Best Mattress for Back Sleeper in India

There are various mattresses available which will cater to different segments of people as per the need. This article mainly talks about mattresses for various sleeping positions and specially back sleepers.You would also see the best mattress for back sleeper in India.

Are you a ‘back sleeper’?


Are you confused?

Well, believe it or not people of this world have classified sleeping positions. This actually gets confusing.  If you search on the internet, ‘What are the different types of sleeping positions?’, expect ambiguous answers like: The Yearner, The Log and so on and so forth.

But to keep it simple, let’s talk at the two popular types of sleepers which we all can relate to in an instant: Side sleeper and back sleeper.

Each position has its own merits and demerits.

Side sleepers are people who sleep on their side. Perks? Reduces snoring, elongated spine and good for acid reflux. And the cons. Reduction in blood flow to arms and nerves. Uneven weight distribution.

And as the name suggests, a back sleeper is a person who sleeps on his back. Not on his sides. Not spread-out like a starfish. Straight on his/her back.

In comparison, sleeping on one’s back has more advantages than sleeping on one’s side, scientifically at least. It facilitates better weight distribution, fights acid reflux and one can say that if a doctor practices what he preaches, he is a back sleeper.

Watch the video below to get to know the reason why back sleeping is the best sleeping position

All good things come with a ‘but’ and the ‘but’, in relation to this context means: snoring. A back-sleeper, generally, snores more.

That being said, are these sleeping positions really important?

Yes, they are important. What do you do at 2:00 am in the night when you aren’t falling asleep? Change your position. Sleep deprivation feels much worse than it sounds and your sleeping position does make a difference.

From a stereotypical perspective, a back sleeper possesses hints of these traits:

Fun fact: Depending upon one’s sleeping position, there’s an ideal mattress out there. Mattresses differ in terms of firmness and type. For a back sleeper a certain firmness in the mattress enhances its beneficial properties. So if you are a back-sleeper just keep this one thing in mind before making the purchase.

Best mattress for back sleeper to buy online in India

Moving on. We have compiled a list of mattresses that are specifically recommended for back sleepers. Here goes the list.

Best mattress for back sleeper in India:

#1.Solimo 6-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress:

This memory foam mattress from Solimo brand is our first best mattress for back sleeper in India.

This is a queen size memory foam mattress. Hence, the relatively expensive price. Best mattress for back sleeper in India

However, Solimo is a reputed name in this market. The mattress is made up of four layers, each one playing a different but yet, particular role.

As it is a memory foam mattress, you can expect a great deal of comfort coupled with the appropriate amount of support. The dimensions of this mattress are set at: 78x60x6 inches. buy button

#2.Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

This Spring mattress from Kurlon brand is our second best mattress for back sleeper in India.

Another queen size mattress but the difference is in its brand and dimensions. Kurl-on is the brand and 72x60x6 inches are its product dimensions. top quality best mattresses for back sleeper in India

Most of the Kurl-on mattresses incorporate the ‘Kurlopedic technology’ which basically ensures that the mattress is free of all unwanted foreign bodies like dust-mites, bed bugs etc.

This is a spring mattress that’s of the bonnel type. It’s a durable and comfortable mattress which, being a spring mattress is comparatively cheaper and more affordable for the common man. buy button


#3.Nilkamal Easy 4-inch Double Size Spring Mattress:

This spring mattress from Nilkamal brand is our third best mattress for back sleeper in India.

 Top 7 best mattress for back sleepers in IndiaIdeal for a double bed, this is a spring mattress of the bonnel type with dimensions of: 72x48x4 inches.

Compared to the other two mattresses above, this is substantially smaller and hence much, much more affordable.

The multilayers of the mattress give a feeling of comfort and support which in its absence would not prevail.

In order to see if this mattress is the right fit for you, it would make sense to cross-check with the height and weight charts that Nilkamal follows. buy button

#4.Coirfit Health Spa 6-inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress:

Good Mattress for back sleeping position to buy from best brands

This King size memory foam mattress from Coirfit brand is our fourth best mattress for back sleeper in India.

In terms of dimensions, king size mattresses are the biggest. And co-relationally, the price too.

Elegantly designed for a modern household, this is a memory foam mattress with dimensions of: 78x72x6 inches.

The firmness of this mattress is in between, just right. Hard enough for an orthopaedic patient and yet, soft enough to put one into soundless sleep.

The entire mattress is made using fine raw materials, right from the foam inside the mattress to the fabrics used in the outer covering. buy button


#5.Kurl-on Mermaid 5-inch King Size Foam Mattress:

Another king size mattress but this time it is from popular Kurl-on brand and this is our fifth best mattress for back sleeper in India.

One king size mattress after another. Thanks to the ‘Kurlopedic technology’, the mattress is always free from dust mites and bed bugs.
Good quality and popular mattresses for back sleeper to buy from online in India

Foam mattresses exudes comfort and luxury. Sold under the name of ‘Mermaid’, this is one of the better mattresses sold in the market.

It is a dual comfort mattress which implies that both sides of the mattress are usable. One side for excess comfort, the other for excess support.

Top quality foam is used in this entire mattress that’s of dimensions: 75x72x5 inches. buy button

#6.Story@Home 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress:

This single size foam mattress is our sixth best mattress for back sleeper in India.

Best mattress for back sleeping positionIf you are looking for a simple, no-fuss foam mattress that’s extremely affordable this model should catch your eyes.

It is a foldable, space saving comfortable mattress with dimensions of: 72x35x4 inches.

The modern design gives it an added edge especially for the people to whom the aesthetics of a product matter just as much as its utility. buy button

#7.Solimo 6-inch King Dual Comfort Foam Mattress:

This dual comfort foam mattress from Solimo brand is our last and seventh best mattress for back sleeper in India.

This list started off with a big Solimo Queen size mattress and it ends with a bigger mattress: king size. Top 7 best mattress for back sleeper to buy from Amazon India

How big? The exact dimensions of this product are: 78x72x6 inches. It is a dual comfort mattress.

Reinstating what’s previously been stated in this article, a dual comfort mattress implies that both sides of the mattress are usable.

A person is free to choose the side of the mattress that meets their comfort and support expectations best. It has one soft side and a relatively harder side.

Four layers make up this mattress and it’s partly because of this that one basks in the absence of pressure points on the body. buy button

These are the top 7 mattress for back sleepers in India which you could buy from online store.All these mattresses are from well known and reputed mattress brands in India so you could be rest assured about quality of the mattress.

Pick the best mattresses based on your choice of size,brand and price.Go through all the features and choose one wisely as you are going to use the mattress for very long time.

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