Best mattress Topper/Padding to buy in India

A comfortable mattress is a must for a sound sleep. You can add a mattress topper or a padding for the extra support to your mattress. This will enhance your sleeping experience and take it to a whole new level of comfort and luxury.

Top 10 best mattress topper or padding to buy online in India

There are many mattress toppers available in the market and for this reason, we have reviewed the top 10 mattress toppers to make your decision process a little easy.

Best Mattress Topper/Padding to buy online in India:

#1.Avi King Size Finest Imported Super Microfiber Mattress Padding/Topper- White (72″X78″ Inch):

Best mattress topper to buy online in India

This microfiber mattress padding/topper is our first best mattress topper to buy online in India.

This topper is made up of imported super microfiber filling which provides ample support to your back and making your mattress a lot more comfortable.

This is said to be superior to memory foam as it has no odor. This mattress is baffle box stitched so that the filling is equally spread into square pockets.

You can use this on your new mattress as well as your old one.
Dimensions: 53.4 x 40.5 x 28.2 cm
Weight: 10 kg

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#2.Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding/Topper for 5 Star Hotel Feel (72″ X 78, White):

top 10 best mattress topper in IndiaThis topper will breathe a new life into your old saggy mattress as this is super soft and provides a perfect fit to your mattress.

It has a premium cotton fabric shell and the microfilling is imported for luxurious comfort.

The filling is box-stitched which spreads evenly throughout the topper and it also has elastic straps on all four sides for a secure fit.

The best feature about this topper is that it is hypoallergenic, anti-dust and anti-mite to give you an assured sound sleep.
Dimensions: 58.8 x 42.8 x 39.2 cm
Weight: 11kg

This top quality mattress topper from Linenwalas is our second best mattress padding to buy online in India.
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#3. Linenwalas Super Soft Memory Foam Mattress Topper / Padding For Babies With Soft Designer Enclosure – (White) (Crib Size/28″ X52″x1″):

Best selling mattress toppers in India

This is a memory foam mattress topper which is an ideal ingredient for a comfortable sleep.

It is made up of temperature sensitive material by which it can adjust itself according to the sleeper’s temperature ,body heat and body weight.

It also provides an upper body support to the head and the neck muscles for a more relaxed sleep.
Dimensions: 36.8 x 30 x 29 cm
Weight: 9kg
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#4. Avi Super Microfiber Small Queen Size Mattress Padding/Topper With Water Proof Dust Proof Spill Proof Mattress Mattress Cover,60X72 (White):

Best quality mattress padding to buy online in India

This mattress topper is made up of high-quality micro filling to give you a luxurious comfort like never before.

You can put this on your new mattress as well as your old mattress. This is extra soft and gives you full body support for a sound sleep.

It is baffle box stitched so that the filling is evenly spread into square pockets. It is dust-proof, waterproof and spill proof and gives you a luxury of residing at a 5 star hotel.
Dimensions: 45 x 40 x 40 cm
Weight: 11kg
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#5. AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Topper, 18″ Deep, King:

top quality best selling mattress topper or padding to buy in India

This lightweight quilted mattress pad will make you experience luxury like never before.

It has a hypoallergenic filling which is ideal for allergy sufferers. It also has knitted fabric side stretch to ensure a perfect fit.

The poly-cotton fabric on both sides ensures breathability and comfort. It is machine washable and foldable so you can take it with you on your next trip.
Dimensions: 36.8 x 30.7 x 30.2 cm
Weight: 2.3kg
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#6. FitMat Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Premium Cover (Single Small:35″x72″x1″):

Best mattress topper in IndiaThis mattress topper will completely transform your old mattress and enhance your sleeping experience to a whole new level.

It adds an extra cushioning to comfort your body and also provides an even weight distribution which works on your pressure points and reduces pain.

It also acts as a stress buster, and a great support and also helps to contour your body.
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30 cm
Weight: 6kg
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#7. Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton Mattress Topper – White (Single):

Top 10 best mattress topper or padding to buy in India

This is a 100% cotton mattress pad which is the perfect cure for your sleepless nights. The weave fabric is extra soft and cool for a luxurious comfort.

The fabric is breathable which counterbalances the warmness of many mattresses such as Tempurpedic.

The 100% cotton fiber filling goes through an extra engineering process to create layers of fiber that allow the pad to keep its shape longer and allow more air flow.
Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 5 cm
Weight: 1.3kg
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#8. Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton Mattress Topper – White (Single 75* 36):

Best quality mattress padding or toppers to buy in India
A 100% cotton mattress is the one to give you a sound sleep and a dreamy night. The fabric is extra soft and comfortable.

It also provides extra support to your body and also adjusts itself according to your body temperature and heat. It is breathable and allows air flow.
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#9. Hush Micro Fiber Super soft Mattress Topper 78″ x 66″:

Top selling mattress topper in IndiaThis mattress offers sublime comfort and lends a push to make you feel extra comfortable so that you can just sink into the mattress.

The fiber is specially treated slow release material to provide you a luxurious comfort.

It has no odor and the outer fabric is made up of micro polyester to give a soft finish.
Dimensions: 50.8 x 29.2 x 88.9 cm
Weight: 7kg

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10. AVI High-Quality Finest Imported super microfiber Mattress Padding/Topper For Kids With Water Proof , Dustproof Bug Proof Topper Protector/ Topper Cover Customized Size-Customized (White):

This mattress is made with the finest microfiber and can be used in a cot, crib or a bed.

The upper layer is made of terry cotton which is soft and the bottom layer is made of PVC which makes it completely waterproof.

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The above-mentioned mattress toppers are the best ones available and guarantee a sound and comfortable sleep to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated for the next day.

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