Best Rechargeable Emergency Light to buy in India

Do you live in an area that’s prone to power cuts? It’s quite annoying, isn’t it? You made plans to do some work, to read a nice book but suddenly; you can’t. An advisable purchase for you would be a rechargeable emergency light.

These devices run on batteries and are hence, rechargeable in nature. Generally, they are extremely portable. You can carry it from one room to another or even, if the battery life permits, from one building to another.

These useful devices have become popular over time and today, they come along with many additional features that just add to the utility of the product.

Here, take a look at some of the best rechargeable emergency light that you can purchase online:

Best rechargeable emergency light/lantern in India

Top 7 Best Rechargeable Emergency Light in India:

#1.Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light:

Best Rechargeable emergency light to buy online in India

A reputable name, Wipro, sells this top-quality, lithium battery basd rechargeable emergency light. The entire product is made out of 84 pieces of LED bulbs and boasts of a 360 degree coverage.

One can adjust the brightness according to one’s wishes. Although it take 8-10 hours to fully charge this emergency light; the complete life of the LED bulbs that it hosts is 50,000 hours! The external product dimensions are: 27 x 46.5 x 31.5cm and it weighs around 650 gms.

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#2.Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern:

Top 7 best emergency LED light in India

Holding 40 LED bulbs, the Philips LED technology boasts of being a safe and durable light-source. Dark blue in colour, a lot of thought has gone into the design of this particular emergency light.

There’s a plated reflector that’s placed within the device which ensures that not only does the light has a 360 degree coverage, but this coverage is spread over a large area, too.

Easy to use and a compact design; makes it a favourable purchase. You need to charge it for 10 hours so that, at the time of emergency, this emergency light has a life of nearly 4 hours. Slightly lighter than the model above, it weighs just 550gms.

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#3.Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light:

Best Rechargeable Emergency light in India

The design of this particular rechargeable emergency light facilitates its use while in travel, too. It holds high-quality lithium batteries and 5Watt LED lights have a lifespan of 50000 hours, cumulatively.

The brightness level can be set to one of the two options that come with this product. Also, for a complete recharge the device needs to be set for nearly 6-8 hours. It weighs nearly 450 gms and is: 49.5 x 20.5 x 21 cm, big.

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#4.DP 42 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light:

Top 7 best Rechargeable emergency light to buy online in India

Very sleek in design; this rechargeable emergency light holds a lead acid battery as its rechargeable source. The battery in itself enjoys a charging-discharging cycle of 500 times.

Furthermore, the lighting source that it holds is LED. And based on the type of LED, the wattage too, differs. Overall, it’s a simple design, easy to use emergency light with product dimensions of: 29.5 x 6 x 4.6 cm. Despite its height, it weighs barely 350gms.

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#5.Eveready HL51 40-LEDs Rechargeable Home Light:

Best selling emergency lights online in India

Through a little bit of product diversification, Eveready have entered this new market. Here’s an ergonomically designed emergency light that’s very easy to use, easy to hold and boasts of reasonable utilitarian features.

The luminance power that the white LEDs boast is that of 3200 lux. It covers a large area but is not adept for 360 degree coverage due to its design. The plastic body is both; strong and durable; favourable characteristics when you are looking at a long-term purchase.

Another cool feature of this particular emergency light is that comparatively, it boasts of 20-30 times better battery life-span in relation to the other emergency lights in this range.

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#6.Wipro Lifelite CL0004 3-Watt Rechargeable LED Torch:

Best Emergency LED torch to buy online in India

Here’s another Wipro product. This particular emergency light is literally designed as a torch and hence; travellers, you too can feign an interest in this particular product.

It’s green in colour and takes nearly 16-24 hours to recharge fully. However, once recharged it itself has a life of about approximately 7hrs. Two acidic lead batteries prove to be its power source.

It boasts of an inbuilt ‘overcharge protection’ feature. Ideally speaking, one LED that requires 3Watt of power is the LED bulb that’s suited for this particular model. In terms of brightness, it boasts of exuding 130Lm. All of this apart, it weighs barely more than 600gms.

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#7.Bajaj ELX 10 11-Watt Emergency Light:

Best Rechargeable Emergency light to buy online in India

Similar to the ‘Eveready’ emergency light only in terms of design only. A convenient handle, easy to operate on/off switch; a clear example of how ergonomics has gone into its design.

Unlike all the other emergency lights that have made this article, this particular model doesn’t use LED bulbs, rather, instead it uses a 9Watt CFL bulb to do all the brightening work.

Hence, comparatively its recharge cycle is not all that efficient. Charge it for upto 24 hours and the maximum that you can expect out of it is 4hrs of light in emergency situations.

The discharge period is 3-4 hours and the product holds a discharge and overcharge protection feature. Comparatively, it’s quite heavy weighing nearly 1.4kgs! But that can partly be attributed to its size, which is precisely; 30.6 x 16.7 x 9.5 cm.

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These are most affordable and branded rechargeable emergency lights you could buy online in India.

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