Best Mattress Brand in India – Top 6 popular Companies

This article mainly focuses on best mattress brand in India and provides the required details for you so that you could decide on which is the right mattress brand that suits well for your needs.

The Dalai Lama once said- “ Sleep is the best meditation”. As human beings , we cannot deny the undisputed fact that adequate sleep is an integral factor in maintaining our physical, emotional and mental harmony and balance.

But poles apart from the words of this legend, the unfortunate matter of the fact is that in today’s world all of us are so caught up in our daily chores to such extents that we lose out on this much needed rest which allows our body and mind to refresh itself.

This time constraint that all of us face highlights the importance of the fact that at-least for the brief periods of sleep we indulge in, we need quality sleep. And the one integral factor that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that, is the mattress we use.

Keeping the same in mind, here we bring to you a list and brief profile of the 6 most prominent players in the Indian mattress market who provide affordable, versatile and quality bedding options ,products that will enable you to indulge in that envious blissful slumber.

Best mattress brand in India online

Best Mattress Brand in India:


Starting off on a grand note, the first company on the list is Kurl-on, India’s largest selling Mattresses.

So,what makes Kurlon brand our first best mattress brand in India?Read through below to get to know why we picked this.

The company currently manufactures mattresses in 126 different configurations.

Pan-India they have partnered with a dealer network comprising more than 7000 dealers, 70 branch and stock points and 9 strategically located manufacturing facilities across India.

They are Technological pioneers who have devised numerous technologies like MSI technology- Motion Separation Index, Ultra fresh technology, Buglock technology, Advanced Center Desensification technology, Zero pressure point technology etc.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with Innovation, their product portfolio offers a plethora of products, the prominent ones under each categories are  listed below:

  1. Spring
  2. Foam:
  3. Rubberized Coir
  4. Therapeutic
  5. Bonded foam

Some of the most popular products in their portfolio include the following:

All these products are Spring mattresses, which use different types of premium Springs which include Pocket/Bonnell spring, combining them with Memory foam, and PU foam along with some Kurl-on technologies like MSI Ultrafresh, Buglock and the latest revolutionary technology redefining the way we understand sleep- Kurlopedic technologies.

Starting from a price of Rs 20,000(Desire Top), the range goes upto Rs 1,76,000( Valentino- the ultra luxury product). All of them other than Desire top comes with Life time warranties as well.

Some of their best selling products include Kurl- On Mermaid, Kurl-On Dream sleep, Kurl-On Angelica, Kurl- On Covenio, and Kurl- On Fantasy.

Here are some of the best Kurlon brand mattresses to buy online in India.

With wide variety of options to choose across various price points,Kurlon is definitely one of the best mattress brand in India.


Sleepwell is our second best mattress brand in India.

Staying true to its name , Sleepwell offers some of the best bedding options in terms of price and quality. Sleepwell is a flagship brand of the Sheela Group, India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company.

It has 12 state of the art manufacturing units, a strong support of 100 distributors and over 5000 dealers in India.

The company offers products that strike a balance between latest technological advancements with the demands and luxuries of the modern consumer.

Their premium quality mattresses are comfortable and long lasting. They are durable and robust .They offer a range of futuristic offerings for various consumer and industrial applications. Their product portfolio includes :

  1. Premium Technology Products like Posturetech, Nexa and Sleepwell My Mattress – their exclusive, customizable rang
  2. Back Support Range : A range exclusively designed for consumers who desire a surface that cares for their spine and back. The range consists of Spinetech Air, Durafirm and Spinebond.
  3. Sleepwell Perfect Match:Taking into account the fact that every human body is different and one needs a mattress that matches the body posture, weight and pressure distribution Sleepwell introduced the Sleepwell Sensobed that caters to the needs of each customer , individually.

Sleepwell brand with vast retail network and all types of mattresses is definitely one of the best mattress brand in India that you could definitely check before buying a mattress.

Here is the best Sleepwell mattresses in India which you could buy at various online stores.


Peps is our third best mattress brand in India.

While Kurl- On claims to be India’s largest selling mattresses in general, Peps rightfully claims the title of being India’s top selling Spring mattresses, a niche category where they have established their dominion.

Today, Peps is India’s largest Inner Spring Mattress Company with a product line up that rivals the best in the world.

Peps mattress is India’s first innerspring-based therapeutic mattress manufacturer – because of which it has gained recognition as a mattress brand that majorly focuses on back support.

The brand has won the Consumer’s Best Buy award seven times, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The Peps Spine Guard is the most popular mattress manufactured by the brand, and it has been giving great results to its customers

Some of the most promising, prominent mattresses manufactured by Peps are as follows:

Here are some of the best PEPS brand mattress in India which are worth buying.


Wake-fit is a unique mattress brand and very recent one into market and is our fourth best mattress brand in India.

Driven solely by cutting-edge technology and highly focused, comprehensive R&D ,Wake-fit provides India’s most notable, high quality Memory Foam Mattresses.

They have become pioneers in the field through Innovative strategies like being one of  the first manufacturers to segregate mattresses into two broad categories- Orthopedic memory foam and Dual comfort foam mattress  , manufacture and sell the same online in India ( since 2015)  – with perfect thickness, required density of memory foam and fine Cotton Fabric to sleep on.

Founded and run by highly knowledgeable team from India’s premier IITs and management schools they assure the following:

They have carved a niche in the Memory Foam Mattresses segment through innovative strategies that not only cater to their customer’s needs but also boosts customer delight and loyalty, some of which include their 30 – Day Trial Period Scheme which provides customers with the option of providing customers with 30-days of free trial period.

If it happens to be not satisfactory enough for the customer, they can just drop an email or call the company up and they arrange for the pick up of mattress with 100% of money refunded into the customer’s bank account.

Some of their most notable products include their Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress and Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft.

Wakefit is definitely the best memory foam mattress brand you could buy online in India.

The only reason Wakefit comes fourth in the list is due to less number of mattress options available.Otherwise it is the best mattress brand which anyone could trust on.

If you could scan through the customer feedback on any online portal you would agree to our point.


Springfit is our fifth best mattress brand in India.

Yet another leading player in the Bedding sector is Springfit. With over 40 years experience as the India’s favourite bed and mattress manufacturer , Springfit’s ambition and goal is not merely as a quality manufacturer but to provide the perfect sleep solution for all the families.

To achieve this Springfit is committed to continuous investment in research into people’s sleeping habits, building the latest scientific developments and technical innovations into its products.

Springfit seeks to provide consumers with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

This is exemplified by their unique Carbon Manganese alloy spring system, supported through their iconic Gel infused and charcoal infused memory foams.

As one of India’s leading bed and mattress manufacturer , their unique in-house ISO:9001 accredited testing lab is central to our quality commitment.

Keeping in line with this promise and commitment, Springfit offers an exquisite collection of Bedding options, some of which are as follows:

  1. The I-Sleep RangeThe world’s first and only mattress that is a combination of Talaley latex with gel infused silk foam combined revolutionary, patented smart construction.
  2. Club Class Collection-
  3. Springfit Ortholife Collection


Boston is our last and sixth best mattress brand in India.

Boston Mattress is an Indian market player, one among the reputed manufacturers of world-class premium mattresses .

With 35 years of experience in this industry, over the years they have implemented numerous strategies in order to serve their vast clientele better, one of the prominent ones being deciding to ‘cut out the middle man’ and make their range of mattresses available directly to the customers.

Through this, it is ensured that the customers do not end up paying more. All their products are manufactured at state-of-the-art facility and sold directly to customers, in turn eliminating the need of middleman.

This enables them to provide their customers with world-class mattresses without any hassle and with no extra mark-ups.

The product portfolio includes of Natural Latex Mattress, Bonnell Spring mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, Orthopaedic Mattress & Pocket Spring mattresses.

Due to their constant innovations they have been successful in giving revolutionary products to the Hotel Industry in the form of Rollaway Folding beds.

Their Mattresses are not only durable but are economical if purchased online from their store compared to any other marketplace.

Some of their prominent products are as follows:

There are many other mattresses this company offers,which you could check here.

In addition to these brands,there are companies like Urban ladder, SpringWel, Dreamzee, Nilkamal, Coirfit and DuroFlex,which are popular for their wide range of mattresses in India.

Duroflex in particular is widely popular across retail stores but not that popular in online world.

Choose the right type of mattress from the best brand can help you ,not to bother about mattress for long time.

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