Best place to buy a mattress online in India? AMAZON vs FLIPKART Comparison

The Amazon vs Flipkart debate is one which has been going on for years now. And by the looks of things, this ‘trend’ doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon.

Before we get into this topic. Let’s remember this. Both these e-commerce giants are vying for the same customers. That’s one of the main reasons why this becomes such a heated debate. It’s like an Apple vs Samsung part 2.

Is mattress a commodity that’s generally purchased online? To be honest, surprisingly, yes. The older generation may not be embracing this digital phenomenon to the fullest but the millennial population to say the least, is definitely embracing it with respect to each and every product: mattresses included.

You won’t believe it ,but there is a company that’s even trying to sell water online and they too, have customers. That being said we can conclude one thing at least. Mattresses are commodities that are bought online.

Next. Who’s better? Flipkart or Amazon?

Which is the best ecommerce store to buy mattress online in India - Amazon vs Flipkart debate

My perspective on the e-commerce market as a whole, draws me towards Amazon. Why? Well firstly, let’s just establish this as a fact.

All that’s being conveyed here, is a mere opinion, it’s not fact and all of this is a segmented and targeted response towards mattresses and mattresses only.

Amazon is a better place to buy your mattress online because they care about mattress sales. How does one know that? Type ‘mattress’ in the google search box and just below a few niche sites comes the name Amazon.

In fact, what’s quite astonishing is that Flipkart barely makes the first page even. That just shows how concentrated Amazon is towards this segment.

It shows the work and effort that they have put into digital content, SEO and digital advertising as a whole. And when a company or organization takes the effort and resources to make things easier for a consumer, doesn’t that reflect in brand loyalty? There you go.

A secret to Amazon’s success. That’s one way they capture customer brand loyalty. Capturing niche and personal segments.

Looking at it now purely from a consumer’s point of view. On Amazon the number of different types of mattresses available is frankly impressive.

Whatever mattress you want, more often than not it’s sold on Amazon. And not just one model, you will find multiple alternatives to choose from even.

When we search for mattress ,here is the count which we could see from

Best place to buy mattress online - Amazon vs flipkart

Here is the screen print from Flipkart

Best online store for mattress buying online in India

Next thing is the number of brands available for sale.Amazon has got wide variety of brands and almost all top mattress brands are available for sale.Though Flipkart also offers most of the major brands,it still lags behind in this case.

Some of the mattress companies available @ Amazon

Good place to buy a mattress online in India

Some of the mattress companies available @ FLIPKART

Best online ecommerce store to buy mattress online in India

The mattress count and brands number is as of article publishing date and it can very well change now if you try to compare.

Another thing is the discount. Whenever you look at these mattresses, whether it’s during working days or holidays, more often than not they are offered at a discounted price.

What more does a consumer want? He/She get full, all year-round access to variety and discounted prices. Idealistically speaking, that really is an ideal purchase scenario.

Being an Indian, naturally we try to favour Flipkart in such debates. But we need to face facts. Hopefully, one day, the debate ends and Flipkart rises over Amazon in India and competes with them in the foreign markets too.

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