Best Pocket Spring Mattress in India

In the Indian market, as of today, there are three main types of mattresses available. These are spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

Now within these types of mattresses, there are sub-mattress types. Pocket spring mattresses are a sub-type of spring mattresses.

So, what are pocket spring mattresses?

The answer to it is a slightly technical one. In an attempt to save you the technical jargon, a pocket spring mattress is essentially a mattress with a number of individual springs which remain unattached to the mattress but are present in their own ‘pocket like’ fabric.

For the pros and cons of such mattresses, please refer to this article. That being done, this is the article that will ultimately help you make your purchase decision.Here is the list of some of the best pocket spring mattresses in India.

Best Pocket spring mattress to buy online in India

Best Pocket Spring Mattress to buy online in India:

#1.Boston Pocket Spring 8-Inch Single Size Off White Spring Mattress:

Best Pocket spring mattress in India

White but not white, this pocket spring mattress that’s sold by Boston is quite simple in design. Most spring mattresses use a little bit of foam in order to overcome some of the drawbacks of spring mattresses.

This mattress too, makes use of foam and some kind of wire edged technology to make the mattress more comfortable and supportive.

The exact dimensions of this mattress are: 72 x 36 x 8 inch. A premium quilted fabric covering on the outside gives it a luxurious touch.In terms of firmness, the mattress is medium soft.

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#2.Kurl-on Relish 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Top 6 best pocket spring mattress to buy online in India

This mattress from Kurlon company is dynamic in terms of appearance. All that translates to is that it is multicolored. As in dual mattresses, both the sides of this king size mattress with dimension of 78 x 72 x 6 inch are usable.

The outer covering of the mattress is made out of polycotton which is one of the reason why this mattress is able to maintain optimum surface temperature.

All the springs are protected by some kind of bond and hence, the mattress is highly durable in nature.

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#3.Englander Tension Ease 8 inches Single Size Pocket Spring Mattress:

Best selling pocket spring mattress online in India

This is a pocket spring mattress with number of features. To name a few: it massages the back and spine of the user, it alleviates the pressure points of the body and it ensures optimum weight distribution on the mattress.

The outer covering is made out of some kinds of imported fabric giving the mattress a smooth feel to it.This mattress looks luxurious and can get great look to your bedroom.

Concluding with the size, this is a single size mattress with dimensions of: 75 x 30 x 8 inch.

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#4.Boston Pocket Spring 10-Inch King Size Off White Spring Mattress:

Best pocket spring mattresses in India

The second Boston mattress in this list, this one is the same in colour, off-white, but is significantly bigger. Its exact product dimensions are: 78 x 72 x 10 inch.

Boston is one of the top mattress brand when it comes to spring mattresses in India and this is one of popular mattress from this brand.

Again, very similar to the above mattress, this particular mattress too, uses foam and some kind of wired technology to make it comfortable and supportive.

The same outer quilted fabric exists. However, another differentiating factor between this and the other model is in terms of the mattress firmness. While that mattress is medium soft, this is just soft.

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#5.Springwel Ecosoft 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Top 6 best pocket spring mattresses in India

Springwel mattresses can be identified from far off. Why? Because of their eye-catching colours. This holds true especially if one is talking about Springwel pocket spring mattress.

Maroon and yellow in colour, with product dimensions of 72 x 76 x 6 inch, this spring mattress is ably supported by high density foam.

The outer covering is made out of premium fabric. All in all, it is an aesthetically pleasing utility satisfying king size mattress.

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Best pocket spring mattress

By now, you have read about all the specs that such pocket spring mattresses have. Similar to many such mattresses, this too, makes use of high density foam which acts like cushioning for the mattress.

Again, the outer cover of the mattress is made out of high quality imported fabric with the intention of adding to the comfort appeal of the mattress.

In terms of firmness, the mattress is medium soft. Due to the design of the mattress as a whole, it facilitates better weight distribution throughout which results in a more comfortable and supportive experience.

Last but not the least, its sized like a king-size mattress with exact dimensions of: 75 x 72 x 8 inch.

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These are the top 6 best pocket spring mattresses you could buy online in India. Did you find any of these mattress suitable for you?

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