Best Pillow Protectors in India

As perplexing as it might sound, a pillow protector is not the same as a pillow cover. At first, this information get’s you baffled, right?

But it’s not that complex. Human beings just have a tendency to make things seem complex. The major differentiator between the two is their purpose.

The purpose of a pillowcase is to make a pillow look good primarily and then comes the ancillary benefit of protecting the pillow from stains etc.

While, the purpose of a pillow protector is quite the opposite. The basic purpose of a pillow protector is to protect the pillow from wear and tear.

Is it a little bit clearer now?

With the hope that it is, let’s look at some of the best pillow protectors that one can purchase online in India:

Top 7 best pillow protector of water proof and mist and dust proof in India

Best Pillow Protectors to buy online in India:

#1.Trance Home Linen Trance Waterproof Pillow Protector:

Best waterproof pillow protector to buy online in India

Waterproof: Isn’t that one example of an ideal characteristic to look for in a pillow protector? If your thought process is similar, this pillow protector will surely seem attractive to you.

It is made out of 100% pure cotton which is hypoallergenic, as in, you can confidently say goodbye to your fear of allergies.

Eco-friendly and breathable, ensures that the pillow is always of the right temperature, never too hot nor too cold.

If you are an aesthetic personality, fear not as this model is available in a whole range of colours. They come in sets of 2, each of dimensions: 18 x 28 inch.

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#2.Linenwalas Waterproof and Dustproof Pillow Protectors:

Best pillow protector to buy online in India

This too, comes in sets of two, however the dimensions of these pillow protectors is slightly different. It is 20 x 36 inch, to be precise.

While the outer terry cotton material, makes for a smooth surface, the inner PVC ensures that the protector is waterproof.

It is zippered which makes it easy to wash. Similar to the one above, this too, is hypoallergenic and allows for proper air circulation which ensures that the surface temperature of the pillow is more or less ideal.

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#3.AVI Waterproof And Dustproof Pillow Protector:

Top 7 best waterproof pillow protector in India

White in colour, with dimensions of: 17 x 27 inch, this waterproof pillow protector is slightly more affordable when compared to the others.

Since this too, comes with a zipper washing it is not at all a problem. Very similar in making to the one above, the outer layer of it is made of 100% terry cotton, while the bottom layer uses PVC that makes it waterproof.

Looking at it at a macroscopic level, this is one pillow protector that’s simple, elegant and surely represents value for money.

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#4.Trance Home Linen Zippered Maroon Waterproof & Dustproof Pillow Protector:

Best pillow protectors to buy online in India

The best way to differentiate a product that lies in a category wherein all the products have similar characteristics is by means of: colour and design.

Just take a look at this pillow protector for example. In terms of features, it’s more or less the same. It is waterproof, dustproof, allergen-proof and eco-friendly even.

However, it is maroon in colour. The primary material still is 100% terry cotton. Actually, when you look at this particular model and compare it to the other one sold by Trance that’s in this list, the characteristics apart from the physical features will more or less match.

This comes in sets of 2, with each pillow protector having dimensions of: 20 x 36 inch.

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#5.Indigo Cotton Pillow Protector:

Top quality and best pillow protector to buy at an affordable price

If affordability is your prime criteria, look no further, literally. When compared to all other pillow protectors on this list, this perhaps costs half than what others cost, maybe even lesser.

It looks simple. It’s white in colour with dimensions of: 43 x 69 cm. But it’s not waterproof, nor is it dustrproof. One doesn’t enjoy the multiple benefits that other pillow protectors provide. But, yet, it is still washable at least.

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#6.Home Expression White Waterpoof Pillow Protector:

Good quality and popular pillow protectors in India

Affordable and yet, benefit laden? Yup, that’s right. Maybe not ‘benefit laden’ but it’s definitely waterproof.

The physical characteristics of this pillow protector are somewhat like this: dimensions: 49 x 69 cm; pattern: printed; material: cotton. Also, due to the fact that it comes with a zipper, this pillow protector is easily washable.

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#7.Sleep Matic Premium Waterproof Cotton Plain Fitted Zipper King Size Pillow Protector:

Top 7 best pillow protector to buy online in India

This pillow protector comes in a set of 2. Both of which are compatible with king size pillows of dimensions: 17.5 x 27.5 inch.

The primary material used in this protector is cotton. It is completely waterproof and noise proof, too. The make ensures an appropriate amount of air circulation which in turn guarantees that the surface temperature of the pillow remains optimum.

Apart from being waterproof and noise proof, it is also allergen-proof. All in all, this is a very comfortable pillow protector which dutifully fulfils the purpose for which it is designed.

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These are some of the top quality and best pillow protectors you could buy online in India.

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