Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers in India

Out of all the sleeping positions, which do you think is the most popular with the masses?
Back? Side? Stomach? Fetal?

That’s open to debate. Every person is different. We all have different preferences and hence let’s quickly get to the point.

But not so quickly that you don’t get the complete picture. Before we get on a rant about stomach sleepers and list the different mattresses that you can purchase, let’s look at some of the most common sleeping positions.

Now in this article, we will be looking at the last category of sleepers: Stomach sleepers.

If you are a stomach sleeper, perhaps you can relate to this.

A stomach sleeper is a person who sleeps on their stomach, with their hands often enveloped around a pillow. With the help of research carried out by certain researchers, one can ascertain certain stereotypical characteristics to a person based on the way they sleep.

Watch the video below to get to know some useful tips on stomach sleeping

For example, if you are a stomach sleeper you are supposed to be a free personality, often sociable with hidden anguish and nervous energy. Yes, this information seems a tad bit too detailed but more often than not, it’s true.

Here is an interesting video to get to know what’s your sleeping style says about you

There are certain pros and cons that a stomach sleeper has to own up to. As mentioned earlier, one of the pros is that it helps with digestion. The other pro being that it too, helps reduce the likeliness of snores.

One look at the stomach sleepers position and you can guess what’s wrong: posture. Let’s be honest, for your back and body as a whole, it’s not the best posture.

Friendly advice. If you are a stomach sleeper, looking for a mattress there’s one thing that you must absolutely certain of:

Best mattress for stomach sleeper in India

The next step is to buy a good mattress for stomach sleeping position. Which one? Here is the list of mattresses that’s best suited for stomach sleepers in India.

Best mattress for stomach Sleepers in India:

#1.Solimo 4-inch Single Foam Mattress:

Best mattress for stomach sleeper

The first mattress on this list is a relatively smaller sized mattress sold by Solimo. To be precise on just how small, its dimensions of: 72x36x4 inches give a reasonable clue.

While the mattress is made out of foam, the top layer is made out of smooth, comfortable fabric that gives this slick feel to the mattress.

Weighing just 6kgs, it’s comparatively lightweight which in turn facilitates its easy movement from place to place. As a whole, this three layered mattress represents value for money with assured quality and comfort.

It doesn’t cost you much and is definitely one of the best stomach sleeper mattress to buy online in India. buy button

#2.Nilkamal Easy 4-inch Double Size Spring Mattress:

Top 6 best mattresses for stomach sleeper in India

This is a spring mattress of the bonnel type with dimensions of 72x48x4 inches. Due to it being a spring mattress and its small size, it’s quite affordable.

It is a multi-layered mattress and weighs nearly 30kgs. As with all Nilkamal mattresses, it would be wise to look at their height and weight scale first and then choose a mattress that’s right for you. buy button


#3.Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

India's best mattress for stomach sleepers

A queen size mattress, maroon in colour with dimensions of: 72x60x6 inches, compared to the models above, this is a bigger mattress.

It is a Kurl-on mattress and it does use ‘Kurlopedic technology’, hence, one need not worry about bed bugs and any other unwanted foreign bodies.

This is not a foam mattress but rather a spring mattress of the bonnel type in particular. The mattress is multilayered to ensure durability and comfort. buy button


#4.Coirfit Twin 5-inch Double Size Memory Foam Mattress:

 Top 6 best mattresses for stomach sleeper in IndiaThe main material used in this mattress is memory foam. It is a decently sized mattress with dimensions of: 72x48x5 inches, weighing nearly 30kgs.

While designing the mattress, a lot of thought went into it to ensure that the product is durable and of good quality.

Hence, a few additional layers that also add to the comfort aspect of the mattress.

It is red in colour, perfect for a double sized bed, bouncy and aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes. buy button

#5.Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress:

Top quality mattresses for stomach sleepers from best brands in India

There are a couple of attributes distinguishing this model from the other Solimo mattress in this list.

Dimensions & Type. This mattress has the dimensions of: 72x60x6 inches, weighing a little more than 25kgs.

It is a bonnel spring mattress, the springs of which have been encased by a protective layer to bring an element of durability into the mattress.

The mattress has just three layers but each of these layers plays an important role in ensuring that comfort ultimately reaches the user. buy button

#6.Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress:

Best mattress for stomach sleeper in India to buy from

Another Nilkamal mattress, another striking difference between the two. Yes, dimensions again. 72x30x4 inches, these are its product dimensions.

Unlike the other mattresses on this list, the primary material of this mattress is lux foam.

It is multilayered, ideal for a single bed and red in colour. The mattress weighs nearly 20kgs but for a better mattress-consumer fit, especially when you are looking at Nilkamal, it would be advisable to check the Nilkamal weight and height index charts and choose a mattress with the right firmness, accordingly. buy button

These are some of the best mattresses for stomach sleeper you could buy online in India.All the mattresses chosen are branded ones available at a competitive price so you could be assured that the mattress you are gonna choose is a reliable and good quality one.

If you are still not sure or not decided on which is the best sleeping position for you,check here to find out best sleep position for your body and which is the best sleep position for you?

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