Best Roti Maker in India in 2018- Top 5 list to buy for your Kitchen

If you are someone who is looking forward to understand more on Roti maker/chapati maker then you going to see details on how to prepare rotis with roti maker,roti maker price in India,how to choose best roti maker in India and list of top 5 best roti maker in India so that you could choose the right one based on your need.

In India, a ‘roti maker’ is not a popular kitchen appliance. Although it was invented in order to simplify the process of making rotis, the common conception amongst the masses is that it complicates the otherwise simple process.

But again, a person’s outlook on life dictates this conception.  In order to adapt to a change, one needs to understand the change.

So before one discards the utility of a roti maker, it is smarter to first completely understand its utility.

With that being the objective, let’s give you a small tour on what a roti maker is, how it works, what distinguishes and of course, its benefits.You should also be able to find the best roti maker in India so as to make your selection process easier.

What is a roti maker and how does it work?

Top 5 best roti maker in India

As the name suggests, a roti maker is an electronic kitchen appliance that makes rotis. It’s circular in shape, made out of two-identical spherical steel plates; attached together by a handle.

It looks like a steel roti .It works on electricity. In terms of design, there is absolutely nothing that’s so special about a roti maker.

Best roti maker in India - prepare soft roti/chapati easily

It’s the way in which it works which is what really makes it special. So how does it work?

  1. Place the roti-maker on the table and plug it into an electric circuit.
  2. Knead the dough as you normally would.
  3. Pluck a little bit of dough and shape it into a circular ball.
  4. Place this little ball of kneaded dough into a bowl with dry flour and pat it to flatten it out slightly.
  5. Place this ‘patty’ on the roti-maker.
  6. Close the lid and keep it pressed for a few seconds.
  7. Lift the lid and wait for a few seconds for the roti to get aerated.
  8. Flip the roti and repeat the process.
  9. When the roti is completely bloated and big; butting out of the roti-maker; you know that the roti is done.

You could also watch below video to understand more on how to use roti maker to make rotis or chapatis easily at home.

Before one gets to giving you tips on what to look for in a roti maker, let’s establish one fact.

Roti maker vs Chapati maker:

There’s no such thing as a ‘chapati maker’. It’s just a roti maker that’s been used to make a chapati.

There is an interesting discussion happened to determine which chapati is better.Hand made chapati or roti maker made chapati? Read how people responded here.

What ever details we are going to present for roti maker is same for chapati maker as well.So don’t get confused and carry on with the selection guide below.

Buying a Roti Maker – What to look for in a roti-maker pre-purchase?

Guide to choose best roti maker in India

How do you know if you are making a right purchase? You can never be absolutely sure. However, you can take certain precautions.

Do a little bit of research. Transform yourself into a more informed consumer. To assist you in this transformation, here is a list of factors that you should consider before you purchase a roti-maker for yourself:

Size and material of the griddle: Arguably, the best griddle is one that’s made out of aluminium due to its heat-distribution properties. Coming to its size. The most popular sizes are 8inch and 10inch, respectively.

Energy consumption: A roti maker works on electricity. Hence, that means that now in your house there is an additional electrical appliance. Choose the most energy efficient model; both you and the society shall benefit from such a choice.

Ergonomic design: Choose a roti-maker which you feel has employed ergonomics in its design. How? Small-features such as a shockproof body, on/off light indicator etc. make a big difference.

With these features in mind,you should be able to pick best roti maker that can serve your purpose and works for longer years with out any issue.

Best Roti Maker Brands in India:

Best Roti maker in India to select from top 5 brands

The next step in your ‘transformation’ is to be able to identify the best brands in this market. Now this kitchen appliance market has a very strong unorganized market.

But we shall be focusing on only the organized market. Out of all the top brands that deal in kitchen appliances; roti-makers especially, the best ones would be:

  1. Bajaj
  2. Prestige
  3. Jaipan
  4. Philips
  5. Sunflame

So,when you are about to select the best roti maker for your kitchen,then make sure it is from one of these top brands.

Earlier in the article, we have highlighted how to use a roti-maker.

Yes, it’s that simple. But still, there are certain things that you should keep in mind everyday whenever you are using a roti-maker.

Simple things, nothing too complicated, ambiguous or difficult.

Things to keep in mind while using a Roti maker :

tips to foolw while using the best roti maker in India

In India especially, consumers have a lot of choice due to the prevalence of the unorganized sector. But when you purchase a roti maker, make sure you purchase one from a reputable brand. A ‘cheap’ roti-maker will give you poor quality rotis.

While preparing the dough, ensure that the dough is much softer and stickier than what it would be if you weren’t using a roti-maker and were doing the task manually.

Never use old dough. Always prepare fresh dough. If you ignore this, be prepared to eat papad instead of roti.

Use a little bit of oil when you are creating balls out of the dough. This precautionary measure will ensure that the rotis that come out are super-soft.

Ideally speaking, once the wet, softer and stickier dough is prepared; allow it to rest for at least one hour before using it to make rotis. However, it’s understandable if you cannot wait so long. We do live in a fast-paced world.

All the tips mentioned above will help you make soft rotis. At the end of the day, as a result of this, you will end up loving your roti-maker.

Making rotis manually will seem like too ardent a task to perform and what for? Softer rotis? Nope. For that especially, one will prefer to use a roti-maker.

Watch the following video to see how easily one could prepare soft roti or chapati by using roti maker

Before we reach the climax; there’s one more vital piece of information that’s going to be of value to you. The Price. 

Roti maker Price in India:

Best roti maker in India along with price

It’s not a piece of luxury. And at the same time, it’s not the most affordable kitchen appliance as well. Roti-makers in India are available for INR 750, on the lower-side. On the upper-side, the price goes up to INR 7000+ even.

But you should be able to buy a good quality roti maker from well known brand with in the price range of 2000 to 3000 rupees.

Given below are some of the best roti-makers available in India. Perhaps, this last piece of information will be of extreme use to you.

Best Roti maker in India - Top 5 list to choose from

Top 5 Best Roti Maker in India in 2018:

#1.BAJAJ VACCO “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/ Roti/Khakhra Maker:

Best Roti maker in India from bajaj brand

Hugely popular roti maker from Bajaj is our top choice and first one in our recommendation of best roti maker in India.

With the body made out of top-quality stainless steel; durability is not a concern. A stainless steel body also means that ,it is shock-proof.

While the body is made out of stainless steel; the inner coating of it is made out of premium quality teflon. The teflon is coated with a layer of non-stick coating.

As an electric automatic roti maker it consumes just 900-Watts of power when in use. You can use this roti-maker to make not just rotis but also other bread items like khakra, paratha, chapati etc.

In a roti maker; the handle is very important. This model is equipped with a cool-touch handle. But that’s not what makes it different.

The handle is designed in a ‘pressabe’ manner thereby making it easier to press the plates while making rotis.

By far this is the best Roti maker you could buy in India and you can blindly go ahead and purchase this one if you are looking for a good quality and branded roti or chapati maker at an affordable price.

See the following video to see Bajaj roti maker in action

This is also the best selling roti maker online in India ,which indicates that, this is the most preferred roti maker to majority of the people who buy this kitchen appliance online.

Go ahead and buy this best roti maker in India from Bajaj brand and enjoy the process of making soft rotis and save your time as well.


Best Rori Maker in India from Prestige brand

Next in our list is roti maker from Prestige brand and you will get to know why this is our second best roti maker in India.

A very simple piece. Nothing too fancy about it. With a body that’s made out of stainless steel; it’s durable and shockproof.

The inner plates are aptly coated with a substantial layer of non-stick coating. An adjustable temperature knob allows the user to tinker with the temperature settings.

Tinker with it until you reach the optimum temperature setting. The optimum temperature setting will be given in the manual.

An on/off switch works like the perfect power indicator. Energy efficient no doubt; it uses just 900-Watt of power when in operation.

See the Roti maker from Prestige brand in action

There is nothing extra that could find in this roti maker from Prestige brand than that’s mentioned as no:1 choice above.

The only difference being the brand and higher price.If you are some one who prefers Prestige brand than Bajaj then this is the best roti maker for you.

If Brand is not a factor for you,then we suggest you to go ahead with Bajaj roti maker only which is our first choice as well.

#3.Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker:

Best Roti maker in India from Sunflame brand

This Sunflame roti maker is our third best roti maker in India.

Available in silver and black; this too is a very simple roti maker that’s adeptly equipped with all the necessary features; nothing more, nothing less.

It facilitates oil-free, uniform cooking. Oil-free cooking being healthy, it’s a trend that’s catching on. Its body is made out of stainless steel; durable and shockproof.

The inner plates are coated with non-stick coating hence, it’s easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

The user-friendly handle makes it easy to hold and furthermore, it’s made out of heat-resistant material.

There’s one unique feature attributable to just this model; a thermostat, which ultimately is a safety feature similar to the on/off indicator that it’s equipped with.

Also, it’s an energy efficient model utilising just 900-Watts of power when in operation.

Here is the demo of Sunflame Roti maker to understand more on how this roti maker looks and works

This roti maker is also one of the top selling one online and many people prefer this due to it’s safety features and quality.

If you are not a brand conscious person,then Bajaj Roti maker still the best roti maker you could buy in the Indian market.

#4.Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker :

Best Roti maker in India from Eveready

Another roti maker that operates on just 900-Watts of power, yes, that means that this too is an energy efficient model.

This RM1001 roti maker from Eveready brand is our fourth best roti maker in India.

A multi-purpose electric roti maker, it can be used to make rotis, uthappam, chapatis, paranthas etc.

Much of this is possible due to the dual heating element that’s a distinguishing characteristic of this model.

It has a large- pressable handle which makes it easy to use the roti maker and subsequently, carry it around.

The main external body is made out of stainless steel, whereas, the interior plates are coated with a substantial amount of non-stick coating.

Stainless steel body equals to a durable and shock-proof body. Not to forget, like every other roti maker, it too, is equipped with an on/off indicator.

Here is the live demonstration of Eveready Roti maker

There is no difference between the first 3 roti makers mentioned and this one except the brand name.So choose one wisely before lapping it up.

This is definitely worth the price roti maker you could buy in India.

#5.Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker:

Best Roti Maker in India from Jaipan brand

This jumbo roti maker from jaipan brand is our last and fifth best roti maker in India.

Similar to the model above; the external body of this roti maker too, is made out of stainless steel. Hence, it’s durable and shockproof.

The inner plates are coated with a supreme non-stick coating that goes by the name of: Greblon Gamma. It’s not the most energy efficient model since it uses 1000-Watt of power when in operation.

But again, when compared to some of the other electric roti-makers; it’s not the least energy efficient model.

An ergonomic-pressable handle makes it easier to use. It also has a regular on/off indicator which is a small feature but a useful one nonetheless.

Watch the video below to see Roti maker from Jaipan brand in action

This is a popular choice among large section of people due to low cost and more features.If price is the only barrier then this could be your best roti maker.

These are the top 5 best roti maker in India.All mentioned roti makers are popular in the Indian market and are from well known brands.Choose a roti maker for your kitchen based on your choice of brand,cost,design and looks.

Best roti maker in India for your kitchen

We would blindly go with Bajaj Roti maker if you ask our suggestion as that is the number one and best roti maker in India based on any factor you consider.Even if you are looking for best chapati maker in India then also we would go with Bajaj roti maker only.

You still not convinced or decided on which is the best roti maker to buy,please comment with your question(s),we would be happy to answer you at the earliest with the required details.

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