Best Pregnancy Pillow for Women in India in 2018

This article is mainly intended to educate our readers about special pillows that were designed for women to be used during pregnancy and provide the list of best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

At some point, irrespective of our gender, the phenomenon known as pregnancy comes and creates a positive stir in one’s life. Naturally, women experience pregnancy and hence, know pregnancy better than men.

But pregnancy brings along a completely different set of challenges. Morning sickness and cravings are the more popularised challenges but pregnancy poses challenges beyond this. For examples, for a woman sleeping correctly too, is a challenge.

That’s where pregnancy pillow comes in. A pregnancy pillow is important. It’s not a product that’s been created based on a whim. The utility of these pillows is real. So let’s briefly summarize why such pillows are so important:

Best Pregnancy or maternity pillows for women to buy online in India

For more comprehensive information on the importance of these pillows, one suggests that you read another article. After reading that, please do come back here to look at some of the best pregnancy pillows for women in India.

Top 7 Best Pregnancy Pillow For women in India in 2018:

#1.MomToBe C Shape Maternity Pillow: 

Best pregnancy or maternity pillow in India

This C shape maternity pillow from MomToBe is our first best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

There are different types of sleepers in this world. If you are a mother who is a side sleeper or a back sleeper and are looking for a pillow that provides you support in all the right areas, this is your pregnancy pillow.

Along with support, you can even expect comfort. This pillow is ergonomically designed to allow the sleeper change positions in the night constantly and still feel no pain in the morning.

Since it is made out of cotton, the pillow maintains optimum temperature and ensures that the surface doesn’t get too hot to distort one’s sleep. The zippered cover facilitates easy washing, a boon for every woman out there.

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#2.Coozly Premium Navy Floral Pregnancy U Pillow:

Best pregnancy pillows for women online in India

This floral pregnancy U shaped pillow is our second best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

The shape of a pregnancy pillow matters a lot. The U-shape makes this an ideal pillow for people who sleep on their sides and change positions continuously while in sleep.

Made out of materials which are hypoallergenic, ensures that the pillow is free of unwanted foreign bodies.

It offers twin support which essentially translates to overall support for the body, including one’s head, shoulders and back.

As and when one lies down on it, the pillow takes the shape of the person and acts like a comfortable cocoon for the mother and the baby.

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#3.Coozly U LYTE Maroon Pregnancy:

Best maternity pillow for women in India

This maroon colour U shaped pillow is our third best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

The same seller and as a product too, very similar to the one above, this too is a U-shaped pregnancy pillow. Hypoallergenic material and twin support are two characteristic features of this pillow.

Predominantly, the major difference between this product and the one above is the design and a few different raw materials too. Support, comfort and flexibility again, is what can be expected from this pillow.

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#4.Momtobe U-Shape Body Pregnancy Pillow:

Top 7 best pregnancy pillow for woman in India

Another top quality pillow from MomToBe is our fourth best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

The first product in this article was a C-shaped pillow that’s sold by Momtobe. This one is a U-shaped pillow sold by them.

As is characteristic with such shaped pillows, they are ideal for side sleepers and those who continuously change their sleeping position.

Twin side support works like a mirror. Both sides of the pillow are identical and hence, irrespective of whether one is sleeping on the right side or the left, the shape of the pillow is the same.

The extra wide legs helps for providing extra support to the person sleeping on it. Also, since cotton is the primary material used in it, comfort is more than a mere guarantee.

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#5.Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow:

Top 7 best maternity pillows for women to buy online in India

Ivory in colour and C-shaped in design, this again, is perfect for back and side sleepers and it is our fifth best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

Irrespective of the frequency of changes in sleeping position, comfort and all-round support are two things that this pillow guarantees its user.

The pillow is ergonomically designed to ensure full body support, from head to toe. With the help of this pillow, a number of medical issues such as lower-back pain can be avoided by pregnant women.

The fact that the pillow comes with a cover makes the process of washing it simpler, while the dust can be sucked out of it using a vaccum cleaner.

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#6.Premium Coozly Pregnancy Pillow PregnoCare Plain Beige Pregnancy Horseshoe U Body Pillow:

Best Pregnancy pillows online in India

Another Coozly pregnancy pillow making this list, again, the difference between this and the other two pillows is very minimal. Out of the three, this is the most expensive one.

This is our sixth best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

The design again is different and with respect to this product, the dimensions and weight too, is different.

Twin support and hypoallergenic fibers are common to all three pillows. And hence, support and comfort too, comes inherent with this product.

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#7.Queen Rose Unique U-Shaped Total Body Support Pillow:

Best quality Pregnancy pillow for women in India

This U shaped total body support pillow is our last and seventh best pregnancy pillow for women in India.

Blue and pink in colour and a slightly elongated U-shape, such are the physical characteristics of this pregnancy pillow. Made out of polyester, it is extremely soft and adequately comfortable.

Designed in a manner to ensure that the pregnant woman in question, doesn’t suffer from any medical issues such as sciatica, the pillow offers all-round body support.

The elongated shape works towards adding to the supporting ability of the pillow and furthermore, the polyester used to make it ,ensures durability.

In order to make it easily washable, it comes with zippers from which the cover can be easily removed and therefore, the pillow can be easily washed.

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Note: All these pregnancy pillows are very useful at the time of pregnancy, as well as, post-pregnancy.

These are the best pregnancy/maternity pillows you could buy online in India and all these are of good quality and comes from well known brands.Choose the right one for you based on brand,quality and price.

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