Best Petrol /Electric Chainsaw to Buy Online in India

In India; the ‘home-handyman’ culture doesn’t really exist. You won’t see a chainsaw in every house you go. Instead, everybody has the blue collar professions on speed-dial. In fact, it’s better that way.

Word of caution: Don’t purchase any kind of chainsaw unless you know how to use one. These machines are definitely not meant to be played around with.

If for some reason you do need to purchase a chain saw maybe for your factory or something; you should know that the two popular types of chainsaws that are available in the market are: petrol chainsaw and electric chainsaw.

Let’s make this simple.

If you know what you are doing; go for a petrol chainsaw. They are extremely powerful & very mobile. Only drawback is that they are hard to maintain and difficult to store.

If you just need a chainsaw for small labour; nothing too major, go for an electric chainsaw. Although they aren’t as powerful, they are much, much simpler to use, especially from a common man’s perspective.

Since you have a little bit of an insight into what kind of a chainsaw is right for you, let’s now look at some of the best petrol and electric chainsaws that you can purchase online in India.

Top 7 Best Petrol /Electric Chainsaw for Home use in India:

#1.Turner Tools TT 2258 22” 1700W Petrol Chain Saw:

Best Petrol or Electric chain saw to buy online in India

As the name suggests, this is a petrol chain saw. It runs of a 1700W electric motor that’s extremely powerful but barely vibrates.

Hence, relatively quite easy to use. It’s been designed in a manner ensuring optimum weight distribution as a whole, which in turn reduces the chances of fatigue creeping in while it’s being used.

Weighing 8kgs, it’s considerably portable too. If you are one for aesthetics, choose your pick from the colours: red, green, blue and yellow.

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#2.Shakti SPC22/R Petrol Chain Saw:

Top 7 best petrol or electric chain saw to buy online in India

A petrol chainsaw through and through, this particular model comes 58cc engine through which it operates the 22 inch long guide bar.

In terms of cutting capacity, its maximum is 55cm. Now coming to the capacity of the petrol tank.

It holds a 550 ml tank. Furthermore, this product comes with its own personalised kind of tool-kit consisting of screw drivers, plug spanner etc. Let’s be honest, that’s a very useful add-on for a commodity such as this.

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Top 7 best electric chain saw to buy online in India

The first electric chainsaw of the list is the Makita UC4041A. Running on an 1800W electric motor, it’s considerably powerful.

The guide bar is 16 inches long. While in operation, in terms of decibels it is 101.3db loud.

If that’s too much for you, just put cotton inside your ears before you start to use it.

A soft grip makes it easy to hold and if you want something firmer; hold on to the spike grips instead.

Easy to use, adjustable and powerful; in many people’s eyes this is the perfect electric chainsaw for a novice.

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#4.Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw MS-180:

Top 7 best petrol chain saw in India

Orange in colour; this is a cast iron electric chainsaw with a 2HP engine safely tucked inside.

No doubt, it’s a powerful machine. The guide bar is 16 inch long; whereas the dimensions of the entire chainsaw are that of: 81 x 23 x 25cm.

It’s durable and extremely lightweight. If the objective is to cut trees; with this machine you can tackle any piece of wood with a 30cm diameter.

But please; let’s not cut trees for the sake of it. Only and only a necessity should command such an adverse action.

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#5.Bosch AKE 40-19 Pro 1900-Watt Chainsaws:

Best selling petrol or electric chain saw online in India

An electric chainsaw that’s equipped with a 1900-Watt power motor.

Bosch, is a very well established brand in this market especially. Hence, its products come along with a reputation for quality.

Keeping the user’s safety in mind; this model is equipped with a safety kick-brake feature. Based on ergonomics; the design facilitates superior balance irrespective of one’s working position.

And let’s not forget, this feature is important. Nobody wants to be left to the dangers of a running electric chainsaw.

The chain is thoughtfully covered with 3-layers of chrome which ensures that the chain retains its sharpness for a long-period of time.

Maintenance is barely an issue and the automatic oil lubrication system adds to the convenience aspect of the machine.

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#6.Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw MS-170:

Best electric or petrol chain saw from top brands in India

The MS-170 is very similar to the MS-180; which also has made this list.

Power being the differentiator between the two; the MS-170 hosts a 1.7HP motor while the latter uses a more powerful 2HP motor.

Made out of cast iron; the size of the guide bar is the same, 16 inches to be precise. Coming to the size of the machine as a whole.

Its exact dimensions are that of: 81 x 23 x 25cm. It’s durable and actually slightly lighter than the MS-180.

A sort of chain brake and master lever control are two other features that are found in both these models.

So, as you can see apart from the power of the motors; essentially, they are identical products.

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#7.Neptune Heavy Duty 16″ (40 CM) Electric ChainSaw:

Top 7 best electric chain saw to buy online in India

With a 16 inch guide bar and 2200-Watt electric motor; this proves to be quite a formidable electric chainsaw.

The handle is made out of some kind of soft material that makes it easy to hold and almost nulls the vibrations caused by its operation.

It hosts an automatic oiling system which adds to the fact that it’s a very easy machine to maintain.

With a low kickback-chain and a powerful and efficient motor; cutting things could never have been made any easier.

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These are the best Petrol or electric chain saw you could buy online in India.Choose the best chain saw for you based on the need and usage.

Did you buy any chain saw recently?What’s your experience with that machine?

Please do comment with your experience.

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