Best Mattresses under 3000 rupees in India

This article is part of our series where best mattresses are identified across various price ranges.This article particularly concentrates on best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

As human beings ,a peaceful night’s sleep – ideally for 7-8 hrs , is an inevitable aspect which is necessary for our physical, emotional and mental well being .

Unfortunately , all of us are so caught up in our daily slogs to such an extent that we are seldom able to indulge in that much needed sleep.

This, along with the added misery brought upon by sleeping disorders like Insomnia that plagues the lives of many, raises the significance of the fact that along with quantity, it is imperative for us to focus on the quality of sleep as well.

And the one integral element that determines the quality of our sleep, is the mattress we use- the findings by the National Sleep Foundation in a 2011 poll which concluded that 92 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep, being testimony to the same.

But is it necessary that you have to shell out a fortune to buy yourself that elusive “right” mattress? No, because here we have list of some of the most inexpensive buys available in the market that will enable you to indulge in an envious blissful slumber at some of the most affordable, reasonable prices – all falling below the 3000 rupees price range.

Best mattresses under 3000 rupees in India

Best mattresses under 3000 rupees. in India:

#1.Nilkamal 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress (75”x30”x4”):

Best mattresses with price below 3000 rupees in India

This single size foam mattress from Nilkamal brand is our first one in the list of best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

Nilkamal is the good old Indian brand offering affordable bedding options to all.

Keeping in line with the same, the first product in our list is the Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress.

The Mattress is available in two sizes- Full and Twin options ,where the Single Twin mattress comes with dimensions of Length -75 inches, Width -30 inches, Height -4 inches.

The Multi-layered mattress is made of Evlon/Lux Foam and comes in the shade of maroon. Priced at around 3000 rupees, it comes with warranty of two years. buy button

#2.Sleepinns Three Fold Single Bed Size (72” X 35” X 2.2”):

Top 6 best mattress under 3000 rupees in India

The next product on the list is a three -fold Single bed brought to you by the Canadian Mattress maker, Sleepinss.This is our second one in the list of best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

The primary material that constitutes the mattress is EPE  foam – Expanded Polyethylene Foam which is non-abrasive, soft and yet highly resistant to oil, chemicals and have excellent resistance to shearing from concentrated stress points.

These products are very “forgiving”, in that they retain their shape as well as their performance .

This foldable mattress , with dimensions of Length -72 Inches, Width -35 Inches, Height -2.2 Inches is available in an attractive checkered design.

It is priced very reasonably as one could buy this mattress for below 2000 rupees only.

However, it is recommended by the company that buyers take manual measurement of their bed size before buying and do a check. buy button

#3.Coirfit Beetle Single Size Coir Mattress (72x30x4):

good mattresses with cost under 3000 rupees

This single size coir mattress from Coirfit is our third one in the list of best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

Coirfit has carved a niche in offering quality Coir mattress products.

Keeping in line with the same ,the next product is the Coirfit Beetle Coir Mattress.

Made of premium Coir, this product offers all advantages that Coir brings to the table which includes easier air circulation inside the mattress which in turn maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature.

Also, Coir is naturally a hygroscopic material and hence is absorbs moisture from the air. It generally retains 8 to 10% moisture. This also gives the cool sensation in the coir mattress.

The 4-inch Single size Coir mattress comes in a multi-colour variant. Priced under 3000 rupees it comes with a warranty which is applicable through 1 year from billing date with replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. buy button

#4.River side Foldable Sleeping Cushion Mattress( 3×6 Ft):

Cheap and best mattresses with price below 3k in India

This foldable cushion mattress is our fourth one in the list of best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

A comparatively smaller and least cumbersome option on this list, is the foldable Cushion Mattress from River side.

Contemporarily styled, it is constituted by a blend of elements which includes Foam, Cotton cloth and Korai Grass- a natural element which has numerous health benefits.

Priced very nominally at thousand plus rupees, the USP of this product is its easy and hassle-free portability. buy button

#5.Loop Mattress 3 Fold Single Bed Size Mattress (72 X 35 X 2 Inch ):

Best mattresses with cost below 3000 rupees in India

Another foldable mattress but this time from Loop mattress is our fifth one in the list of best mattresses under 3000 rupees.

The second 3 Fold Single Bed on offer in this list , is the Loop Mattress 3 Fold Single Bed.

The product is made of Waterproof EPE Sheet and is laminated, which in turn makes it easily portable and odourless.

The product is completely assembled & ready to use , is equipped with suitable zips so that the outer cover can be easily washed and comes in an attractive Red and Black Checkered design .

Priced competitively with cost below 2000 rupees, it comes with dimensions of Length -72 inches, Width -35 inches, Height- 2 inches and  weighs approximately 2.2 Kgs . buy button

These are 5 best mattresses one could buy for cost below 3000 rupees in India.Go through the list and pick right mattress for you.

There are very good options available if you could spend couple of thousand rupees more.If your answer is yes, here are some of the best mattresses under 5000 and 10000 Rupees in India.

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