Best Rated Mattress in India

In the market, there are lot of mattresses to choose from. As a consumer with bare minimum knowledge on mattresses, one can easily get confused.

Human psychology works funnily. We always look for a shortcut. And evaluating on the basis of ‘rating’ is the quickest and most reliable shortcut for any kind of purchase.

Hence, ratings does matter. Looking at ratings from a more positive point of view, more times than not these ratings lead to good purchases.

However, there are number of products that have ‘good ratings’ but their performance fails to deliver. That’s why while product ratings may be a blessing for a consumer, they are also a curse.

top rated mattresses in India

But keeping the negativity aside, let’s just look at some of the best rated mattresses online in India.

Top 12 Best Rated Mattress to buy online in India:

#1.Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Top rated mattresses online in India

Orthopaedic mattress specialized in providing adequate amounts of support to the user.

This mattress from Wake-Fit is one of the top selling mattress online in India and is available in almost all sizes and you could also request for your own sizes for customization.

This particular one is a memory foam mattress with dimensions of 78 x 60 x 8 inch. The firmness of this mattress is medium soft.

Along with memory foam, high density foam is also one of the primary materials used in this mattress.

The foam and the quilted fabric covering all result in a mattress that provides a great amount of support, one that’s durable and one that’s extremely comfortable at the same time.

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#2.Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress:

Top rated mattress in Inida

A dual mattress is one where in both the sides of the mattress are usable. In this particular mattress, one side is medium soft while the other is comparatively harder (medium firm).

Based on user’s preference and the temperature prevailing outside, one can choose the side that’s deemed to be more comfortable.

Its dimensions are: 78 x 60 x 6 inch and it is made out of high density foam.

The outer covering is made out of top quality fabric, giving the mattress a very smooth and comfortable feel.

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#3.Springfit Ortholife Collection 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Best mattresses with top most ratings from users online

Grey in colour and made ideally for orthopaedic purposes, this is one particular model out of the Springfit Ortholife collection.

The mattress is a combination of spring mattress and memory foam mattress. It makes use of both: bonnel spring and memory foam.

In essence, this is a queen sized mattress with dimensions of: 75 x 60 x 6 inch. The outer aesthetic design coupled with the multilayered design makes this a very attractive soft mattress in the eyes of customers.

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#4.Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop 6 ” Mattress:

top rated mattress from Amazon India

This is a memory foam mattress with king size dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 6 inch. An orthopaedic mattress needs to be high supportive, needs to ensure that your body posture is supported and at the end of the day, it also needs to be comfortable.

These three characteristics essential in orthopaedic mattresses can be seen in this particular one. What’s responsible for the support and healthy body posture is the top-quality memory foam.

And what’s responsible for ensuring comfort is the outer top-class Euro finish that’s generated automatically using imported fabric.

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#5.Foamsindia® Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress:

12 mattresses with best ratings online in India

The best thing about this mattress is the design. Using latex as the primary material, this mattress is extremely flexible. Flexible to the extent that it can be rolled up and stored in any corner of the house.

Therefore, you can expect a mattress with minimal thickness and its exact product dimensions of: 75 x 36 x 2 inch.

The fact that the mattress is anti-microbial ensures that it continuously retains its freshness. Being washable is another plus point for the mattress.

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#6.Englander Posture Support Bonnell Spring 5.5 Inches Thick Single Size Mattress:

Mattresses with top user ratings

As the title suggests, this is a single size mattress with exact dimensions of 72 x 30 x 5.5 inch. The mattress belongs to the spring types of mattresses and to be more specific, it is a bonnel spring mattress.

The pros of this mattress are: durability, pressure point relieving and highly supportive. Its outer covering is made out of top quality quilted fabric that adds a layer of comfort to this mattress as a whole.

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#7.Dreamzee Natural Latex 5″ Mattress:

top 10 top rated mattresses online in India

The fact that the primary material of this mattress is latex means that, as a mattress, this one has its own set of pros and cons.

It is advisable to read up on latex mattresses first before purchasing one. Coming to this mattress. It’s a medium firm mattress with exact dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 5 inch.

As with many mattresses, the outer covering is made out of imported-quality fabric. A unique plus point of this mattress is that it ensures optimum weight distribution.

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#8.Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort 9-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Top 10 best rated mattress online in India

One reason why Urban Ladder has been successful in entering this market is due to its contemporary designs that appeal to the modern, next gen public.

This mattress is a prime example of contemporary fashion tinged with simplicity at its helm. It’s plain classic white but it has got that other aurora to it.

Further on, this is a bonnel spring mattress, king-size with exact dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 9 inch. The 9 inch thickness of this mattress is what really stands out.

Multilayered, aesthetically pleasing and the ‘right’ firmness of medium-firm, make this a very popular choice with the next gen consumer at the very least.

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#9.Boston Pocket Spring 8-Inch King Size Off White Spring Mattress:

Top rated mattress from popular brands online in India

Brands make a difference. And one of the strongest assets of this particular mattress is its brand, Boston. It is off-white in colour and king sized, with exact dimensions of: 72 x 72 x 8 inch.

Despite being a spring types mattress, it constitutes of foam cushioning on all its sides for the purpose of providing support and comfort to the ultimate user. To be precise, the exact degree of firmness of this particular mattress is medium soft.

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#10.Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Mattress:

mattress with top ratings in India

Colour is a means of differentiation in the mattress market. In order to do just that, this is one particular model by Sleepwell that’s chocolate brown in colour.

It is a single size spring mattress, with exact dimensions of: 78 x 60 x 5 inch. Along with using spring as one of its primary materials, memory foam is also used to make up for some of the drawbacks that come hand-in-hand with spring mattresses.

As a user, you can expect medium firmness, which according to many people is the ideal firmness to go for in a mattress.

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#11.Kurl-on Relish 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

India's top rated mattress

While most of the spring mattresses in this article have been of the bonnel spring type, this particular one is slightly different. It is a pocket spring mattress, queen size and with exact dimensions of: 75 x 60 x 6 inch.

The outer cover of the mattress is made out of polycotton and is multicoloured to give it a distinguished appearance. As in a dual mattress, both the sides of this mattress are usable.

The design of the mattress as a whole ensures optimum weight distribution and long-lasting durability. Maintenance of optimum surface temperature is another primed facet of this mattress.

Coming from Kurlon brand,this mattress is definitely worth looking at.

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#12.Peps SKBNL107872 10-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Top rated spring mattress in India

This is a king size bonnel spring type mattress from Peps, with exact product dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 10 inch. The 10 inch thickness is what is really responsible for the medium soft firmness that it has to offer.

Due to the material used inside and outside the mattress, unwanted foreign bodies such as bed bugs, dust, fungus and even bad odour maintain their due distance.

Red as blood in colour and a contemporary design gives it that aesthetic appeal that many mattresses lack.

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These are the top 12 best rated mattress online in India and all of these mattresses are from reputed and popular brands.

Choose a mattress wisely and have a good sleep everyday.

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