Best Luxury Mattress in India in 2018

If you are someone who is more comfortable buying only luxury items and that may be the case as well when it comes to mattress as well.To assist you in this case,we have come up the list of best luxury mattress in India.

Luxury is a word that’s tinged with prejudice and perspective.

Hence, let’s not define it.

In an idealistic world, every person’s own mattress is their version of a luxury mattress. But the world we live in today, is not idealistic by any means.

It’s practical. So practically speaking, a luxury mattress is one for which a person is ready to pay exorbitant prices. In exchange for what, you might ask? Comfort, comfort and comfort. Maybe a little bit of extra support too.

Best luxury mattresses in India

Which mattresses are ‘luxury mattresses’? Here’s a list and perhaps, your definition of luxury is met by one of these mattresses.

Best Luxury Mattress in India in 2018:

#1.King Koil Maharaja Grand 12-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Best luxury mattress to buy online in India

This Maharaja grand mattress from King Koil is our first best luxury mattress in India.

Priced around INR 80,000, this mattress definitely qualifies as a luxury mattress. Justifying such a price is the job of the product.

Over here, all that you are going to get is information about the product to perhaps guide you in your purchase decision.

This is a spring mattress with extraordinary dimensions of 72 x 60 x 12 inch. What’s extraordinary is its thickness.

The mattress is white in colour and covered by top-quality fabric to ensure that it fits into the most lavish of houses.

Although it is primarily a spring mattress, various different types of foam are used as well to ensure the comfort that comes promised with it.

This mattress looks great and can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.Definitely one of the best luxury mattress to buy online in India.

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#2.Springwel Infinity 8-inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress:

top quality luxury mattresses in India

This infinity mattress from Springwel brand is our second best luxury mattress in India.

Generally speaking, Springwel mattresses aren’t as expensive as this particular one. In fact, INR 60,000 isn’t too bad, right?

A beige, king sized-memory foam mattress with dimensions of 78 x 72 x 8 inch and quality unrivalled, is exactly what this product is.

Similar to the mattress above, memory foam isn’t the only raw material used in it. Other types of foam are also used in order to make it a comprehensive mattress in terms of utility.

The lining and design of the outer fabric, which, by the way is dust/allergen free, adds life to this product making it a bit more durable when compared to other mattresses.

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#3.Springfit Reactive Collection 10-inch King Size Foam Mattress:

Best luxury mattresses in India

This 10 inch foam mattress from Springfit is our third best luxury mattress in India.

Differentiation is key in high-margin products. And in order to differentiate themselves from other, Springfit has made a mattress with a relatively unconventional aesthetic appeal.

It’s ‘off-white’ in colour. A small, yet notable difference. Moving on. This is a king sized mattress using foam as its primary material with dimensions of: 84 x 72 x 10 inch.

In all honesty, this is quite a big mattress, quite thick too. The mattress is multilayered with high-density foam making up one of the layers.

Health wise, this mattress can be considered as an orthopaedic mattress too, indicating that it’s quite supportive.

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#4.Kurl-on Luxurino 8-inch King Size Spring Mattress:

Best luxury mattress from top brands in India

This Luxurino spring mattress from Kurlon brand is our fourth best luxury mattress in India.

Kurl-on definitely aren’t known for their luxury mattresses. However, their presence in this segment is definitely felt with this model that costs a little more than 60,000 rupees.

It is available in multiple colours, firstly. Addressing the next most important criteria, this is a pocket spring mattress to be precise, with dimensions of 78 x 72 x 8 inch.

An expensive product must come along with some additional benefits. Optimum body weight distribution, optimum surface temperature and super-smooth tapestry could be looked at as some of these additional benefits. All in all, this is a very comfortable and durable mattress.

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#5.Snoozer Posture Care 8-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress:

Best quality luxury mattresses in India online

This 8 inch queen size spring mattress is our fifth best luxury mattress in India.

Spot on with the name, this Snoozer mattress costs a little more than INR 55,000. It is white in colour and has got the whole traditional aesthetic appeal going on with it.

Queen sized, with exact dimensions of 78 x 60 x  8 inch, the primary material of this mattress is spring. Another notable feature of this mattress is its dual use applicability which means that both the sides of the mattress are usable.

Despite being a ‘spring’ mattress, it incorporates sufficient amounts of foam to call it a perfect mix between the two. What this translates to for the customer is comfort and support.

The outer cover is made out of top quality fabric and is stitched in such a way so as to ensure durability and a smooth sleeping surface.

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#6.Sleepwell Nexa Mattress:

Best selling luxury mattress online in India

This sleepwell Nexa brand mattress is our sixth best luxury mattress in India.

Luxury mattresses need to have luxurious names? Nexa, is the name given to this luxury mattress that’s sold by Sleepwell.

It is made out of high-resilience memory foam that facilitates optimum weight distribution and adequate support for the sleeper.

Side-by-side, the design of the mattress ensure ventilation which in turn translates to excellent sleep. The size of this mattress is 75 x 72 x 8 inch, inclining it slightly towards a queen sized bed.

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#7.Boston Natural Latex 6-Inch King Size Off-White Memory Foam Mattress:

Best luxury mattress to buy from

This natural latex mattress from Boston brand is our seventh best luxury mattress in India.

As can be derived from the title itself, this is an off-white coloured, king size-memory foam mattress. Getting a little bit more precise, the exact dimensions of this mattress are: 78 x 72 x 6 inch.

Leveraging the pros of memory foam in itself, this mattress alleviates pain from various pressure points and allows a person to maintain a healthy yet comfortable body posture while sleeping. Apart from memory foam, natural latex is also used to make up for the cons of memory foam mattresses.

The outer coating is made out of top quality quilted fabric while as a whole, the mattress’s comfort level can be considered to be soft.

Also, there is no need to worry about the mattress getting infected by foreign bodies such as dust, fungus etc. as it is not possible due to some technology that’s used in it.

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#8.Grandiose pocket latex Memory Mattress:

Best luxury mattress to buy online at Amazon India

The name itself indicates the luxury that is available in the mattress and it is our eighth best luxury mattress in India.

This is perhaps the most expensive mattress on this list. It costs more than INR 1,40,000. If such a mattress doesn’t translate to luxury, nothing ever will.

The memory foam and other kinds of foam used in this mattress ensure the softness and support that it has to offer its sleeper. In terms of outer appearance, it’s beautiful.

It’s simplicity and elegance seeping out of a mattress. The fact that it is a 100% cotton mattress acts as an important differentiator for this particular brand. Lastly, it is perfect for orthopaedic use as well and comes in dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 10 inch.

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#9.Medicoil Plushopedic Visco-Grand Memory Foam:

Good quality luxury mattresses in India with cost above 50,000

This Visco grand memory foam mattress is our ninth best luxury mattress in India.

Costing a little bit more than INR 80,000, this is a blue and white memory foam cum latex mattress that provides the right amount of support to your body.

To ensure that it has a competitive edge over its competitors, Medicoil makes use of only top quality raw materials.

What all this ultimately translates too is a mattress that’s ideal i.e durable, comfortable and supportive. The exact dimensions of this mattress are 75 x 72 x 12 inch.

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#10.Dreamzee Natural Latex 9″ Mattress:

Popular luxury mattress online in India

This natural latex mattress from Dreamzee brand is our 10th best luxury mattress in India.

The uniqueness of this mattress lies in its raw material. Using latex as its raw material, the mattress has certain pros and cons. It is advisable to read up on that first.

Coming to the comfort level offered by this mattress. One can expect the right amount of firmness, which would be medium in this case.

The firmness ensures comfort and support are taken care off. As a customer, the least that you can expect is optimum weight distribution and a long-life.

For a lot of customers, this is the ideal medley. Coming to the last bit, its size, the mattress is available in dimensions of: 75 x 48 x 9 inch.

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#11.Urban Ladder Aer Cocoon 8-inch King Size Latex Mattress:

Best luxury mattress in India - Top 12 options to choose from

This Aer Cocoon latex mattress from Urban ladder is our 11th best luxury mattress in India.

A new age company, competing with the big-boys of this industry. How? By meeting expectations. This mattress is Urban Ladder’s main contributor in the luxury segment.

It costs nearly INR 60,000. The primary material that’s used in this mattress is rubberised latex foam i.e rubber + latex + memory foam. Using these materials in one mattress gives one mattress multiple plus points.

For example: the entire ‘cloud cocoon’ concept that’s gone into the design of this mattress ensures optimum support with guaranteed comfort.

The mattress is made out of 4 different layers, similar actually to the hotel beds that you sleep on. Coming to its size, as the name suggests, this is a king size mattress with exact dimension of:78 x 72 x 8 inch.

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#12.Peps Double Decker 16″ King size Mattress:

top 10 best luxury mattress in India

This double decker king size mattress from Peps brand is our last and 12th best luxury mattress in India.

The last mattress of the list and the most expensive and hence, the most luxurious mattress of this list is this mattress from Peps brand.

It is also the thickest mattress in this list, with dimensions of: 78 x 72 x 16 inch. Naturally, that’s ideal for a king size bed. How expensive can the most expensive mattress on this list be? North of INR 1,50,000 easily, nearly INR 1,70,000.

One look at it and you will have a rough estimate of its price already. It is beige in colour and is made out of spring and talalay foam.

Irrespective of the information that one provides, for a mattress so expensive it is advisable to do a little bit more research and hence, that’s all that we will leave you with.

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These are the top 12 best luxury mattresses you could buy online in India from top brands.There are mattresses available even at the cost of 3 lakh plus rupees but we don’t see much of a reason why one should spend that much money on a mattress.

Choose one luxury mattress for yourself wisely and forget about buying another mattress for another 20 to 30 years and for great comfort & peaceful sleep.

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