Best Manual Lawn Mower to Buy Online in India

If we weren’t exposed to Western films, it would have taken a good number of decades for us, Indians, to realise the need for a lawn mower. It’s true.  Let’s look at this as a blessing in disguise.

A lawn mower has many benefits over manually mowing the lawn. It’s quicker, more effective and requires much, much lesser manpower. You can say that it’s the smart way to get work done.

Surprisingly, although they look expensive, lawn mowers, manual lawn mowers at least, are quite affordable. Even if you have a small garden, the time and energy that it saves makes it a very worthy investment.

Out of the many different lawn mowers that are available online; here are the top models:

Best manual lawn mower to buy online in India

Top 7 Best Manual lawn Mower in India:

#1.Kisan Kraft KK-LMM-350 Manual Lawn Mower:

Best manual lawn mower to buy online in India

Essentially, here’s a lawn mower with limited additional features, that’s been designed primarily to cut grass and cut grass only. It can cover an area that’s 350mm wide.

Ideally, this lawn mower should only be used to cut grass in a playground or a small garden of some sort. The rubber wheels facilitate easy movement. The physical properties of it, such as its size and weight are: 54 x 38 x 33 cm and 9 kgs, respectively.

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#2.Sharpex Classic Push Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher:

Top 7 best manual lawn mower in India

Sold under the brand name Sharpex, this is a manual lawn mower that’s ideally suited for small home lawns. It’s super easy to use, light-weight and in fact, quite user-friendly as well.

Anyone can assemble it and it comes with a detachable grass box that’s much more utilitarian than it looks like. It’s primarily made out of steel and the blade size of the blade that this lawn mower incorporates is 16. The entire machine in itself weighs just 9kgs.

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#3.Falcon Premium 300mm Hand Lawn Mower:

Best selling manual lawn mowers in India

Black and yellow in colour, the colourful exterior gives this particular lawn mower a somewhat different aesthetic appeal. The cutting job is done by the specifically designed rotating cylinder onto which, six 300mm cutting blades are attached.

Although it weighs 12kgs, comparatively; it’s a lightweight machine. It is super-easy to use and very adaptable in nature.

The high-impact plastic wheels that adorne its base allow easy maneuvering of the mower; irrespective of how rough the landscape really is. Furthermore, it also comes with a grass collecting box; a much-needed added accessory.

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#4.Kisan Kraft KK-LMM-450 Manual Lawn Mower:

Good quality and popular manual lawn mower to buy online in India

The second manual lawn mower on this list that’s sold under the brand name of Kisan Kraft; in essence, this is a very simple model. Simple in design, simple in its functioning.

The exact dimensions of this particular model are: 65 x 46.5 x 27 cm; and it weighs nearly 13kgs. In terms of the height of the grass, this model at its maximum efficiency can cut grass that is at the most 18mm long. Furthermore, its maximum grass collecting capacity lies somewhere between 15-40mm.

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#5.Falcon Easy-38 High Carbon Steel 15-inch Hand Lawn Mower:

Best manual lawn mower to buy from Amazon India online

With the help of this lawn mower, you can adjust the cutting height at which you want to mow/cut the grass. Set it at 12mm, 21mm or 30mm; the ultimate decision is in your hands.

It uses a cylinder, onto which the blades are attached which is what does all the dirty work. On an average, it can make 40 cuts per meter and boasts of a cutting width of 380mm.

The high-impact plastic wheels facilitate movement and instill characteristics of durability into the lawn mower.

Furthermore, this; 64 x 45.7 x 30.5 cm big lawn mower; also comes with a grass collector. Within its range, it holds the status of being a lightweight machine although it weighs 12kgs in total.

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#6.Pepper Agro Manual Lawn Mower 400 mm Blade:

Top 7 best manual lawn mower to buy online in India

Easy to assemble and easy to use; here’s a manual lawn mower that’s sold by Pepper Agro. It comes along with a grass catcher and boasts of having a 400mm cutting capacity.

Unfortunately, despite that, the blades of this particular model aren’t the most reliable in nature. But no product can be perfect; a hitch that doesn’t mean you ditch this nice, red coloured machine.

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#7.Sharpex Garden Cleaner Tool:

Top 7 best manual lawn mower for home garden

One look at it and you know that you are dealing with a different kind of manual lawn mower. What’s different is that it’s multi-functional. Apart from doing the usual mowing of the lawn, with this lawn mower you can even collect the fallen off dried leaves with utmost ease.

It’s green in colour and made out of plastic. The cutting width is 21 inches, while the cutting height is adjustable and can be set according to one’s wishes. Additionally, it weighs just 6kgs;thereby making it a super-light weight machine.

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These are the best manual lawn mowers you could buy online in India.Hopefully you would be able to pick the right lawn mower from the above list ,which could help you maintaining the lawn at your house of office with ease.

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