Best LED Reading & Study Table/Desk Light to buy online in India

In a world of stand-alone tubelights and bulbs, a LED desk light is a very useful appliance.. These desk lights have become exceedingly popular as unlike tubelights and conventional bulbs which illuminate the entire room, they illuminate only the desk and the area surrounding the desk upon which it is placed.

Hence, enabling you to complete your task with minimal strain on your eyes without disturbing anybody else who may be sleeping in a bed adjacent to your desk area.

Workaholics and night owls, here’s an appliance that’s worthy of being your companion.Oh! And further contributing to their popularity is their portability that’s coupled with high power; a near-perfect medley.

Moving on, let’s look at some of the best LED desk lights available online in India.

Top 7 Best desk light to buy online in India:

#1.Philips 69221/14/86 Advantez FDS500 EyeCare Desk Light:

Best LED desk light to buy online in India

Everybody knows Philips. This is a particularly advanced model of a desk light that’s sold by them.

It illuminates your desk with a ‘cool day light’. It doesn’t run on batteries and rather works on electricity requiring 220V for optimum performance.

The aluminium reflector with which it comes equipped facilitates an adequate amount of light distribution.

Flexibility being one of the strengths of desk lights, the neck of this particular model is 360 degree flexible.

Powered by the the unique Philips light-style technology, it works on just one 11Watt bulb, which can be replaced once extinguished. Its dimensions are that of: 38 x 39 x 18cm and it weighs just 1.5kg.

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#2.DP Portable 30429 Rechargeable LED Emergency Light:

Top 7 best LED study light or reading light in India

Unlike the model above, this particular desk light doesn’t work on electricity. Instead, it works on rechargeable acid-lead batteries that have a life of 8 hours once completely charged.

It’s primarily made out of plastic with dimensions of: 17 x 8.4 x 6.9cm. Hence, it is shock-proof too.

The brightness of the light is adjustable and the desk light as a whole, is foldable thereby making it quite space-efficient too.

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#3.Philips LED Cap Desk Light 4.5watt:

Best LED desk light from Philips brand to buy online in India

Black in colour and made out of a mix of synthetic material and metal, it boasts of quite a few useful features.

It’s a super-safe desk light. Safe for the environment, safe for the user. Being radiation free, the user is protected in the absence of UV rays.

Neither does it use any harmful biological substance and perhaps that’s why, it enjoys a much longer life; all of which translates to it being an environment friendly appliance.

It runs of 4.5Watt bulbs that emit ‘cool day light’. With this desk light, the otherwise common phenomenon of the flickering of lights will be long forgotten.

Less glare and less thermal emission, are two other eye-catching facets of this desk light. Coming to its size. Its dimensions are: 37 x 26 x 15.5cm and it weighs just 870gms.

This is by far one of the good looking and best quality desk light you could buy at an affordable price.

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#4.Ramsent 1.5-Watt Desk Lamp:

Top 7 best LED light or reading lamp to buy in India

Its life, depends upon the level of brightness while it is used. A battery consuming desk light; on full charge at the lowest level of brightness it can run for nearly 8 hours.

If the brightness level is increased, subsequently its battery life decreases. The lamp is made out of plastic and holds dimensions of: 31 x .17 x 10cm and weighs just 220gms.

Thus, due to its physical properties it’s a very portable desk lamp. Snow white in colour, it runs on one 1.5Watt LED bulb.

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#5.Wemex Billie Jean Reading & Study Table Lamp:

Best reading and study table light in India

Due to its aesthetic appeal, it’s not just a useful purchase but one that adds a little bit of zing to your room/study.

It’s made out of steel and boasts of a matte black finish; exuberating class. The shade is made out of aluminium in order to radiate heat.

Easy to use, it works on electricity and not batteries. To get the maximum out of it, the usage of a 40Watts bulb is recommended.

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#6.Rrimin Ultrathin LED Dimming Touch Reading Table Lamp USB Eye Protection Gray:

Best LED desk light or lamp to buy online in India

Calling it sleek would be an understatement. Boasting of a really modern, contemporary and ultra-thin design, it has the features to match its appearance.

Working on a touch swift control mechanism, the brightness of it can be adjusted accordingly.

You can choose between the 3 different levels of brightness. Furthermore, it’s extremely energy efficient and doesn’t emit any harmful radiation that may damage the eye of the user.

Hence, it’s completely safe on a macroscopic level. It’s available in three different colours; gold/silver/gray and its dimensions are that of: 238 x 132 x 215mm.

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#7.Beverly studio stainless steel study lamp:

Best stainless steel study lamp to buy online in India

The fact that its body is made out of stainless steel gives it a more official or formal look. Silver in colour, it works on LED bulbs.

Ideally, it should be used as a desk lamp however, if you are an aesthetic personality that just loves beautiful things, this turns out to be quite a good decorative piece.

And don’t forget, it’s functional too. Its most distinguishing feature apart from its looks is the flexible goose neck that it bears. This goose neck facilitates its movement along two axis.

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These are the best study desk lights one could buy from reputable brands at a competitive price in India.

You could choose the best desk light for you based on the brand,looks and cost.

Did you use any of these desk lights in your study room?Do share your experience.

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