Best LED Bulb Combos To Buy Online For Low Price in India

Every Indian; whether urban or rural; lower, middle or high class, requires LED bulbs at home. Not one but many. Of course, since LED bulbs are required by everyone they are widely available commodities.

Multi-brand retail stores or kirana walas; more often than not it’s a commodity that’s available. However, purchasing it online has its benefits. Naturally, the benefit comes in terms of price.

Don’t let prejudice dictate your decision-making process. Take a look at these offers. Evaluate them. And then, take a pragmatic decision. It works out much better. After all; there’s a reason why you can purchase them online, right?

Here are some of the best LED combo deals that are available online:

Best LED Bulb combos for home to buy online in India:

#1.Philips Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb:

Best LED light combos to buy online in India for home use

Available in a pack of 4; the B22 base LED bulbs illuminates any room with its cool day light shade.

Extremely energy efficient; they have a 15,000 hour lifetime. And of course, if one dies you always have the other three to call upon.

They operates on 9Watts of power and exude UV and IR free light. Also, even if these bulbs do flicker; the flickering is practically invisible to human eye-sight. Safe and durable; in many ways these are the perfect LED bulbs.

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#2.Crompton B22 18-Watt LED Bulb:

Best LED light combos for home to buy online in India

B22 base LED bulbs; this set includes 2 similar bulbs. They operate on 18Watts of power and light up any room in the cool day light shade.

The colour temperature of this shade is 6500K. Safe for the eyes; there’s practically no glare and no UV radiation emitted by these bulbs.

Furthermore; it’s a zero mercury product which just adds to the already present safety dimension of these bulbs.

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#3.Syska Base B22 8-Watt Round LED Bulb:

Top 7 best LED bulb combos to buy from top brands online

Another set of B22 base bulbs; this set again, includes 2 bulbs. Similar to the other two sets above; the colour temperature of the light powered by these bulbs is 6500K.

Simply said, the shade of the light is ‘cool daylight’. The bulbs operate on 8Watts of energy and extremely energy efficient; almost 90% energy efficient.

Also, the luminous flux which basically indicates the amount of light emitted stands at 100 lumens for these bulbs.

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#4.Crompton 9WDF B22 9-Watt LED Lamp:

Best LED light combos from Crompton in India

This set includes 4 LED bulbs. All the 4 bulbs, naturally, share the same characteristics, features and benefits.

They are B22 based LED bulbs that work on 9 Watts of power. Easy to fit and install; these bulbs have a luminous flux value of 6000 lumens.

Cool daylight; a colour temperature of 6500K precisely. These bulbs have been produced keeping the environment in mind; as in they are environment friendly products.

Furthermore, they are also shockproof and extremely energy efficient.

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#5.Philips Stellar Bright 20-Watt Round LED Bulb:

Top 7 best LED bulbs for home from Philips brand

A set of two, 20-Watt powered; B22 LED bulbs, the light emitted by these bulbs is of the colour temperature 6500K.

In simple words, that’s cool day light. The luminous flux of these bulbs is exactly 2000 lumens and individually, they have a lifetime of 15,000 hours each.

Extremely energy efficient; these bulbs emit extremely safe light as well that’s devoid of any kind of UV or IR rays.

With bare-minimal flickerage and anti-glare properties; these bulbs definitely strike a cord in the heart of the health-conscious consumer.

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#6.Syska SSK-SRL-18W-2 B22 18-Watt LED Bulb:

Top 7 best LED Bulb combos to buy online in India

As suggested in the title itself; this combo-set includes two, 18-Watt, B22 LED bulbs.

The luminous flux of these bulbs is 1620 lumens. Each bulb has a lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours. Therefore, in terms of life; there are very few bulbs that better this.

These bulbs are eco-friendly and extremely safe to use as neither have any harmful toxins  gone into their manufacturing nor do they consist of any mercury.

Also, similar to all the other LED bulbs on this list; the colour temperature of the light emitted by it is 6500K which translates to ‘cool day light’.

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#7.Solimo Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb:

Best selling LED Bulb combos online in India

Solimo may not be the best-known electronic consumer appliance brand but that doesn’t mean that you should easily discard them as an option.

Here’s a combo set containing 4, 9-Watt, B22 base bulbs that have a luminous flux value of 825 lumens. Based on the projected usage of 2.7 hours a day, these bulbs have a lifespan of nearly 10 years.

In all honesty, that’s quite remarkable. Furthermore, they are extremely energy efficient too. So imagine all the money that you can save.

Minimal-flickarage & non-dimmable are two other noteworthy characteristics of these bulbs.

Not to forget; these bulbs too, emit light of the shade ‘cool day light’; that has a colour temperature of 6500K.

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These are some of the best LED Bulbs you could buy online from top brands in India.Buying in bulk always helps you to get a good price.

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