do you see two identical pieces. That’s both: a boon and a bane, as well.

This cabinet consists of two spacious shelves wherein one’s possessions can be adequately stored. Also, not only is it hand-crafted but, it’s completely hand-painted as well.

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These are some of the great looking and good quality small storage cabinets you could buy online in India.Choose one as per your choice of brand,size and cost.

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