Best memory foam mattress in India – Top 6 list for selection

Your first question is,

What is a memory foam mattress?”

A ‘memory foam’ mattress is simply a mattress that’s made out of denser foam. The dense foam contributes to its weight, making it heavier but at the same time much more supportive.

They are super-comfortable mattresses, priced accordingly. As soon as one lies down on such a mattress, one can feel one’s weight be evenly distributed.

Unlike other, traditional mattresses, the memory foam mattress retains its original shape as soon as the person reduces the pressure that’s put on it.

Best memory foam mattress in India - top list to pick from online

Fun fact: Memory foam was first used by NASA for one of their airplane seats.

So why do people swear by these mattresses?

Well, people who swear by their sleep, swear by these mattresses. In fact, it’s not only them, even doctors believe that memory foam mattresses enhance the quality of sleep of a person.

With everything being said there’s not much proof available to back these claims yet but someday soon? Maybe?

There are some variations of these mattresses that are designed to relieve pressure points and prevent pressure sores.

Since we have implied that memory foam mattresses result in the best sleep ever, of course, you will now want to go and purchase one.

Top 6 best memory foam mattress in India

We got your back then even. There are some things that you must consider before purchasing a memory foam mattress and they are:

  1. Be prepared to cough up a considerable amount for these mattresses as they do not come cheap.
  2. Read up on the concept of IFD in relation to mattresses and accordingly, purchase a mattress that’s of the right density for you.
  3. Foam density plays an important role in relation to mattress quality. Ensure that the mattress that you are purchasing neither too dense, nor, not dense enough. Speak to the salesperson in charge or read up on it further. As a guide, a mattress with foam density of 80 kg is considered to be a mattress of high quality.

Gone are the days when the choices of high-quality mattresses were limited, today you have got a myriad of products available in market offering you high-quality comfort & promising a good night’s sleep.

Even for those who are suffering from orthopedic problems, the memory foam mattresses are an excellent solution.

There are many other benefits of using memory foam mattress and if you are eager to understand more,check here and here.

Here is an interesting video to get to know more on memory foam and hybrid foam mattresses.

Here is another must watch video from WakeFit company,which is famous for it’s memory foam mattresses in India.

As you have read through earlier,memory foam mattresses are not only comfortable but also offer optimum body support.

Now that you got to know most of the required details about memory foam mattress,this is the time to go ahead and pick one for yourself.

Do you think it is that easy and you have ready made answer for best memory foam mattress in India for buying?

NO, is the by-default answer as you have to search through most of the brands available and again scan through each of the memory foam mattress offered by these brands to pick the right one for you.

So to make the selection process simpler,we have picked some of the best memory foam mattress in India ,which you could buy online easily.

Best memory foam mattress in India - easily pick from

If you are looking for one, here is the list of 6 best memory foam mattresses to buy online in India.

Go through the list and pick one which can work for long duration with in your budget.

Best Memory Foam Mattress in India :

#1.Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress(78*72*6inch):

Best memory foam mattress in India

The high-quality memory foam fitted Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is also equipped with the latest innovation that offers you a high level of comfort along with full body support.

It is recommended by orthopedic medical practitioners for daily use.

Key features:

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Top 6 best memory foam mattresses to buy online in India

For maintain an excellent body posture while sleeping to ensure no pains and aches, this is the best choice.

Made with high-quality foam, the mattress is a medical aid for people suffering from backaches and other orthopedic problems.

Key Features:

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#3.Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress(72*36*5inch):

Branded memory foam mattress to buy online

As the name suggests, this mattress helps you with a great night sleep enabled with medically fit posture.

It’s one of the most frequently bought memory foam mattresses in India.

It is highly recommended for people with spine problems and other orthopedic concerns.

Key features:

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#4.Coirfit Health Spa 6-inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress (Off-White, 78x72x6):

Best quality memory foam mattress from top brands to buy from Amazon India

Another great option that offers you relief in your orthopedic condition, the Coirfit Health Spa 6-inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent choice.

The king size mattress fits your king sized beds perfectly.

Key Features:

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#5.Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam 6 inch Queen Foam Mattress  (Standard Foam):

Best memory foam mattress from FLIPKART India

A simple yet effective memory foam mattress that makes your sleeping comfortable and uninterrupted, the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam 6 inch Queen Foam Mattress is perfect for your beds.

It is made of standard foam and offers great support.

Key Features:


#6.Cocofoam Beige Yorkshire Bonnell Spring Euro Top Mattress 75x60x8(LxBxH) Inches With 10 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Best branded memory foam mattress to buy from online stores in India

One luxurious addition to your handloom collection, this is a highly comfortable & supportive mattress.

It offers you with best posture solutions and makes your night sleep perfectly.

Key Features:

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These are the top 6 best memory foam mattresses of good quality to buy in India this year.

You could select one which is most suitable for you based on your personal choice of brand,features and budget.

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